Dual Cultivation

Chapter 584 Golden Lion Academy's Invasion 4

Chapter 584 Golden Lion Academy's Invasion 4

"What do you want to know?! We will tell you everything we know!" The Moonlight Blades immediately answered.

"My first question is how did you guys manage to travel to the Holy Central Continent?" Su Yang then asked.

"The Leader has this spiritual treasure that can transport people to the Holy Central Continent, but it only works one way, so it cannot be used to bring them back."

"Who is your Leader?" Su Yang asked.

"We don't know! In fact, only the higher-ups are allowed to meet the Leader! We have never seen him before!"

"However, we've been told that the Leader will appear to greet the guests from the Holy Central Continent when they finally arrive!"

"Is that so?" Su Yang nodded.

"Then where's your hideout? I heard it's impossible to find."

The Moonlight Blades turned to look at each other with perplexed expressions. If they reveal their hideout and the higher-ups find out, they will surely be killed even if they escape from this place alive.

"If you don't want to answer my question, I can simply kill one of you at a time until someone gives me an answer." Su Yang suddenly said with a grim expression, sending chills down their spine.

"I-I will talk!" One of them quickly said, and he continued, "The reason our hideout has remained hidden for so long is because we don't have a hideout in the first place…"

"What? Then how do you communicate with each other?" Xie Wang spoke with a frown.

"It's a one-way communication. Whenever there is a mission, we are contacted by the higher-ups through multiple unique methods, such as feeding rats with messages and using techniques to control them."

"So if we want to get rid of you bunch, we'll have to start cleaning up from the top, huh?" Su Yang nodded.

He then turned to look at Xie Wang and said, "I have changed my mind. Instead of killing them after we have our information, we should kill them when their Leader arrives. If we kill them now, their Leader will become suspicious."

"Even if you say that… How are we going to keep them here after all of this? It's not like you can keep them inside that formation since it'll definitely alert someone." Xie Wang said to him.

"Don't worry, I have an idea." Su Yang said with a smile.

"W-Wait a moment! I thought you said that you wouldn't kill us if we answered your questions!" 

"That's right! Are you going to go back on your words, you bastard?!"

The people inside the formation immediately began cursing at Su Yang.

Seeing this, Su Yang merely shook his head and spoke in a calm voice, "I only said that I'd let you leave this formation. Who said anything about letting you leave with your lives? However, even though I said that, I won't be the one killing you guys."

He then pointed to Xie Wang and continued, "You guys have been targeting Xing'er for many years now, I'm sure that the Xie Family has some built-up anger they'd like to relieve."

The people there quickly turned to look at Xie Wang, who was staring at them with murderous eyes, looking like a hungry tiger before its prey.

"P-Please! Have mercy! We are only doing as we're told! In the first place, the only person interested in Lady Xie is our Leader!" One of them pleaded.

However, Xie Xingfang coldly snorted and said, "Do you think this is just about the Moonlight Blades trying to capture me? You guys have been trying to ruin my Xie Family for many years now, not to mention the countless incidents you guys have caused around the entire Eastern Continent!"


The Moonlight Blades were speechless, as everything Xie Xingfang said was true.

The main purpose of the Moonlight Blades was to conquer the Eastern Continent and spread chaos and fear as far and wide as possible. It was an evil organization that has no redeeming qualities. In fact, the entire world would be much more peaceful without their existence.

"Xing'er, you can deal with them all you want later. For now, I will erase their memories, making it appear as though we were never here in the first place." Su Yang suddenly said.

"You… can erase memories?" Xie Wang looked at him with a bewildered look. Is there anything in this world that he cannot do?

A few moments later, Su Yang stepped inside the formation without any hesitation.

When the Moonlight Blades members saw this, they wasted no time and immediately attacked him.

"Get him!"

And over a hundred Cultivators between the Elementary Spirit Realm and the Profound Spirit Realm rushed at him simultaneously.

Seeing this, Su Yang merely shook his head with a calm expression before his index finger glowed a golden light.

"You guys should enjoy your last few days of being alive before it ends…" Su Yang said to them as he casually dodged their attacks while poking them on the forehead at the same time.

The Moonlight Blades members rapidly collapsed on the floor, and within just a few moments, they were all effortlessly knocked unconscious by Su Yang.

Su Yang removed the formation afterward.

"They won't remember anything that has happened in the last hour when they wake up. Let's return to the flying ship for now. Once their leader shows up, we can deal with them once and for all." He said to Xie Xingfang.

"Even if you say that, where are we going to hide with such a massive and eye-catching flying ship floating in the air?" Xie Wang asked him. "They will see us even from miles away."

"Don't worry, this flying ship can do more than just traveling at a fast speed; it can even camouflage itself with the background and make it appear invisible, and unless they have someone with a powerful enough spiritual sense to see through the illusion, they won't be able to see or sense it even if we are right above them." Su Yang said with a smile on his face.

"..." Xie Wang was speechless, but he was not too surprised, as he was beginning to grow numb after being shocked so many times by Su Yang and his companions.

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