Dual Cultivation

Chapter 622 - Telling Her the Truth

Chapter 622 - Telling Her the Truth

"Okay, so I understand what you want me to do for the most part. However, I still have a question." Wang Shuren said. "What kind of partners are you specifically looking for? Young ladies? Beautiful faces? Slim bodies? Mature women? Any requirements?"

"I am glad that you asked," he nodded his head before he continued to speak, "They must be at the sixth level Profound Spirit Realm at the very least, or my Yang Qi will be too potent for them to absorb."

"As for their appearance and body type, I am not picky when it comes to my partners, so I don't really care for that."

"Then when do you need their assistance? A week from now? A month from now?"

"Exactly one year from now," he said.

"I understand." Wang Shuren nodded her head.

"Then I will be leaving now." Su Yang said before flying away on the flying ship.

Once Su Yang left the Burning Lotus Sect, Wang Shuren rested for a few hours before looking for the Sect Master, Huo Yuanjia.

"What's the matter, Elder Wang?" Huo Yuanjia asked her after seeing her face.

She nodded and said, "I need you to summon all of the female disciples that are above the sixth level Profound Spirit Realm."

"Just the female disciples? Is there a particular reason why you need the female disciples?" Huo Yuanjia looked at her with raised eyebrows, clearly puzzled by her intentions.

"I just have a few words for them," she casually said.

"Well, I don't mind. When do you need them?" Huo Yuanjia nodded, as he couldn't possibly refuse her request no matter what her reasons were.

"In an hour at the resting area in the Outer Court."

"I will immediately notify the disciple."

"Thank you." Wang Shuren said.

"I should be thanking you for your service, Elder Wang. The Burning Lotus Sect is flourishing because of your pills and reputation." Huo Yuanjia said.

"Don't thank me for doing what's only natural." Wang Shuren said to him before calmly leaving the room.

Once Wang Shuren was gone, Huo Yuanjia retrieved a jade slip that could communicate with every disciple in the sect and cleared his throat before speaking to it with a clear voice, "All female disciples with a cultivation base of sixth level Profound Spirit Realm and above gather at the Resting Area in the Outer Sect within an hour. Elder Wang has something important to reveal."

An hour later, over 1,000 female disciples gathered in the meeting place, looking like a garden of flowers.

"What do you think we're doing here?" The disciples spoke with each other while they waited for Wang Shuren to make her appearance.

"Who knows. Maybe she's giving out pills again."

"By why would she need only female disciples?"

"Maybe it's a pill that only works for females?"

A few minutes later, Wang Shuren approached the place with a calm expression on her face.

"Disciple greets Elder Wang!"

"Greetings, Elder Wang!"

The disciples there immediately bowed to her respectfully after noticing her presence.

Wang Shuren nodded her head at them before standing on a higher platform and stared at the disciples below her with a serious gaze.

When the disciples saw this, they swallowed nervously.


After clearing her throat, Wang Shuren began to speak, "Thank you all for coming here on such short notice."

"Although this might sound weird to some of you, perhaps even outrageous, but I am here to make an announcement on behalf of Su Yang from the Profound Blossom Sect."

The disciples were dumbfounded after hearing Wang Shuren's words.

"Su Yang? The number one genius who reached the Heavenly Spirit Realm at 17 years old?"

"What kind of business would someone like him have with us?"

As the disciples mumbled to each other, Wang Shuren continued to speak, "Su Yang is currently looking for female cultivators who are willing to cultivate with him."

"Eh? Am I hearing things correctly? Su Yang is looking for partners to cultivate with?" The disciples looked at Wang Shuren with wide eyes filled with disbelief.

Wang Shuren nodded and continued, "If you are willing to cultivate with him, head to the Profound Blossom Sect exactly one year from now. However, you must be above the sixth level Profound Spirit Realm to participate. Furthermore, if you cultivate with him, your cultivation base will greatly benefit from his Yang Qi, as he will be consuming a valuable treasure that will turn it into a treasure."

"By Yang Qi, do you mean… his white stuff?" One of the disciples suddenly asked in a bashful manner.

"Yes, his s.p.e.r.m." Wang Shuren said without hesitation.

