Dual Cultivation

Chapter 66 Returning to the Sec

Chapter 66 Returning to the Sec

The silver-haired figure descended to beside the empty hole on the ground.

She had planted the Extreme Yin Flower at this spot many years back and would occasionally return to check its growth, and because of the harsh requirements that are needed to pluck the flower— something that she deemed impossible for the level of cultivators in this world— she didn't need to worry about it being stolen.

Yet, when she returned today to check on the Extreme Yin Flower, the flower that she deemed to be impossible to steal was nowhere to be seen.

She expected herself to get angry at whoever stole it, yet she found herself more interested in the individual who managed to pluck the Extreme Yin Flower.

"The Heavenly Spirit Realm is considered the apex here in this world, but there are a few cultivators above that level, being at the Sovereign Spirit Realm. However, even those at the Sovereign Spirit Realm shouldn't have the ability to harvest the Extreme Yin Flower… unless that individual managed to master 'that' technique..."

Thinking to this point, the silver-haired figure became even more puzzled. Why would someone here have 'that' technique, let alone fully comprehend it?

"Hmph. There's no point in trying to guess the culprit when I can personally visit this individual…" The silver-hair quickly ascended to the sky and closed her eyes.

A few moments later, she opened her eyes and looked at the direction to the Profound Blossom Sect.

"Even if you store the Extreme Yin Flower in a storage space, there are plenty of ways to find you!" The silver-haired figure began flying towards the direction of the Profound Blossom Sect, looking like a real fairy in the sky.




Inside the White Pearl Treasury, Elder Zhao casually sat behind the counter with his eyes closed, seemingly asleep.

"Elder Zhao! He's returned!" Suddenly, another Sect Elder came running into the White Pearl Treasury while shouting loudly.

"What the hell are you shouting about?! You nearly gave me a heart attack!" Elder Zhao exclaimed after nearly falling out of his chair from surprise.

"Ah… I apologize…" The Sect Elder showed an apologetic smile and continued: "Right! That Outer Court disciple you told me to keep an eye on has finally returned to the Sect!"

"What? Su Yang is back?"

Elder Zhao instantly stood up from his seat and asked: "Where is he right now?"

"He's currently reporting back to the Mission Hall—"

Before the Sect Elder could even finish speaking, Elder Zhao disappeared from the White Pearl Treasury with his last words being: "Take care of this place while I am gone!"




Within the Mission Hall, Su Yang casually retrieved a few dismembered Lightning Cats tail to prove that he'd completed the mission.

"You managed to slay four Lightning Cats by yourself? Not bad for an Outer Court disciple!" The Sect Elder taking care of Su Yang praised him for his efforts.

"I have transferred 22 Premium Points to you for the completion of the mission."

"Thank you," said Su Yang as he turned to leave.

When he reached the exit, a familiar-looking old man stood in front of him.

"Su Yang, right? Come with me, I have a few questions for you." Elder Zhao said to him in a stern voice.

Seeing someone approach so quickly when he'd just returned to the Sect, Su Yang smiled and said: "Is this about the Pure Yang Flower?"

Upon hearing his question, Elder Zhao's eyes widened with surprise. "You knew that I would be coming to you about that? How?" he asked.

"Naturally, I would know when someone is always looking at me from a distance ever since I obtained the Pure Yang Flower."

Su Yang's response further shocked him.

"He's even aware of that?! And he's known about it since the beginning?!" Elder Zhao cried inwardly.

"Since you know what I want, this will make things easier for the both of us. Follow me to where we can speak in private."

Su Yang nodded and followed him out of the Mission Hall.

Once they left, a few individuals within the Mission Hall that knew of Elder Zhao's status within the Sect began whispering to each other, as they were pleasantly surprised to see him appear there, not to mention the reason he appeared was because of this Outer Court disciple.




Inside one of the private rooms within the White Pearl Treasury, Su Yang and Elder Zhao sat around a small round table with two old-fashioned teacups sitting on the table.

"I will get straight to the point— how did you do it? How did you consume the Pure Yang Flower and still be in one piece, even skyrocketing to the 1st level of the Profound Spirit Realm from the 3rd level of the Elementary Spirit Realm?" Elder Zhao asked him with a serious expression.

"Are you the curious one, or is there someone else who is curious?" Su Yang said as he calmly sipped on the teacup.

Elder Zhao narrowed his eyes at such words. "I could tell since I first met you, but you really are a sharp kid, aren't you? Completely contrast to the rumors I've been hearing about you. To think there'd be such a crafty little brat within the Sect and nobody had an idea… you seem quite talented in manipulating people…"

Su Yang lowered the teacup in his hands and smiled: "The Pure Yang Flower— I didn't consume it entirely, only a tiny portion of it."

"Huh?" Elder Zhao was caught unprepared when he suddenly started talking about the Pure Yang Flower.

"If I had consumed the Pure Yang Flower entirely, I wouldn't be alive right now and we both know that."

"After grinding the Pure Yang Flower until it became powder, I consumed only just enough so that my body would not break down."

"That's it?" Elder Zhao looked at him with a suspicious gaze. How could it be that simple? Knowing his crafty nature, surely he must've done something else to consume the Pure Yang Flower… but what...?

"What about the rest of the Pure Yang Flower? What did you do with it?"

Although Elder Zhao wasn't convinced that it was this simple, he decided to play along with him.

However, no matter how prepared he was, when he heard Su Yang's answer, he couldn't help but cry out loud, nearly flipping the table in rage.

"I threw it away," Su Yang calmly replied.

"You what?!?!?!"

Elder Zhao stood up while yelling: "How could you throw away such a valuable resource?! Do you have any idea how much of the Sect's effort you've wasted by doing that?!"

Su Yang shrugged and said: "So what if I wasted it? I have already paid the Sect for it, so why does it matter to the Sect what I did with it?"

"You-You… You little rascal!"

Elder Zhao said as he pointed at Su Yang with a trembling finger.

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