Dual Cultivation

Chapter 60 Spiritual Treasure

Chapter 60 Spiritual Treasure

After giving the welcoming speech, Wang Shuren proceeded to signal a servant to come on the stage with a steel sword in her hands.

The servant then placed the sword on the stand that was in the middle of the stage.

The sword looked like any more steel sword, however, unlike normal swords, there was faint Profound Qi that surrounded the blade.

"I welcome you the first item for today— a Spiritual Treasure— the Spirit Sword!" Wang Shuren said with enthusiasm behind her voice.

Besides normal weapons, there are weapons with Profound Qi embedded into them, giving them tyrannical and unrivaled powers that normal weapons could never hope to compete with, and these kinds of weapons are called Spiritual Treasures.

Spiritual Treasures are only available to cultivators with a sufficient cultivation base, as it requires an enormous amount of Profound Qi just to control it. However, once a cultivator has the ability to wield a Spiritual Treasure, they can even split mountains and seas with a single strike.

The Spirit Sword being showcased was such a Spiritual Treasure, but it was only a Spiritual Treasure at the lowest grade— the Spirit-grade.

"It's really a Spiritual Treasure! The rumors were true!"

The crowd instantly became hyped, as this was the first time most of these people have ever seen a Spiritual Treasure in person.

"The starting bid for this Spirit Sword will be 75 Spirit Stones!"

Spirit Stones are similar to monster cores and are capable of assisting cultivators in their cultivation. Though, cultivators also use them as a currency in the cultivation world, especially when it came to buying expensive items that would require an enormous amount of gold.

"80 Spirit Stones!"

"82 Spirit Stones!"

"85 Spirit Stones!"

Instantly, the crowd began shouting their offer one after another.

After a few minutes of fierce fighting with offers, the Spirit Sword was sold to a wealthy-looking young man, who looked to be a disciple for some Sect, for 137 Spirit Stones.

Although that amount didn't seem much, it should be worth mentioning that someone from a common background would normally not be able to afford a single Spirit Stone even if they worked for ten years straight.

In this world, one gold coin would be able to feed a normal family of four for many years, yet a single one of these Spirit Stone would cost at least 10 gold coins.

This showed the difference between cultivators and mortals and the world they live in, and, that even if you have the ability to become a cultivator, you may not be able to sustain yourself afterward for long.

The requirement to become a cultivator and grow as one would require a large amount of resource and wealth, or else they would never truly grow, hence why all cultivators would join Sects, as they are wealthy and powerful organizations that have the ability to provide them with such resources.

However, it should be obvious that one would still be required to work relentlessly for these resources— unless they are some kind of super genius that would unconditionally receive the Sect's assistance even if they refuse the help.

Inside the VIP room, Su Yang barely reacted to the Spirit Sword. It was not even worthy enough to be in his sights, let alone worth his attention.

Instead of paying attention to the auction, he was more focused on the young lady who was still earnestly sucking his divine rod, seemingly bewitched by some sort of spell that made her continuously thrust her head.

"Are you done yet?" Su Yang suddenly said.

"I know this may be your first time doing this but you really suck at it…" he sighed and continued: "If you continue like this, then I will have no choice but to stop you, as it's beginning to hurt from your techniques…"

Hearing his heartfelt complaints, Zhang Xiu Ying instantly stopped her movements.

"I… I apologize to the Esteemed Guest for my lack of skills, even causing the Esteemed Guest pain when I am supposed to do the opposite…" she said to him with a stiff expression after removing her wet lips from his crotch area.

"Please allow me a chance to redeem myself, Esteemed Guest..." Zhang Xiu Ying said with her head lowered, her voice sounding passionate.

This caused Su Yang to raise his eyebrows. Why was she exerting so much effort just to pleasure him? What could she possibly want from him? Surely, she couldn't be crazy enough to do all this just to obtain his attention, right?

"Go on…" Su Yang said after a moment a silence.

Upon hearing his approval, Zhang Xiu Ying instantly raised her head and smiled brightly.


Zhang Xiu Ying slowly stood up and began undressing in front of Su Yang, who watched without uttering a single sound.

From the top to bottom, Zhang Xiu Ying uncovered her private parts for Su Yang to feast his eyes on.

Her hairless figure was slim and well-balanced with her breasts being neither big nor small, and her pink buds were popping and solid. She had glossy white skin that reflected light despite being inside a room with dimmed lights that was nearly dark.

Although her body was not as mature and as well-portioned as Lan Liqing's body, it still had a charm of its own and would easily excite any men with enough karma and blessing to see such an elegant sight.

A few moments later, when Zhang Xiu Ying finished undressing, she slowly closed her distance to Su Yang.

"Esteemed Guest, please excuse me in advance for blocking your view of the auction…"

When Zhang Xiu Ying was close enough to feel Su Yang's calm breath, her bottom lips were already directly on top of his stiff rod.

Time seemed to have stopped for Zhang Xiu Ying at this moment, as she was preparing herself to give away her purity to Su Yang, someone she'd just met today and without a proper relationship— if there was even any at all.

"Regret is a bitter feeling, and you might have to live the rest of your life with this feeling if you continue any further." Su Yang suddenly said to her, giving her one last chance to change her mind.

"It is better to willingly give my first to someone as handsome and charming as you than to unwillingly lose it to that bastard, Wang Ming!" she said with a bitter smile and glistening eyes, and she slowly lowered her body until her bottom lips touched the tip of Su Yang's penis.

"Wang Ming?" Su Yang raised an eyebrow at her words.

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