Dual Cultivation

Chapter 555 Family Dispute

Chapter 555 Family Dispute

After many moments of silence and pondering, Fang Zhelan finally turned to look at Su Yang with a troubled gaze, clearly asking him for help.

However, Su Yang merely smiled and said, "No matter your decision, I will support it."

"I swear to God, Fang Zhelan! If you don't choose wisely, not only you, but the entire Profound Blossom Sect will feel the Fang Family's wrath!" Fang Xianjue shouted.

Hearing her words, Fang Zhelan trembled.

"If you think we are scared of the Fang Family, then you can go ahead and try to mess with us!" Liu Lanzhi unexpectedly raised her voice, causing everyone there to look at her with wide eyes.

"Although you may have immense influence and a powerful background, the Profound Blossom Sect is no longer the weak and small Sect that it used to be! Not only did we win the Regional Tournament, but we also have the support of two Elite Sects! If you think that you can bully us, then we will fight back with everything that we've got!"

Despite her vicious words and serious expression, Liu Lanzhi's heart was trembling from fear, as she could've never imagined that she would dare talk back to the Matriarch of the Fang Family, one of the Four Great Families that govern the Eastern Continent.

"How dare you, a lowly Sect Master speak to me in such a manner!" Fang Xianjue roared, causing the place to tremble.

However, she was quickly interrupted by Su Yang's sudden laughter.

"Hahaha! Well said, Sect Leader! Now you are finally starting to act like someone with power!"

He approached Fang Xianjue and continued, "Is being the Four Great Families really as great as you make it out to be? You sure talk big for someone only at the peak of the Earth Spirit Realm, Matriarch Fang. And if you think the Fang Family could possibly threaten the Profound Blossom Sect, then I welcome you to try."

"You, who has the surname Su, is this the Su Family declaring war against my Fang Family? Although the Su Family has been the number one family amongst the Four Great Families for the last few decades, everyone can see that they are no longer as powerful as it used to be."

Hearing Fang Xianjue's words, Su Yang merely smiled and said, "I have nothing to do with the Su Family. After all, I was abandoned by them just like Fang Zhelan was abandoned by the Fang Family. However, unlike the Fang Family, at least the Su Family did not shamelessly approach me and act like our grievances never existed when they realized my talents."


Just as Fang Xianjue was about to explode from anger, Fang Zhelan interrupted, "I have finally decided, Su Yang."

She then turned to look at her younger sister, Fang Xiaoru, who has not lifted her head this entire time, and spoke, "You are very talented, Xiaoru — much more talented than I will ever be, and that talent caused you to look down on everyone who's not as talented as you. However, I do not blame you, as that's how we were raised by our parents."

"While your reason for wanting to join the Sect is questionable, I can tell that your feelings are genuine, and as a disciple of the Sect and your Elder Sister, it would go against everything I was taught here to ignore your passion. Therefore, I have decided to let you partake in the disciple examination. If you pass, then you will be allowed to become a disciple. However, if you fail..."

Fang Zhelan did not finish her sentence, as it was obvious what she was going to say.

"Thank you, Elder Sister! Even if I fail, I will never forget your generosity today!" Fang Xiaoru said to her.

"Fang Zhelan, you little whore!" Fang Xianjue could no longer control her emotions and finally exploded in anger, preparing to jump at Fang Zhelan.

However, before she could move, a powerful and profound force appeared out of thin air and restricted her movements.

"Who dares to restrict my movements?!" she cried out loud.

A clear and old voice resounded a moment later, "I did not plan on getting involved in your family dispute and would've rather remained a spectator, but your actions today have greatly disappointed me, Matriarch Fang."

"T-This voice is… Impossible!" Fang Xianjue trembled in fear upon realizing the identity of this voice.

'W-What is the Xie Family's Ancestor doing here?!' she cried inwardly.

And as much as Fang Xianjue wanted to kowtow and apologize to Xie Wang, because of the restrictions on her body, she was unable to move even a muscle.

Xie Wang's voice resounded again, "I honestly don't care if the Fang Family wants to fight with the Su Family or the Profound Blossom Sect, but you know how much I hate nearby commotions when I am trying to relax. Therefore, I am going to ask you nicely to leave things as they are, withdraw for the time being, and continue your family dispute another time."

After his sentence ended, the restriction of Fang Xianjue's body was also removed.

"Although it was never my intent, I apologize for disturbing the Ancestor's peace." Fang Xianjue bowed to the air before looking at the people that followed her.

"We are leaving!" she said to them.

However, before leaving, she turned to look at Fang Xiaoru and said, "I will give you seven days to appear at the Azure Cloud Sect! If you do not show up, you can follow your Elder Sister's steps and act as though your parents have died!"

"As much as I hate to lose a talented daughter like you, I also have no use for a disobedient daughter! I won't lie and say that losing you won't greatly hurt the Fang Family, but we have no shortage of geniuses! If you leave the family, then all of your cultivation resources will go to someone else! Hmph!"

Fang Xianjue coldly snorted before disappearing from their sight.

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