Dual Cultivation

Chapter 520 Gathering the New Disciples

Chapter 520 Gathering the New Disciples

Seeing Qiuyue standing there like a statue, Su Yang showed a gentle smile on his face and spoke, "Thank you for going out of your way to help me recover faster. Because of your Yin Qi, my spiritual energy is fully recovered."

"I… I… I don't know what you are talking about…" Qiuyue immediately faked ignorance from her embarrassment.

On one hand, she wanted to tell him about what happened yesterday so their relationship can continue to deepen, but on the other hand, she did not want to bear the embarrassment of telling him what she did to him while he was asleep, as that might make her look like a desperate nympho.

Su Yang chuckled at her cute reaction and felt the urge to tease her, "If it wasn't you, then it must be Xiao Rong who filled the room with her Yin Qi. I must reward her for her efforts later."

"Ahem!" Qiuyue suddenly cleared her throat before speaking in a hurried manner, "A-Actually... the Yin Qi belongs to me. I just didn't want you to feel like you owe me anything, so I lied."

The smile on Su Yang's face widened, and he spoke, "Even if you say that, I am someone who cannot ignore such things. Therefore, I shall still repay the debt. And since you are my beloved daughter, I will listen to one of your requests as a reward."

"R-Really? You will do anything I want?" Qiuyue's eyes flickered with delight and excitement.

"As long as it's within my abilities," he replied with a calm head nod.

"Okay! But I will not claim this reward immediately! Give me some time to think about what I want!" she said.

Sometime later, Su Yang left the house to meet the new disciples.

"Elder Sun, can you gather all of the disciples for me?" Su Yang said to him, who was the first to enter his view.

"Su Yang! You are finally awake!" Elder Sun's face showed relief after seeing his face.

"Did something happen during my absence?" Su Yang raised an eyebrow.

"No, nothing really happened. However, all of the new disciples arrived a few days ago, but we could not do anything without you, so I am relieved to finally see you awake. This means that we can finally get things moving in the Sect."

"Thank you, I will immediately get to work."

"Where do you want the disciples to gather?" Elder Sun asked.

"The gathering area within the Outer Court is fine."

Elder Sun nodded, "Then I shall notify all of the disciples to gather there as soon as possible."

He then retrieved a communication jade and activated it with his spiritual energy, before speaking into it. "Sect Master Su has woken! All new disciples will stop whatever they are doing and gather at the gathering area in the Outer Court immediately! You have three minutes! If you are late, you can forget about being a disciple!"

Elder Sun's words quickly resounded within every jade slip in the Sect, causing all of the new and old disciples to storm out of their houses. However, not everyone was prepared to leave the house, and their appearances showed. Some of them were still in their sleeping clothes when they left the house, whilst some were still taking a bath when Elder Sun summoned them, so they left their houses with only a towel on their wet body. 

Sometime later, when all of the disciples gathered, Su Yang appeared before them while wearing the Sect Master's robe, a black robe.

His domineering gaze swept the crowd, causing the disciples to tremble in awe.

Liu Lanzhi appeared beside him a few moments later and spoke, "Besides lecturing them the Sect Rules, we haven't done anything else. Their ranks, allowances, and techniques are all still undecided. Even their living quarters are all temporary."

Hearing her words, Su Yang nodded, "Thank you. I will take it from here."

He then spoke to the disciples, "As I'd mentioned during the examination, the Profound Blossom Sect has two factions now. If you wish to follow the mass and practice cultivation normally, step to my right side. If you want to walk the path of pleasure and love and become a dual cultivator, step to my left side. Although you had plenty of time to decide by now, I will still allow you five more minutes to decide which path you want to take."

Five minutes later, when the disciples had chosen their paths, Su Yang looked at the disciples on each side.

There were around 800 disciples standing on his right side, whilst the rest stood on the other side. Furthermore, out of the 100 disciples that wish to become dual cultivators, the majority of them were females, which completely flipped the male and female ratio from the past.

"Out of 100 disciples, only 9 of them are men. This is quite troublesome…" Liu Lanzhi mumbled with a frown.

The male and female ratio was very imbalanced, and she doubts that these 9 men could handle so many partners at once, especially when they are new.

However, if she leaves things as it is, many of these females will not have a cultivation partner until next year, when they recruit more disciples, which is a situation they must avoid.

Liu Lanzhi turned to look at Su Yang and spoke, "Hey… do you think you can handle these disciples until we have more male disciples?"

Su Yang raised his eyebrows. "Are you suggesting that I be their cultivation partner until then? I thought the disciples are only allowed to cultivate with fellow disciples."

However, Liu Lanzhi shook her head and spoke, "Well… that rule technically only applies to the Sect Elders, not the Sect Master. Because the previous Sect Masters only cultivated with each other and the Sect Elders, there is a misconception that the Sect Masters are not allowed to cultivate with the disciples. During its earliest days, the Sect Masters cultivated with the disciples without any restrictions."

"Furthermore, the current Profound Blossom Sect is no longer the same place it used to be. We have new disciples and new rules. If you wish to cultivate with the disciples, I have no problem with that."

Su Yang nodded and said, "We'll see how things work out first."

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