After a few minutes of uproar and conversations between the disciples, one of them asked, "Are there any other requirements? What about the type of women he's looking for?"

Hearing her question, Wang Shuren shook her head and said, "Su Yang said that he doesn't mind one's appearance or body figure as long as you are willing to cultivate with him."

The average-looking disciples there immediately brightened after hearing Wang Shuren's words.

Wang Shuren then proceeded to answer any questions the disciples may have for her.

Meanwhile, at the Heavenly Swan Sect, Su Yang knocked on Bai Lihua's door.

"Master, thank you for coming here," Bai Lihua opened the door a few moments later and greeted him.

"I see that you've recovered from the incident." Su Yang said to her in a teasing voice after he entered the house.

"...It's all thanks to your effort that I am even alive." Bai Lihua said with an embarrassed smile on her face.

"Anyway, before we start your lecture today, I have something important to tell you," said Su Yang as he entered her room.

"What is it, Master?" Bai Lihua looked at him with anticipation.

"Ahem…" After clearing his throat, Su Yang spoke, "I might have told you a small lie regarding my identity."

"A lie…?" Bai Lihua raised her eyebrows with an ominous feeling in her guts.

Su Yang reached for the mask on his face and removed it, revealing his face to her. However, unlike previously, his face was not disguised.


Bai Lihua's eyes widened slightly after seeing Su Yang's handsome face, but she did not say anything even after many moments had passed.

"I didn't think you would actually believe me when I said that I only looked like Su Yang so I rolled with it." Su Yang said with an awkward smile on his face.

"Haaa…" Bai Lihua closed her eyes and released a long sigh.

A few moments later, she spoke in a calm voice, "It's not that I believed you; it's more like I wanted to believe you. I already had a feeling that you were lying about your identity because of what Su Yin said on the day she first met you."

"Oh? Can you elaborate on that a little more?" Su Yang asked her with his interest intrigued.

"Only a true idiot would believe that you are not Su Yang even though your appearance had grown more mature, and I acted like an idiot because I did not want to admit to myself that I had fallen for you, Su Yang."


Su Yang was slightly surprised by her honesty, as he didn't expect Bai Lihua to tell him the truth about her feelings.

"I know I have said that I would never fall for someone like you, but alas…" Bai Lihua sighed.

Of course, Su Yang remained calm even after hearing her words, as this is not his first time hearing that sentence.

"Why did you decide to tell me about your real identity? It would've been better if you kept it a secret forever so that I won't feel as guilty for liking you." Bai Lihua suddenly asked him.

"You would've learned the truth sooner or later, so I figured that I might as well tell you now before you get too comfortable with my alias," he said.

"After all, it'll be much harder to accept the truth the longer I keep it hidden from you."

"I see…" Bai Lihua mumbled.

"Now that you know the truth, do you still want to learn Alchemy under me?" he asked her a moment later. "I won't blame you even if you decide to leave."

Bai Lihua silently stared at him for a good minute before speaking, "I am already too invested into alchemy to give up. And it does not matter who you are— as long as you can teach me alchemy, I won't have any reason to leave."

"Unless you are going to tell me that you've also faked your skills in alchemy next?" Bai Lihua looked at him with narrowed eyes.

"Hahaha… If I didn't have any real ability, why would I even accept disciples? Just to let the world eventually find out that I am a fake Alchemist?" Su Yang spoke as he laughed.

"Don't worry, my skills are the real deal. If you study under me, I can guarantee you that you'll become one of the best Alchemists in this world."

Bai Lihua nodded and said, "Once again, please take care of me, Master."

"You can call me Su Yang when we are alone," he said to her. "I want you to be comfortable around me."

"It's already too late for that, Su Yang." Bai Lihua said with a bittersweet smile.

"Don't worry, that will go away once we start being around each other more," he showed her a confident smile on his handsome face.


"By the way, can you continue using your other appearance even though I already know your real identity? I would rather be lectured by someone older than me even if it's just the appearance," she asked him sometime later.

"Whatever makes you comfortable," he nodded before changing his appearance with an Appearance Reforming Pill.

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