Dual Cultivation

Chapter 573 Second Tes

Chapter 573 Second Tes

Seeing the doubt on everyone's faces, Su Yang sighed inwardly before speaking out loud, "Who here has a pill on them right now? It does not matter what kind of pill it is."

The Alchemy Masters quickly realized what he was trying to do with a pill.

"I have one, Senior." Senior Zeng suddenly raised his hand and spoke. "However, it's not your regular pill, as it was created when I was experimenting on a new pill recipe, and it's not completed yet, so nobody in this world besides myself should know its ingredients."

"That's perfect. Let me see it for a moment." Su Yang casually said.

Senior Zeng nodded and handed him the pill without any hesitation. Because when an Alchemy Master tries to invent a new pill recipe, they would normally keep it a secret until the pill is completed, much less share the pill with someone else, as that would be letting people eat an unfinished dish as a cook.

Once the pill was in his hands, Su Yang placed it right before his nose and gave it a deep but slow sniff.


Su Yang closed his eyes to ponder.

A few moments later, he began listing out the ingredients used to create this unknown pill, "Three grams of Spirit Grass, four grams of Strengthening Powder, a single blade of Harmony Leaf…"

By the time Su Yang finished listing out all of the ingredients, Senior Zeng's face was filled with shock and disbelief.

"A-Amazing! I did not believe it at first, but after witnessing it with my own eyes, I cannot do anything but believe it! You actually listed out every ingredient perfectly!" Senior Zeng exclaimed a moment later, causing the other Alchemy Masters to take deep breaths.

Su Yang then said, "Calm down… I am not finished yet…"

After saying those few words, Su Yang took another sniff at the pill, before speaking, "This pill was created thirty-three days ago, and it came out of the cauldron sometime in the late afternoon."

Senior Zeng's jaw dropped from his mouth after hearing his words, but Su Yang was not done speaking, and he continued, "Judging from the ingredients you'd used to concoct this pill, I can tell that you were trying to create something that will help with your 'illness' down there. I suggest adding four drops of blood from an Earth Turtle and two more grams of Strengthen Powder. That should fix your 'sword' temporarily."


Senior Zeng nearly fell off his seat after hearing Su Yang's words, the expression on his face looking as though he'd just seen the ghost of his Ancestors.

Meanwhile, the other people in the room looked at Senior Zeng whilst trying their hardest to resist their urges to burst out laughing.

Even his own disciple, Luo Yixiao, was trying to hide the redness on her face by looking away.


Senior Zeng's face flushed with redness. What did he do to deserve such treatment? He has never lost so much face at once before. And if it weren't for Su Yang's status, he would've long gone to beat Su Yang up for his unnecessary remarks.

However, no matter how angry he was, Senior Zeng controlled his emotions and bowed to Su Yang, before speaking, "Thank you, Senior, for your advice."

Su Yang nodded and spoke as he gazed at the people there, "Is there anyone who still doubts my words?"

The people there quickly shook their heads.

"Good. Then let us begin the second test."

Su Yang waved his sleeves, causing many storage pouches to appear. He then handed one to every individual in the room.

"Inside each storage pouch is 100 different scented pouches, each emitting a unique scent. For the second test, you all have four hours to smell each of these pouches and memorize it. Once the four hours have passed, I will explain the second part of the test. You may begin now."

The people there immediately opened their storage pouches to find 100 small scented pouches inside, each with a unique aroma to it and a number written on the pouch.

They then began to smell each of the scented pouches individually, taking many minutes to memorize the smell and the number it belonged to before moving onto the next scented pouch.

Four hours later, Su Yang clapped his hands and said, "Put everything back into the storage pouch and toss it in the middle of the room."

Sometime later, a pile of storage pouches laid on the floor beside Su Yang.

"I will now give each of you a bottle of scented substance."

Su Yang then handed each of them a small glass bottle that had a few drops of liquid inside.

"I have used 5 different aromas from the 100 scented pouches to create the substance inside the bottle with every bottle in this room emitting a unique aroma, and you all have ten minutes to smell the substance inside the bottle and find out which of the 5 aromas I had used to create that mixture. Once you have an answer, you may reseal the bottle, as that will declare your completion. You may begin now."

The people there looked at the glass bottle in their hands with a dazed expression on their faces.

When they opened the bottle and smelled the aroma, they cried inwardly, 'This is fucking impossible! I am not a pig, nor do I have the nose of a dog! How the hell am I supposed to figure out which aroma he'd mixed inside?!'

Seeing the perplexed and troubled expression on their faces, Su Yang smiled behind his mask, 'If it was too easy, I wouldn't have needed this examination to find a disciple!'

While the majority of the people in the room were having trouble sniffing out the correct aromas, Tang Lingxi took a single sniff of the bottle before casually sealing the bottle and placing it down.

Three minutes later, Wang Shuren also sealed the bottle with a confident expression on her face.

At the fourth minute, a pretty young lady that was not Luo Yixiao sealed the bottle.

Five minutes into the test, Senior Zeng and Bai Lihua sealed their bottles with a few seconds in between

Six minutes into the test, Luo Yixiao finally sealed her own bottle.

At the seventh minute, Su Xun and a few others sealed their bottles.

During the last three minutes, another ten people sealed their bottles, whilst the remaining participants showed a defeated expression on their faces.

By the end of the test, less than 20 people have managed to seal their bottles.

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