Dual Cultivation

Chapter 801 - Ten Minutes of Relentless Attacks

Chapter 801 - Ten Minutes of Relentless Attacks

"Hahaha! If you think we need 20 hours to break your formation, you're delusional!" One of the Patriarchs laughed out loud before turning to look at the others.

"What do you think? He not only underestimates the Nine Immortal Families but also dared to challenge us."

"Since he's so confident in his formation and so eager to let us hit it, there's no reason for us to refuse."

"Indeed. Furthermore, there are three Immortal-grade cultivation techniques on the line here…"

A couple of moments later, once all nine Patriarchs came to an agreement, they all jumped from the spectators' seats and landed on the stage.

"Look at that! Don't tell me the Patriarchs are actually going to accept his challenge!"

"Heavens! I don't think I have ever seen all nine Patriarchs working together before!"

Su Yang smiled after seeing the nine Patriarchs surrounding him.

"Young man, since we don't want to make it seem like we're bullying you, nor do we need 20 hours to break your formation… we'll lower it to ten minutes. If we cannot break your formation in less than ten minutes, we don't deserve the Immortal-grade techniques." One of the Patriarchs said to him.

"Are you sure about that?" Su Yang asked them.

"Yes, we're positive."

Su Yang nodded and said, "Fine. Since you're so generous, I'll be generous too. Not only do you not need to break the formation but I'll even weaken the formation for you."

Su Yang then snapped his fingers, and the formation around him grew more transparent with its aura decreasing significantly.

"You have ten minutes starting now," Su Yang said as he stood up with a confident smile on his face.

"Hmph! Don't come crying to us afterward!"

The nine Patriarchs suddenly released their cultivation base, covering the entire arena with immense pressure.

The other participants ran away when they saw this, as they didn't want to get caught up in their mess.

"Give me a second," Su Yang suddenly said, not feeling any different.

"What is it now?" The Patriarchs frowned.

Su Yang then snapped his fingers, creating a thin but massive formation around the arena almost instantly, shocking the people there.

"Now you can release your full power without worrying about the audience," Su Yang said with a smile on his face, and he continued, "You don't have to thank me."

The Patriarchs were speechless. If Su Yang could create a formation with the snap of his fingers, just how much more powerful would a formation that took minutes to create be in comparison?

After swallowing heavily, the Patriarchs looked at each other before nodding their heads.

A few moments later, their auras exploded simultaneously as they all used their most powerful cultivation techniques to attack Su Yang.


A thunderous explosion resounded in the place followed by a tremendous shaking.

Dust and smoke quickly filled the large formation created by Su Yang, blocking the audiences' view for a couple of minutes.

However, the Patriarchs could still sense the formation around Su Yang, so they released another round of attacks on him without confirming whether it was still perfectly intact or not.


The world shook for the second time a couple more moments later.

"I can still sense it! Let's do this again!" One of the Patriarchs said.

A few moments later, the ground shook again.

And another earthquake occurred sometime later.

After ten minutes of relentless attacking, the Patriarchs finally stopped their attacks and panted in exhaustion, as this is the first time they've used so much spiritual energy in such a short time.

"I-I can still sense the formation around him! How is this possible?!" One of them exclaimed.

"It may still be there, but I doubt it's intact! I refuse to believe that such a powerful formation could exist, much less be created in only a few minutes!"

Although the Patriarchs were shocked that they were unable to destroy the formation completely, none of them believed the formation would still be perfectly intact after their continuous attacks.

A few minutes later, once the smoke and dust disappeared and everyone could see the formation clearly, the Patriarchs exclaimed simultaneously, "There's not a single crack on the formation?! That's impossible!"

"This must be some sort of illusion or spiritual treasure! You're tricking us! There's no way this is f.u.c.k.i.n.g possible!"

"Yeah! That's right! All nine of us are at the peak Heavenly Spirit Realm! It's impossible that a mere formation could withstand our combined might for so long!"

"Hell, not even the formations protecting our families would have such defensive capabilities! And it took over 500 years to build the formation!"

Su Yang shook his head and said, "If you're not convinced, you can look for an Array Master and let him look at the formation. This is neither a spiritual treasure nor a trick."

After a moment of silence, an unfamiliar voice resounded, "He's telling the truth, Immortal Patriarchs."

Everybody there turned to look at the old man who suddenly appeared on the stage.

"Y-You are Senior Hao!" The Patriarchs immediately recognized this old man who is widely acknowledged as the top Array Master in the Western Continent.

"I have watched everything from the beginning, especially the part when this young man here created those symbols. I have never seen such perfect symbols in my life, and my eyes have been opened. Thank you, young man…"

Senior Hao bowed to Su Yang in admiration.

He then continued, "This formation here is neither fake nor a spiritual treasure— it is without a doubt a real formation, and I am willing to put my reputation and career on the line with that statement."


The Patriarchs exchanged looks with each other, looking perplexed and clearly unwilling to accept the situation. However, if the number one Array Master in the continent says Su Yang's formation is real, can they really argue against him?

"If you've got nothing else to say, then it's my victory. Give me the Root of Revival and you can keep the rest of the rewards. I don't need them," Su Yang said to them, kicking them when they were hurting the most.

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