Dual Cultivation

Chapter 582 Golden Lion Academy's Invasion 2

Chapter 582 Golden Lion Academy's Invasion 2

"Wait a second… Why are you going to meet with that pervert?" Qiuyue asked him with a frown on her face.

"Because I am going to kill him." He responded in a calm and casual voice.

"W-What…?" A surprised noise resounded inside the room, and a few moments later, she asked.

"Why would you do that?"


Su Yang proceeded to explain the situation to her, from what happened to Xiao Rong to Xie Xingfang's situation.

"I see…" Qiuyue mumbled.

Sometime later, she spoke in a low voice, "Do you… need me to come with you?"

"It would make things easier with you there, but it's not necessary, since I already have Xiao Rong coming with me." Su Yang said to her.


Inside the room, Qiuyue had a frown on her beautiful face. For some reason, Su Yang's last sentence had caused an uncomfortable feeling in her heart, as it made her feel like she was being replaced by Xiao Rong.

A few moments later, the door opened, and Qiuyue looked at Su Yang with a serious expression on her face. "I am coming with you," she spoke in a stern voice.

Seeing this, Su Yang merely nodded his head with a smile, and he said, "We will be leaving tomorrow."

Qiuyue nodded before quickly closing the door again.

'Heavens! If I had to look at his face for another second, my emotions would've gone out of control! That was incredibly dangerous!' Qiuyue cried inwardly afterward, feeling the beat of her heart resembling war drums.

If it had taken her all of her resolve to speak with Su Yang without blushing just now, she cannot imagine how torturous it will be for her tomorrow.

The following day, Su Yang left the Yin Yang Pavilion with Xiao Rong by his side, and Qiuyue, who was walking many meters behind them.

And after walking a few minutes, they could see Xie Wang and Xie Xingfang in the distance waiting for them.

"It's really the Goddess!" Xie Wang's blood pressure immediately soared after seeing Qiuyue's otherworldly appearance and domineering aura.

However, there was another person there that also captured his attention — the young girl walking beside Su Yang, who looked just as beautiful as Qiuyue, even resembling her appearance slightly.

'Who's that little girl?' he wondered inwardly.

In Xie Wang's eyes, Xiao Rong appeared to be Su Yang's and Qiuyue's daughter at glance, but after recalling Su Yang's young age, it was simply impossible for him to have a child at Xiao Rong's age.

"This Junior greets Senior…" Xie Wang respectfully bowed to Qiuyue when she got close enough.


Qiuyue merely glanced at him and slightly nodded her head in acknowledgment before ignoring him again.

Although it may appear disrespectful, Xie Wang was already satisfied just from her acknowledgment.

"Are you prepared to leave?" Su Yang asked the two of them.

"Yes… but…" Xie Xingfang looked at Xiao Rong with a puzzled gaze, and she asked him in a worried voice, "Who may this young lady be? And do you plan on bringing her with us?"

Su Yang nodded and said, "Don't underestimate her because of her young appearance since she's actually the strongest one here."

"W-What?" Xie Wang and Xie Xingfang looked at him with wide eyes.

Could this innocent-looking little girl really be the strongest one amongst them?

'She's even stronger than that Goddess? Impossible! I cannot even feel any spiritual energy coming from her!' Xie Wang was immediately suspicious of such claims, as it was simply too hard to believe.

When Su Yang saw the doubt on Xie Wang's face, a mysterious smile appeared on his face, and he said to him a moment later, "If you're not convinced, would you like to have a taste of her abilities?"

"What?" Xie Wang's eyes widened with surprise upon hearing his words.

Although he could feel an ominous feeling coming from Su Yang's smile, he was also very curious about Xiao Rong's strength.

"If you are worried, I can restrict her movements so that she won't move even a single limb against you. Furthermore, she will not use any techniques. All she is allowed to use is her mouth — a single breath to defeat you."

"A single breath to defeat me? Aren't you looking down on me too much, Su Yang? In case you have forgotten, I am still at the Sovereign Spirit Realm." Xie Wang said with a frown on his face, feeling as though he was mocked by Su Yang's words.

"I don't mean to look down on you, but I also don't want her to accidentally kill you right before Xing'er." Su Yang shrugged.

Xie Wang's eyebrows suddenly trembled, and he quickly shouted in anger, "You've done it now, Su Yang! If she cannot defeat me with a single breath, I will make you regret looking down on me!"

"Grandfather…" Xie Xingfang sighed.

Su Yang smiled, and he looked at Xiao Rong and said to her, "You heard everything. Defeat him in a single breath, but don't kill him."

Xiao Rong calmly nodded.

"Okay, whenever you are ready." Su Yang said to Xie Wang, who immediately began gathering his spiritual energy.


Within just a few seconds, Xie Wang used almost all of his Profound Qi to create a barrier made of spiritual energy between him and Xiao Rong.

"Go ahead!" He said after his preparations.

"You heard him." Su Yang said to her.

Hearing his words, Xiao Rong took a slightly deeper breath than normal before gently blowing it towards Xie Wang's direction.



An immensely powerful gust appeared, and the barrier made by Xie Wang did not even last for half a second before it shattered into a million pieces.

However, that was not the end, as Xiao Rong's breath continued in Xie Wang's direction.


Xie Wang suddenly felt as though he was hit by a steel wall, and he was sent flying thousands of meters into the distance before disappearing from their sights like a mosquito getting swatted.

"G-Grandfather!" Xie Xingfang covered her mouth from shock after witnessing this grand scene.

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