Dual Cultivation

Chapter 64 Zhang Xiu Ying

Chapter 64 Zhang Xiu Ying

Inside the VIP room, Zhang Xiu Ying silently stood beside Su Yang as he cultivated. Her gaze was fixated on him, seemingly in deep thoughts.

Although she didn't hold any emotions towards him in the beginning, her heart was showing clear affection for him at this moment. Though she was also aware that her love would never be realized, as she could tell that their embrace held no meanings and was mostly due to her imposing herself on him.

Time passed quickly with an hour of time disappearing within the blink of an eye. However, for Zhang Xiu Ying, who was constantly thinking about Su Yang and their little embrace, it felt like many hours had passed.

The door to the room suddenly opened, and Wang Shuren walked inside with a bright smile while saying in a loud voice: "Congratulations, Esteemed Guest. You have managed to sell all of your monster cores for a grand total of 1,082 Spirit Stones!"


Su Yang slowly opened his eyes to look at Wang Shuren, but his gaze was not filled with joy— something she had expected. Instead, his gaze was filled with a slight sense of anger.

When Wang Shuren noticed his serious gaze, her bright smile instantly disappeared from her face, and she turned to look at Zhang Xiu Ying and said a single word—


"Yes, Madam Wang—"

"No, she will stay." Su Yang interrupted them with a clear and domineering voice, causing the both of them to look at him with surprise.

He continued: "Sit down, Wang Shuren. I have an important matter I'd like to speak to you about."

"Does this matter require the presence of a lowly servant?" Wang Shuren asked with a frown.

Su Yang did not answer her and only continued to look at her with a serious expression.

Wang Shuren glanced at Zhang Xiu Ying with an unpleasant gaze and wondered what happened while she was away before sitting down.

"So? What happened? Did she do something that had offended you?" she asked the moment she sat down.


Su Yang did not answer her question and instead mentioned a single name.

"Wang Ming."

Hearing the name of her cousin coming from his mouth, Wang Shuren's eyes widened from shock. How'd he learn of that name and what did he have to do with this weird situation?

Realizing what he was trying to achieve by making her stay, Zhang Xiu Ying also stared at Su Yang with wide eyes.

"Esteemed Guest! There's no need to—" she hastily tried to speak before getting cut off by Wang Shuren.

"Shut up! We are talking here! Since when did you obtain the privilege to join in on our conversation?!"

Just Zhang Xiu Ying's presence being in this room was already more than enough to annoy her, let alone jumping into their conversation with a status as a mere servant.

"What does my cousin, Wang Ming, have to do with this?" Wang Shuren asked Su Yang after scolding Zhang Xiu Ying.

"I have recently learned of a few unsettling rumors about your cousin, Wang Ming, and getting straight to the point— I find his very existence very unpleasant…" Su Yang said with a calm yet cold voice, sending chills all over Wang Shuren's body.

Wang Shuren finally understood the situation when he mentioned about these rumors of her cousin, Wang Ming, as he was a known troublemaker within his Sect.

"Y-Y-You want to kill him over a few rumors?" she asked him with an anxious expression on her face.

"I have tried many times to change his character, but even if he is my cousin, I cannot do much if he doesn't listen, not to mention that the top figures within Sect are also protecting him!"

Su Yang, still with a nonchalant expression, said: "No, I will not kill him, but if he— from this point forward— so much as touch even a strand of hair on her hair— or anyone for that matter— I will not only pay him a visit, but I will also hold you accountable."

When he mentioned 'her', his gaze was on Zhang Xiu Ying, who was standing beside him with her head lowered in distress.

"You…" Wang Shuren looked at Zhang Xiu Ying with wide eyes and an opened mouth.

"I do not care how you will deal with him, but if you tell me again that you, a Sect Elder, cannot even control your cousin from your own Sect, how can I trust you to deal with my personal problems?"

Wang Shuren silently cursed at Wang Ming in her heart at this moment. To think that because of his unsightly actions within the Sect that she'd lose the chance to become an Alchemy Master, she will have to force him to listen to her even if it kills him!

After taking a moment to calm herself, Wang Shuren took a deep breath and nodded: "I understand. I will take care of Wang Ming the moment I return to the Sect."

"I hope my decision to trust you today does not bite back…"

Su Yang then turned to look at Zhang Xiu Ying, who was profoundly dazed from watching the situation. "You do not have to worry about this frog called Wang Ming trying to pressure you anymore. If he continues to bother you, I'm sure that your honorable Sect Elder here will quickly and efficiently deal with it, correct?" he said as his gaze casually glanced at Wang Shuren, who obediently nodded to confirm his words.

Seeing this, tears began falling from Zhang Xiu Ying's face. To think that he'd go through the effort to help her, who was feeling helpless and desperate all this time, she didn't how to react or what she could do to repay him, as her embrace was only a selfish act that was acted upon desperation.

"Thank you… thank you…"

The only thing she could do at this moment was to speak her heart, which ended up causing her tears to fall even faster.


Wang Shuren's jaw dropped. Although she understood the situation, she was still puzzled as to how it came to this point.

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