Dual Cultivation

Chapter 595 Missing Corpse

595 Missing Corpse

Back at the Profound Blossom Sect after returning to the Yin Yang Pavilion, Su Yang was approached by Liu Lanzhi, who said to him, "You have a visitor in your room."

"A visitor? Oh, I can guess who it is." Su Yang nodded after pondering for a few seconds.

"By the way, the Xie Family has returned to their own home." Su Yang then said to her.

"Really?! Thank Heavens!" Liu Lanzhi sighed in relief after hearing his words, and she continued, "I have been lacking sleep from nervousness ever since they arrived. I would've been fine if it was only Xie Xingfang who came to visit, but to think the Ancestor would also appear here; it was truly nerve-wracking."

"Is that old man that renowned?" Su Yang raised his eyebrows.

Liu Lanzhi quickly nodded and said, "Of course! Before Lord Xie became the ruler, the Ancestor ruled the Eastern Continent with an iron fist! Things were much different back then, and there are countless heroic stories of him."

"Is that so? He sure didn't behave like the person you'd just described." Su Yang smiled.

"I guess times have changed, and rumors have it that it was Xie Xingfang who changed him."

"Anyway, now that they are gone, I am going to get some sleep. Ah, and before I forget, I will need another 'filling' soon." Liu Lanzhi said to him while pointing at her stomach with an enchanting expression.

Su Yang nodded with a smile and said, "I will fill you up later."

After Liu Lanzhi returned to her own room, Su Yang also did the same.

"Hm? You're finally back. Where did you go for the last few days?" Tang Lingxi greeted him while laying on his bed with a relaxed look on her face.

"I had some business with the Xie Family." Su Yang said as he approached Tang Lingxi, before casually laying on the bed right beside her.

Tang Lingxi smiled at his actions and gently embraced him.

"You look pretty exhausted. Did you use your Celestial Qi again?" she asked him.

"Yeah. I had to fight someone at the Sovereign Spirit Realm."

"Oh? There is someone else besides the Xie Family's Ancestor who is at the Sovereign Spirit Realm? Tell me more about it."

"Yes, but he did not belong to the Eastern Continent. He came from the Holy Central Continent."

"The Holy Central Continent? Why would he come all the way over here?"

Su Yang proceeded to explain the entire situation to her from the beginning to the end.

"Hmmm… it feels like I have heard this kind of story before— and more than once." Tang Lingxi said.

"Probably because there's no shortage of men who cannot keep their hands to themselves or their own things." Su Yang sighed. "I wonder how many people I will have to kill once I return to the Divine Heavens."

"If you ever get bored, just let me know. I love killing people, especially vulgar men." Tang Lingxi said with a smile.

"I am pretty perverted myself, you know?" Su Yang chuckled.

"You are probably the most perverted man I know, but I don't dislike it. In fact, besides my own family, you are the only man I can tolerate being so close to me without feeling the urge to kill you." Tang Lingxi said as she tightened her embrace on him.

"Oh, how much I want to consume you right now…" Tang Lingxi mumbled in a low voice right beside his ears.

"Shouldn't it be the other way around?"

"That would be true if you were in your old body, but with your current body, you won't even last an hour with the real me." Tang Lingxi said.

"Hahaha… I guess that's true."

A moment later, Su Yang said in a pondering voice, "Speaking of my old body, it makes me wonder what happened to it…"

"Do you know what happened to my corpse?"

"Well…" Tang Lingxi showed a hesitant expression before saying, "I originally wanted to take your corpse to bury it within my Asura God Clan's territory, but someone else appeared towards the end of your funeral and stole your corpse."

"W-Wait a moment… someone… stole my corpse?" Su Yang looked at her with wide eyes. Why on earth would someone take his corpse?

Tang Lingxi nodded and said, "We still don't know who did it, but whoever stole your corpse was extremely powerful — so powerful that nobody at the funeral could stop him, and the Heavenly Emperor was present at the funeral."

"Even the Heavenly Emperor could not stop him? Very few people in the world can deal with the Heavenly Emperor," Su Yang said with a frown.

"It was simply too sudden, and most of the people were too busy griefing to notice the robber before it was too late."

"Haaa… I just hope that whoever stole my corpse won't do anything weird to it. It'd be problematic if they use it for something weird." Su Yang sighed.

"Does it really matter what they do with your corpse? I mean, you are alive with another body right now." Tang Lingxi said to him.

"It may not matter much if they don't do anything to it, but what if they reanimate my body with forbidden techniques? Don't you remember what happened 50,000 years ago, when someone reanimated the corpse of a very powerful ancient Cultivator and caused massive mayhem with it? That'd be very problematic if it also happened with my body."

Tang Lingxi chuckled at his words and said, "Why would anyone use your corpse for that? There are countless other more powerful Cultivators that have died before you that would benefit them more than a Dual Cultivator!"

"If anyone were to reanimate your body, I'm sure it'd be some crazy woman with that kind of fetish!" Tang Lingxi laughed out loud.

"Well? Do you know any women that might be crazy enough to pull that kind of stunt?" she asked him sometime later.


Su Yang was speechless, but not because of Tang Lingxi's words. He was speechless because he could easily name over a dozen women who would be crazy enough to use his corpse for that kind of purpose!

"I am now having second thoughts about returning to the Divine Heavens. If those crazy women learn of my situation, who knows what they might do to me! The current me is also too weak to defend myself against them!" Su Yang trembled in fear.

However, instead of comforting him, Tang Lingxi merely continued to laugh at him. "Don't worry, darling. If anyone dares to try anything funny to you, I deal with them for you."

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