Dual Cultivation

Chapter 535 Near-Death Experience

Chapter 535 Near-Death Experience

"And it's finished." Su Yang said as he casually stood up after completing the Grand Formation.

However, the disciples there remained standing still with dazed expressions on their faces, almost like they saw something unbelievable.

"W-What the hell did you just do, Su Yang?!" Bai Lihua exclaimed a few moments later, her voice filled with shock, "What kind of formation did you create? I was there as a witness when the Array Masters created a formation for the Heavenly Swan Sect, but it looked nothing like this! More importantly, what was that immense amount of spiritual energy just now? It felt like a Cultivator's spiritual energy!"

"Of course, it's different from your average formation. After all, it's a Grand Formation that consists of three different superior formations," he calmly responded. "As for the spiritual energy you felt, I had requested assistance from a close friend."

"A Grand Formation…?" Bai Lihua was dumbfounded, as this is a term she has never heard of before until today.

"Just like cultivation techniques, there are multiple ranks of Formations, and the easiest and least profound are the basic Formations. Slightly more complicated and harder to create are Grand Formation, which requires the combination of three different basic Formations. After that, we have the Divine Formations, which will require three different Grand Formations." Su Yang explained to her.

While there are even more complicated Formations than Divine Formations, it was pointless to mention it to her, as Grand Formations are already far beyond this world's knowledge.

"Want to test its abilities?" Su Yang suddenly asked her, who stared at him with wide eyes.

"How are we supposed to do that?" she asked.

"Attack me as though you are actually trying to kill me," he calmly said. 

"You want me to attack you with the intent to kill? Are you sure?" 

"What? Are you scared?" Su Yang smiled at her provocatively.

"Now you've said it!"

Bai Lihua suddenly retrieved a beautiful white sword from her storage ring and rushed at him with killing intent.

However, before she could even reach him, the golden swords that had been invisible suddenly reappeared, and over one hundred golden swords flew at Bai Lihua, creating many streaks of golden trails in the sky as they traveled.


Bai Lihua's life flashes right before her eyes, as she couldn't even react to them, much less defend herself from them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, the golden swords exploded simultaneously, right when they were a hair width away from taking her life.


Bai Lihua dropped to her knees afterward, her body soaked in cold sweat. That was the closest she has ever been to death, and it was a fearful feeling that could not be described by mere words. If the swords did not explode, her life would've definitely been forfeited.

"A-Are you trying to kill me, you bastard?!" Bai Lihua shouted at him in an angry voice a few moments later after catching her breath.

"Of course not. I only wanted to show you the abilities of the Grand Formation. So, how was it?"

"How was it… my ass! You didn't need to humiliate me in front of so many Juniors for it!" she exclaimed.

Su Yang showed a bitter smile and said, "But that was barely 1% of the Grand Formation's full power. I truly did not intend to humiliate you."

"That was barely 1%?!" Bai Lihua's jaw dropped upon hearing this.

It was at this moment she realized that out of the hundreds of thousands of swords in the Grand Formation, only a hundred golden swords had attacked her, so Su Yang wasn't exaggerating about it being 1% of the Grand Formation's true abilities.

"How about this? As an apology for upsetting you, I will help the Heavenly Swan Sect by refining its formation," he then said.

"Eh? Really?" Bai Lihua's eyes flickered with a delight after hearing his words, and her anger quickly disappeared like smoke.

He nodded, "I won't lie to you in front of so many people."

"Good! If you want forgiveness from me, then you better do as you promised, or I will never forgive you!"

Sometime later, once the shock slowly died down, Liu Lanzhi asked him, "Su Yang, can you explain to me how this Grand Formation functions?"

"It's quite simple, really. The moment someone that's not a disciple of the Sect attacks one of our disciples within the Sect, the Grand Formation will automatically activate and erase the attacker, as it'd demonstrated with Sect Elder Bai. However, you can also activate it manually if needed."

"There are a total of 1,111,111 golden swords in the Grand Formation, and each of these golden swords are as powerful as a peak quality Heaven-grade Spiritual Treasure with a few even surpassing that. If that's not enough, the Grand Formation also has a defensive mechanism that blocks all attacks from outside of the Sect. Even if a thousand Heavenly Spirit Realm experts attack the Grand Formation at the same time, they would not even put a dent in it."

"There's also a detection mechanism that once it detects an intruder who's neither a disciple or a guest, it immediately alerting all of the Sect Elders."

Liu Lanzhi and the others listened to his explanation with a dazed face, seemingly in disbelief.

"Unbelievable… to think such a complicated and profound formation exists in this world. Just where on earth did you learn this knowledge?" Elder Sun asked him, his eyes filled with interest and suspicion.

Su Yang merely waved his hand and said, "If you read enough books, you will eventually learn a thing or two about everything in this world."

"Anyway, the Grand Formation is now complete, making the Profound Blossom Sect the safest place in this world at this moment, and as long as you stay within the Sect, you don't have to worry about any potential danger. Even if the entire world attacks us at once, not a single hair on your body will be harmed as long as you are within the Grand Formation." Su Yang said to them.

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