Dual Cultivation

Chapter 627 - Visiting the Xie Family

Chapter 627 - Visiting the Xie Family

An entire hour has passed since Su Yang made the disciples run around the sect looking for rocks that were hidden inside concealment formations that could only be found by chance.

"Sect Master, I have found one of the rocks!" Another disciple approached him a few minutes after the hour mark.

"Let me see the rock," said Su Yang as he looked at the young lady with a graceful appearance before him.

The disciple nodded and handed him the rock.

Once he saw his name on the rock, he nodded and said, "You have an hour to prepare for the journey. Come back here afterward."

"Yes, Sect Master!" The disciple nodded before leaving the scene.

"One left, huh…" Su Yang mumbled to himself before closing his eyes again, silently waiting for the last disciple to appear.

However, nobody else approached him even after 30 minutes of waiting.

"How is the search going? How many disciples have found the rocks?" Liu Lanzhi asked him after returning to his side sometime later.

"Two," he calmly responded.

"Only two? And how much time do they have left?"

"A little less than ten minutes," he said.

After a moment of silence, Liu Lanzhi asked him, "Are you really going to bring only those who found the rock to the Xie Family? It would be a waste to not use all three spots."

"Don't worry, there won't be any empty spots even if the last rock is not found," he said to her with a calm face.

"Who do you plan on bringing?" she asked him with interest.

"Someone who could take full advantage of the Celestial Pond," he casually responded.

"What? If there's someone like that, why are you doing this?" Now Liu Lanzhi was puzzled by his actions.

"Although it will greatly benefit her, she doesn't really need it, and it'll be like feeding a fat pig with even more food."

'I still don't get it...' Liu Lanzhi shook her head inwardly.

Ten minutes passed in the blink of an eye, and nobody else approached Su Yang with the last rock during this time.

"All of you can stop searching for the last rock now," Su Yang took out a communication jade slip and said to the disciples. "Two hours have passed, and it seems that only two of you were destined to cultivate in the Celestial Pond. It's unfortunate, but the cultivation world requires more luck than you think."

When the disciples that did not find the rocks heard Su Yang's words, they all sighed with dispirited expressions on their faces before returning home with a defeated feeling surrounding them.

Meanwhile, the two female disciples that found the rock returned to Su Yang's side with blissful expressions on their faces.

'They're both female disciples?' Liu Lanzhi raised her eyebrows after seeing these two beauties, and she wondered if Su Yang had purposefully rigged the event just so these two could cultivate in the Celestial Pond. However, after thinking about Su Yang's character, it was unlikely that he would do something like this, so Liu Lanzhi decided to think of it as pure coincidence.

"Are the two of you ready to leave?" Su Yang asked the two disciples.

"Yes, Sect Master!" They both nodded.

The disciple with the cute and pretty face belonged to the dual cultivation division whilst the other disciple with the graceful atmosphere belonged to the normal cultivation division.

"Then let's head to the Xie Family." Su Yang then tossed the flying boat into the air and jumped onto it.

"What are you waiting for? Get on the boat," he said to them when they remained standing there with dumbfounded expressions on their faces, as this is their first time riding on a flying treasure.

A few moments later, once they were on the flying boat, Su Yang said to them, "Hang on to me."

The disciples nodded their heads and grabbed his robes whilst Liu Lanzhi directly embraced him with one of her arms.

Once they were prepared, Su Yang commanded the flying boat to soar towards Snowfall City.


The disciples screamed at the top of their lungs when they experienced the flying boat's ridiculous speed, their expressions filled with fear, and they immediately went to tightly embrace Su Yang's body.

As for Liu Lanzhi, although she didn't scream like the disciples, she also embraced Su Yang with all of her strength, fearing that she might accidentally fall from the flying boat.

A few horrifying minutes later, the flying boat stopped moving once they reached the Xie Family's household.

"You can let go now," Su Yang said to the three ladies that did not realize they had reached their destination and continued embracing him like three koalas on a tree.

"W-We're here already?" Liu Lanzhi looked beneath them with wide eyes filled with shock.

"Yes, so you can stop squeezing me to death now," he said with a smile on his face.

"O-Oh… I'm sorry…" Liu Lanzhi quickly released her death grip on him.

The disciples also apologized to him afterward.

"Let's descend," he said to them sometime later.

Meanwhile, inside the Xie Family's household, Lord Xie was silently cultivating inside his room when a loud voice resounded in the room, startling him awake.

"Wake up! Su Yang is here!" Xie Wang's voice boomed.

"F-Father?! What do you mean he's already here? We sent the letter not long ago!" Lord Xie shouted in an annoyed voice.

"Did I stutter or something? Hurry up and greet them! I will be there shortly!" Xie Wang's voice resounded again, sounding even more annoyed than Lord Xie.

"Y-Yes, Father…" Hearing his father's angry voice, Lord Xie had no choice but to stop his cultivation to greet Su Yang.

Sometime later, Lord Xie opened the front door to see Liu Lanzhi and two other young ladies with her. However, Su Yang was not there with them.

"Where's Su Yang?" he asked them.

"Liu Lanzhi greets His Majesty!" she hastily bowed to him, as she did not expect him to appear so suddenly.

"Su Yang had to return to the sect to bring our third disciple here and should return here shortly," she then said to him.

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