Dual Cultivation

Chapter 72 Treating Her Things as If They Were His Own

Chapter 72 Treating Her Things as If They Were His Own

"This world has five Major Continents, and we are currently in the Eastern Continent."

"I am aware of that, but how could there be five continents when I've been told that there are only four— one in each direction?"

"The fifth continent is the Holy Central Continent, and it is located in the middle of the other four Major Continents. Each continent is separated by a vast sea called the Jade Sea, and it is not something easily traversable by the people of this world, as only those at the Sovereign Spirit Realm can fly with the assistance of flying swords, so I wouldn't be surprised if not many knew of its existence."

"And from what I have seen from my time here thus far, the Heavenly Spirit Realm seems to be the apex of cultivation for cultivators within every Major Continent besides the Holy Central Continent, where Heavenly Spirit Realm cultivators are seen more often, not to mention a few that had managed to achieve the Sovereign Spirit Realm." Qiuyue continued to explain to Su Yang the standard of the cultivation world in this world.

"Additionally, their progress in cultivation is slowly but steadily progressing. Just a little over a thousand years ago, the True Spirit Realm was considered the limit of cultivators…"

"Hmm…" Su Yang hummed with a pondering expression.

From the looks of it, this world really seemed to be a new and growing world, as all the evidence given to him by Qiuyue, who was apparently here since the early stages, seemed to suggest it.

"No wonder why the Profound Qi in this world lacks both quality and essence. Compared to our Four Divine Heavens that has existed for billions of years, the Profound Qi here is barely two millennia old and has yet to cultivate itself."

Su Yang then looked at Qiueyue and said: "No wonder why your cultivation base is practically still the same after a thousand years… Even if you cultivate all the Profound Qi in this world, it wouldn't be enough for you to make a breakthrough!"

"..." Qiuyue blushed from embarrassment when he mentioned her cultivation base.

She was considered a cultivating genius in the Four Divine Heavens before becoming a fugitive, yet she couldn't make even a single breakthrough after a thousand years in this world. If she returned to the Four Divine Heavens now, she would no longer be considered a genius, but a complete and utter piece of trash with zero talents in cultivation!

"Hm?" Suddenly a question appeared in Su Yang's head.

"If you are not able to cultivate properly in this world, why are you still here after a thousand years?"

Qiuyue made a distressed expression after hearing his question, and she sighed: "I have been trying to find a way out of this world for the past thousand years, but alas, even after traveling the entire world, I was unable to find an exit— not even a single clue."

"What?" Su Yang was surprised to hear her words. She couldn't find a way to leave this place even after a thousand years? Normally, even without the Ancient Portal of the Four Heavenly Realms, there were alternate and more natural ways to travel between worlds, as that was considered to be a heavenly law in this universe.

After a moment of pondering, Su Yang said in a nonchalant voice: "We can think of a way to leave this place when we reach that point, but for now, I need to quickly advance my cultivation base…"

"Are you in need of resources?" Qiuyue suddenly pointed to her storage ring and continued: "I have a few things that can benefit even Sovereign Spirit Realm cultivators in here, do you want it?" she casually offered, sounding as though it was only natural for her to give him her things. Not to mention her cultivation base was already at the Divine Lord Realm, two whole realms above the Sovereign Spirit Realm, making the majority of the resources in this world useless to her.

Su Yang instantly raised his eyebrows, his interest piqued. "What do you have in there? Let me see your storage ring…" he said without feeling any shame, treating her storage ring as though it was already his property.

"Here you go…"

Qiuyue quickly handed him her storage without a second thought, feeling as if there was nothing out of the ordinary in their actions.

"Hm? What is this empty storage ring? This is all you've managed to gather after being here for over a thousand years? Do you even know how to look for treasures?"

However, instead of being grateful, Su Yang began scolding her for the pitiful-looking storage ring she handed him, as it was truly an embarrassment for someone at her level to collect so little with so much time.

"I can't help it… as it usually takes thousands of years for Divine-grade medicines to grow…"

"You do have a point…" Su Yang nodded, and he returned the storage ring to her shortly after identifying the things inside.

"You don't want them?" she asked with surprise.

"Of course, I do. However, what am I, a mere Profound Spirit Realm cultivator, going to do with medicines at the Sovereign-grade? Even the Celestial Body Refining Scripture that I am cultivating will not be able to fully suppress such strong medicines in my tiny and fragile body."

"I see— huh?" Qiuyue's eyes suddenly widened with shock. "W-What did you just say? You are cultivating the Celestial Body Refining Scripture?" she asked him, making sure her ears weren't playing tricks on her.

The Celestial body Refining Scripture is a heaven-defying technique that allowed the user to surpass boundaries unreachable by even Immortals and was also undoubtedly one of the best cultivation techniques in the universe with no other body refining techniques even close to being able to compare with its heaven-defying features.

However, this technique was also widely known to be an unattainable treasure by many because it was always in the hands of the Heavenly Emperor, who was known to treat the technique as though it was his own child!

How did such a treasure end up in Su Yang's hands? Surely he did not just grab it out of the Heavenly Emperor's hands, right?

Even after many moments of pondering, nothing came to Qiuyue's mind no matter how much she imagined, as it was simply an unimaginable feat.

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