Dual Cultivation

Chapter 624 - Cannot Wait to Cultivate

Chapter 624 - Cannot Wait to Cultivate

"You...You are truly the most shameless person I have ever come across…" Bai Lihua said to him with a speechless face.

"If I wasn't shameless, I wouldn't be a successful Dual Cultivator," he chuckled at her words.

"I can't believe you are really asking me to do this…" Bai Lihua rubbed her temples while sighing.

"If it's too much for you, you can just ignore it. After all, I am only asking you for a favor," he said to her with a calm expression.


After a moment of silence, she said, "While it may be quite a ridiculous favor that you're asking, I still need to thank you for helping me for the last few days, so I will help you out with this recruitment."

"Thank you," said Su Yang.

"You should leave before I change my mind," she quickly said to him.

Su Yang nodded and flew away on the flying ship.


Bai Lihua released a long sigh afterward, mumbling to herself in a low voice, "How can you ask me to help you look for women to sleep with when you still haven't answered my feelings? Why didn't you ask me to help you instead?"

After standing there for a few minutes with a dazed expression on her pretty face, Bai Lihua summoned every disciple above the sixth level Profound Spirit Realm within the sect, and because the Heavenly Swan Sect only consisted of female disciples, more than a third of the entire sect gathered before Bai Lihua sometime later.

Bai Lihua looked at the thousands of disciples standing before her with a perplexed face, thinking to herself that her reputation would definitely take a hit for what she's about to do.

Most of the disciples within the Heavenly Swan Sect were innocent maidens that have never had a relationship with a man before, much less have s.e.x, so the odds of them giving their first time to a stranger they have never met before was slim to none.

"Thank you all for gathering here. I have a special announcement for all of you today, and I would normally never say something like this, but I owe this person a great favor, so I will be announcing this on his behalf."

After taking a deep breath, she began speaking in an awkward and stiff voice, "Due to circ.u.mstances, Sect Master of the Profound Blossom Sect and Heavenly Spirit Realm expert, Su Yang, is currently looking for female partners above the sixth level Profound Spirit Realm to cultivate with."

"What did you just say?!"

A shocked cry resounded immediately after Bai Lihua ended her sentence, causing the people there to turn their head and look at her.

"Su Yin…" Bai Lihua showed a bitter smile after seeing her face.

"Did Elder Brother really say that?!" she asked him a moment later.

Bai Lihua nodded and said, "Su Yang will be consuming a very powerful treasure, and he will need many partners to relieve himself afterward, hence why he's looking for partners. He also said that if you cultivate with him, your cultivation base will improve because of the energy from the treasure."

"Do you have any questions?" she asked them afterward.

"Sect Master, what do you mean by cultivating with him?" One innocent young lady asked.


Bai Lihua cleared her throat before responding with her face slightly red, "It means you are going to have s.e.x with him."

"Have s.e.x?!"

The innocent disciples there immediately went into an uproar. None of them could have ever imagined that their sect master would ask them to have s.e.x with a man out of her own will, especially when she usually expresses the opposite sentiment!

And the disciples began mumbling to each other.

"Su Yang… he is the handsome young man at the Regional Tournament, right?"

"Yes, and he's known as the number one genius."

"I have actually been thinking about him ever since I witnessed his prowess at the Regional Tournament. I didn't think that I would be able to embrace someone like him!"

One of the disciples suddenly raised her hand and asked Bai Lihua, "Sect Master, what else do we get out of cultivating with Su Yang?"

"I don't know, as he'd only mentioned about improving one's cultivation base with his Yang Qi," she responded.

"Do you think he'll let us conceive his child if we helped him?" Another disciple suddenly asked, shocking Bai Lihua with such an absurd question.

"Y-You'll have to ask Su Yang that…" she said after a moment of silence.

"It would be nice if he allowed us to conceive his child. After all, his children will definitely be talented," said another disciple.

In the cultivation world, female Cultivators usually choose their partner with the men's talent in mind before their appearance, as they would rather have a talented child that might achieve great things in their life than a good-looking child who has only mediocre talent or simply no talent at all.

"Now everyone and their mother will have a taste of my beloved Elder Brother…" Su Yin sighed loudly.

When Bai Lihua noticed that there were a lot of disciples who appeared excited after hearing her announcement, she began doubting herself.

'Perhaps Su Yang is actually more popular with the females than I'd initially thought?' she pondered inwardly as half of the female disciples there chatted with each other with blissful and anticipated expressions on their faces.

"Sect Master, when does Su Yang need us to cultivate with him?" One of the disciples there suddenly asked her.

"He said it'll mostly depend on his situation, but it should happen one year from now if not sooner…" she quickly responded.

"One year from now, huh? I cannot wait to have s.e.x with Su Yang! Hopefully, he'll let me bear his child, too!" One of the disciples said with a vulgar expression on her face, dumbfounding Bai Lihua who had no idea that her disciples were actually this perverted all along, even feeling a little bit dispirited by the unexpected outcome.

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