Dual Cultivation

Chapter 619 - It's Not Too Late to Quit

Chapter 619 - It's Not Too Late to Quit

"I'm sorry… I didn't know you had such a history." Wang Shuren said a moment later.

"It's fine. Since it was something that happened over 150 years ago…" Senior Zeng sighed, and then he looked at the still unconscious Luo Yixiao and continued, "I haven't accepted another disciple ever since then, but that changed when I met Yixiao, who was brimming with talent in alchemy, which helped me finally overcome my trauma."

He then said to Cai Yan, "I'm sorry, but I won't be able to give you any advice regarding your unique alchemy flames, as I still fear that my incompetence might harm you like with my previous disciple."

Wang Shuren nodded and said, "I also think we should wait for the Master to return before we do anything we might regret. Heaven knows what he might do to me if I accidentally hinder your potential with my lecturing..."

After listening to Senior Zeng's past, Wang Shuren feared that Cai Yan might accidentally harm herself, so she refrained from giving her any more advice.

"I understand…" Cai Yan nodded.

Although she was slightly disheartened that they were unable to help her, there was simply nothing they could do at this moment besides wait for Su Yang to return.

"While I cannot give you advice on your alchemy flames I can help you with pill concocting because no matter what kind of alchemy flames you have, the basics are all the same." Wang Shuren then said to her.

"And you don't need alchemy flames to learn about pill concocting, so let's start from the beginning.

Wang Shuren proceeded to explain to Cai Yan the process of pill concocting with details. As for Senior Zeng, he returned to heating the cauldron until he became exhausted again.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Su Yang worked on Cai Yan's technique.

'Your Jade Flames is ranked 98 in the Unique Alchemy Flames ranking and are much stronger than normal alchemy flames, even surpassing many unique alchemy flames in terms of fierceness, so it's only natural that they require more spiritual energy to use than other alchemy flames. Cai Yan is currently only at the True Spirit Realm, and unless she reaches the Earth Spirit Realm she won't be able to use her Jade Flames for longer than a few minutes even with this flame controlling technique…'

After spending many hours writing the technique, Su Yang finally returned to the pill room, where Wang Shuren and Cai Yan were engaged in some sort of conversation regarding the cauldron.

"Master!" Cai Yan's expression immediately brightened after seeing him return.

"You're finally back," said Wang Shuren with a relieved look on her face.

"What's the matter? Why do you look so tired?" Su Yang asked them after seeing their exhausted faces.

"Well, it's like this, Master…" Cai Yan proceeded to explain her situation of not being able to use her alchemy flames for more than a few seconds before running out of spiritual energy.

Hearing this, Su Yang responded in a calm voice, "That's only natural since you don't have any flame controlling technique to properly use your Jade Flames."

"Eh? You mean it has nothing to do with her talent or cultivation base?" Wang Shuren asked him with a surprised look.

Su Yang shook his head and said, "Jade Flames are naturally fierce and require more spiritual energy to maintain than even most unique alchemy flames out there. Without a proper flame controlling technique, it will be akin to trying to forcibly move a boulder when there are tools specifically made to help you move the boulder with ease. However, that is not to say her cultivation base is not to blame, as it's also true that she does not have the sufficient cultivation to use her Jade Flames yet."

"If you want to start using your Jade Flames, you must at least be at the Earth Spirit Realm. As for concocting pills, you can think about that once you've reached the Heavenly Spirit Realm."

"I have to reach the Heavenly Spirit Realm before I can start concocting pills?!" Cai Yan exclaimed with a shocked face. How long would that take? Hell, she might not even have the ability to reach the Heavenly Spirit Realm!

Seeing Cai Yan's dejected face, Su Yang said to her, "Didn't I tell you beforehand that not everyone born with unique alchemy flames will automatically have an easy life as an alchemist? The stronger your alchemy flames the more effort you are required to put out. The Jade Flames are fairly powerful even amongst the other unique alchemy flames, so you will have to train harder than most people out there if you want to become an Alchemist."

"Of course, if you want to quit, that's also an option, as you haven't truly stepped into the world of alchemy yet. I also know of many people who wanted to be Alchemists but were unfortunately born with unique alchemy flames that could not be controlled or trained because of a lack of methods and techniques, forcing them to abandon their dream."

Su Yang then extended his arms with a scroll in his hands, "If you are willing to go down this path despite the challenges you will face, accept this. If not, you may shake your head, and I will immediately take you back to your family."


After a moment of silence, she spoke, "To tell you the truth, Master, I did not willingly take the test to become your disciple because I wanted to learn alchemy. It was purely my father's will that I partake in the exam even if I had no chance of passing. However, when you accepted me as your disciple and I began learning the techniques you gave me, my passion for alchemy started to grow, and after spending an entire month learning more about alchemy, I can say with confidence that I want to become an Alchemist!"

Cai Yan then reached for the scroll in Su Yang's grasp, and a second later, she accepted the technique.

"I hope you won't regret that decision later," Su Yang said with a smile behind his mask.

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