Dual Cultivation

Chapter 632 A Painful Mistake

632 A Painful Mistake




The female servant moaned loudly as Su Yang skillfully pleasured her pink flower with his tongue, preparing it for penetration.

A few minutes later, when her cave was wet enough, Su Yang inserted his stiff rod into her body, spreading the cave wide open and tearing her insides apart.


The female servant nearly choked on her own saliva from shock when she felt something massive and hard shoved up her virgin cave, feeling as though someone had just shoved their arm up her hole.

"Are you okay?" Su Yang asked her in a gentle voice, feeling a tight yet soft sensation wrapped around his entire sword.

After taking a moment to recover, she nodded with a painful expression, "It hurts a little, but I am fine…"

"Then I will start moving now," said Su Yang, and he began moving his hips a few seconds later.


Although the female servant could only feel pain at first, after just a few thrusts, as though a miracle had happened, she could no longer feel any pain, only pleasure.




The female servant moaned without restraint, feeling as though her entire body was on fire. However, the burning feeling was not painful in the slightest. It was, in fact, extremely pleasant and comfortable enough to make her beg him for more.

"More! Fuck me more, Young Master!" The female servant looked at him with an enchanted gaze and a lustful expression on her face.

A few minutes later, the female servant reached her climax and began twitching like a fish out of the water as her lower body gushed with a river of Yin Qi.

Once the servant calmed down, Su Yang removed his rod from her body, pulling out a slightly reddish meatstick that was dyed by the servant's virgin blood.

"Allow this lowly one to clean it for you, Young Master…"

The female servant managed to sit up despite her exhaustion, and she began licking Su Yang's meatstick clean a few moments later.

Once his sword was sparkling clean again, mostly due to it being coated in saliva, the female servant collapsed onto the bed with a fully satisfied expression on her face, looking as though she was in heaven.

"Hm? You didn't release your Yang Qi into her?" Liu Lanzhi asked him after noticing this fact.

"My Yang Qi would do more harm than good to her, who is not even a Cultivator." Su Yang shook his head.

"I see…"

Su Yang then looked at Disciple Ji and asked her, "Do you want to be next?"

Disciple Ji immediately nodded and crawled towards him on the bed.

"I will loosen you up first," said Su Yang once she was fully naked.

"Can I also please you simultaneously?" she suddenly asked him.

Su Yang nodded before laying his back on the bed whilst Disciple Ji climbed above him with her butt facing his face.

Once they were in the Yin Yang position that was also known as the 69 position, Disciple Ji began sucking on Su Yang's meatstick while he savored her pink slit with his large hands firmly gripped onto her soft and round buttocks.

A few minutes of slurping sounds later, Disciple Ji suddenly stopped sucking and spoke in a hasty voice, "I-It's coming out!"

"You can let it out," Su Yang responded with calmness.


While Disciple Ji wanted to ask if he was sure about it, she could not hold onto her climax any longer and released her Yin Qi, showering Su Yang's face with her holy water.

Su Yang closed his eyes and allowed her Yin Qi to rain on his face with a cool expression, looking like a heroic warrior in the rain after an intense battle.

"A-Are you okay, Su Yang…?" Disciple Ji asked him afterward with a worried face, afraid that she might have released too much Yin Qi.

"I am perfectly fine," he said as he combed his wet hair backward, even licking the Yin Qi that was around his lips in an erotic manner.

"Um… I think I am ready to take it," she said to him a moment later.

Su Yang nodded and said, "You can do whatever you want with it."

Hearing his words, Disciple Ji looked at the massive rod before her and swallowed in a nervous manner. Will it really fit inside her small hole?

After taking a moment to prepare herself, Disciple Ji turned around and squatted above his pelvis area with her cave's entrance touching the very tip of Su Yang's sword.

She then used one of her hands to spread apart her pink slit wide open to allow for an easier entrance. And because she'd just climaxed very recently, there was Yin Qi still leaking out of her hole, which dripped onto the rod that was right below her cave, making it look as though she was saucing up his meatstick before sticking it inside her lower mouth.

Even Liu Lanzhi couldn't help but swallow nervously after seeing Su Yang's tasty-looking meatstick.

A moment later, Disciple Ji began squatting even lower, until she could feel the hot and hard tip of Su Yang's rod touching the entrance to her cave.


And after taking a deep breath, Disciple Ji began inserting his rod even deeper into her hole.

However, because of her nervousness that was causing her legs to become shaky, Disciple Ji suddenly slipped and fell, accidentally shoving his entire rod into her cave in an instant.


Disciple Ji shrieked in pain when she took Su Yang's entire shaft so suddenly and forcefully, feeling as though she'd just tore an enormous hole down there.


Disciple Chen gasped in shock while Liu Lanzhi covered her mouth after witnessing this scene, and even Su Yang couldn't help but become startled by this unexpected event.

"Are you okay?" Su Yang asked her a moment later. He could only imagine the pain she was feeling at this moment.

"Y-Y-Yes…" Disciple Ji spoke in a suppressed voice with her jaw clenched tightly, clearly trying to hold back from crying out loud.

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