Dual Cultivation

Chapter 53 Burning Lotus Auction House

Chapter 53 Burning Lotus Auction House

After conning the Divine Sword Sect the Extreme Yin Flower by acting like someone that worked for Lady Xie, Su Yang continued to travel the Thunder Valley hunting Lightning Cats for their monster core. And because of a profound technique he'd learned in his previous life, he was able to easily distinguish those with monster cores from those that don't.

Su Yang casually sliced the Lightning Cat's forehead with the tip of his sword and removed the pebble-sized monster core that was inside, and he threw it into his pockets that were already filled with monster cores.

"I really need a storage ring. All this weight on my body feels weird and uncomfortable," mumbled Su Yang, who was used to having all his valuables in storage rings.

Storage rings are magical rings with a space of its own inside, like a pocket dimension, that allows its owners to store things within, making it easier for them to walk around while carrying things that would normally require effort. Cultivators would normally store their all treasures within their storage rings, as they are easily accessible when needed and are always safe by their side.

"All-Seeing Celestial Eyes!" Su Yang's eyes suddenly flickered with a profound light that quickly disappeared.

"So this was the last one that had a monster core, huh…"

Su Yang gently patted his bulging pockets that contained more than a dozen monster cores; it felt as though he was carrying many rocks in both sides of his pockets, making it quite uncomfortable for him, as it would rub on his legs whenever he moved.

"Although I made this trip from pure coincidences, I managed to obtain quite a decent amount of wealth. An Extreme Yin Flower and a bunch of monster cores of the Yin-Lightning element… all that would benefit females but harm males..." Su Yang sighed.

In this world, there exists a version of either Yin or Yang in almost everything—even in elements such as fire, water, wind, and earth—hence why there are Yin-Lightning elements and Yang-Lightning elements.

After clearing out the Thunder Valley, Su Yang did not wait for another second to leave the place, as he did not wish to stay there any longer.

When he walked out from the Thunder Valley, the people camping outside that recognized him from a few hours back stared at him with wide eyes. Not only did he return with all his limbs attached, he even managed to come out unscathed!

As Su Yang walked away, he glanced at those few individuals that were loudly sneering at him before and showed them a slight smile alongside an expression filled with mockery, causing the veins in their head to bulge like roots.

They wanted to pounce at him at that moment, but because they were all heavily injured while Su Yang was in a perfect condition, none of them dared to approach him.




After leaving the Thunder Valley, Su Yang traveled back to the Swift Feather City.

And although it had taken him nearly a week to travel to the Thunder Valley from the Swift Feather City, he was able to return to the Swift Feather City within the same day he left the Thunder Valley because he decided to run at full speed instead of walking at a strolling pace like he did last time.

Once he reached the main gates, the guards allowed him inside without any trouble once they saw the elegant white robes on him that identified him as a disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect.

"Please enjoy your stay, Young Master!" They bowed to him as he entered.

And unlike his first visit, Su Yang walked a straight line through the middle of the city without stopping his legs, as he had no reason to linger around in this place.

However, when he reached the center of the city, he suddenly stopped his steps to look at a massive group of people trying to enter the large red building in front of them. They were all dressed in wealthy attires with expensive accessories all around their body, looking as though they were on their way to some party for nobles.

There was also a few individuals within that group that looked like disciples of certain sects, but they were in the minority and was barely noticeable.

"What is that place?" Su Yang stopped a random pedestrian and asked.

"The Burning Lotus Auction House? It's an elite auction house that opens only once a year; it's for those who are wealthy and are looking to buy or sell rare treasures," said the pedestrian.

"An auction house, huh…" Su Yang looked at his bulging pockets and nodded, looking as though he had decided on something.

"Thank you," he said before approaching the crowd.

Once he reached the crowd, Su Yang focused his ears to listen to the people around him talking.

"Noble Chen, what are you trying to buy from the auction house this year?"

"Are you looking to fight me again this year? If so, then you can screw off!"

"Hahaha… don't be like that, Noble Chen. If it wasn't for my son who really needed that 70-year-old ginseng, I wouldn't have fought you for it."

"Hmph! Because of you, my son nearly destroyed the house out of anger because he wasn't able to breakthrough without that 70-year-old ginseng!"

"I have heard rumors that the Burning Lotus Auction House might be auctioning a few of their famous handmade pills this year—the Burning Lotus Pill!"

"That profound pill that increases the chance of someone entering the Profound Spirit Realm by 90%?"

"Really? If they are really selling Burning Lotus Pills this year, then I must get my hands on one! My son who is at the peak of the Elementary Spirit Realm will finally reach the Profound Spirit Realm if he had its assistance!"

"I can't wait to see Madam Wang again…"

"Are you here to look at girls or treasures?"

"Aren't they the same thing?"

"Eh? Noble Chen, you are also here for the low-grade storage ring?"

"What? Don't tell me that you are also here for that?"


"Hahaha! Good! Today will be a good day for revenge!"

Upon hearing that this place would be auctioning a storage ring, Su Yang decided to stay around to see if he could earn enough from the monster cores to buy it.

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