Dual Cultivation

Chapter 55 Offer

Chapter 55 Offer

Madam Wang sat there with a dazed expression, her trembling gaze filled with disbelief and bewilderment as she stared at Su Yang, who was calmly sitting there with a slight smile on his face.

She was a Sect Elder of one of the few prestigious sects within this Eastern Continent, the Burning Lotus Palace, yet a mere junior from the indecent Profound Blossom Sect actually dared to speak to her with such arrogance and disrespect? She had never faced such a situation before, hence her perplexion.

However, as much as she wanted to flip the table and slap Su Yang in the face, there was something in her that silently told her to calm down and not act so recklessly, so she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to recollect herself.

She didn't want to admit defeat, much less to a junior, but the three dozens of monster cores on the table greatly helped her calm down.

While they were only Elementary-grade and Profound-grade monster cores, they are still considered very valuable resources, as they are always in high demand and could never seem to satisfy the never-ending flow of orders.

"Customers who wish to sell at our Burning Lotus Sect will receive 70% of the total amount for the item sold while the Burning Lotus Auction House takes the remaining 30%. If it doesn't sell, then you will pay us 10 gold coins for using our service," said Madam Wang with an annoyed voice.

"I want 80%." Su Yang said immediately after.

Madam Wang instantly frowned at his words. "Are you purposefully trying to anger me? Don't forget your standing here as the customer. This is not a negotiation. You either take it or leave it."

"Of course, this is not a negotiation. This is my offer, you either take it or leave it."

"Get out—before I assault a guest inside this place for the first time ever since I became the manager here," said Madam Wang with clenched fists, her gaze narrowed in a threatening way.

However, Su Yang remained sitting there, and he said: "Are you sure about that? You won't be seeing any more Lightning Cat monster cores being sold for a least a few more years after these."

Madam Wang's frown immediately deepened. What did he mean by that? Although Lightning Cat monster cores are indeed rare and hard to come by, they are not as rare as Su Yang made them sound.

"You seem confused... Are you aware of the situation at the Thunder Valley?" Su Yang suddenly asked.

"The Thunder Valley?" Madam Wang recalled how there has been an abnormally large amount of Lightning Cats appearing within the Thunder Valley for the past week; it was to the point where there was only Lightning Cats and nothing else, almost as though everything else that had lived there had suddenly vanished or driven away.

"Because of the subjugation happening there even as we are currently speaking, the Lightning Cats' population there will evidently plummet. They might even get hunted to the point of extinction. What do you think will happen once that happens?"

"..." Madam Wang eye's widened upon realizing where Su Yang was trying to get at.

However, before she could even open her mouth to speak, Su Yang continued: "The monster cores you see on the table are the only Lightning Cat monster cores left—there are no more within the Thunder Valley—so I want to sell them at three times its original price."

"Hmph. How can you be so sure about that?"

"Whether I am right or not, you will know in a few months. So here is my offer… You can help me sell these monster cores now and jump in joy later, or you can force me out that door today and regret your decision within a few months time. Either way, even if I don't sell them here today, I will still have many other uses for these monster cores."

Madam Wang became silent. She was pondering his offer.

"If what he says about the Lightning Cats is true and I let him leave now, then we will lose out on a potentially massive profit. However, if we help him sell his monster cores for three times its original price without any solid proof regarding his claims, then it will upset the guests and our Burning Lotus Auction House will definitely lower in reputation—"

"—No… We can just tell the guests that the seller insisted on selling it three times the original price no matter what. Even if it doesn't sell, we will not lose anything because we didn't spend any resources on it, even profiting from it…"

After thinking to herself the situation, Madam Wang finally decided to help Su Yang sell his monster cores. If it sells, then even if they have to lose 10% of their normal shares, they would still profit because the monster cores would be sold at least three times its original price.

"I will let you know right now that I do not like you and that my decision was made purely thinking for my Burning Lotus Auction House. Business is business, so I will help you sell your monster cores."

Su Yang nodded with a smile and said: "Good… now let's move onto my second offer…"

"Huh?" Madam Wang looked at him with a dumbfounded expression on her face, looking as though she couldn't understand his words just now. She wondered what else did he has to offer.

"I happened to hear that your Burning Lotus Auction House has the recipe for this pill that increases the chance of someone entering the Profound Spirit Realm by 90%? My second offer is this… I have a method to make that pathetic 90% into 100%, and I am willing to sell it to you."

"You can what?!" Madam Wang directly cried out loud from the shock of hearing his abrupt offer. Even though it was only a mere 10%, the difference between 90% and 100% is incomparable because one guaranteed success and the other didn't! Hell, forget about 90%. Even if it was turning 99% into 100%, she would still be as shocked!

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