Dual Cultivation

Chapter 494 Xiao Rong's Reques

Chapter 494 Xiao Rong's Reques

After they returned to the Profound Blossom Sect, Su Yang said to Sun Jingjing, "When you have the time, go meet Lan Liqing."

"Eh? The Medicine Hall's Elder? Why?" Sun Jingjing tilted her head in a puzzled manner.

"I have a feeling the two of you might have some things to say to each other."

"Really? But I have never really spoken with her before."

"You will understand it once you meet her," he said with a smile.

"What will you be doing now, Su Yang?"

"I am going to meet with Liu Lanzhi regarding the disciple examination and some other things," he said.

"Okay, then I will see you later."

Sun Jingjing left the place a few moments later, and Su Yang went to find Liu Lanzhi.

Meanwhile, Xiao Rong returned to their living quarters, where Qiuyue and Qin Liangyu were cultivating in silence.

"You are…" Qin Liangyu's interests were immediately piqued after seeing Xiao Rong, as she never got the chance to meet her before.

"That's Su Yang's spiritual beast, Xiao Rong." Qiuyue introduced her to Qin Liangyu.

"Spiritual Beast? Like a tamed beast? But she's clearly human..."

"Although the requirement differs for each species, all spiritual beasts have the ability to transform themselves into humans with identical internal organs and whatnot once they reach a certain cultivation."

While she was being introduced by Qiuyue, Xiao Rong approached her with a calm expression.

"W-What do you want?" Qiuyue's eyebrows trembled upon feeling her intensive glare.

Despite looking like an innocent young girl, Qiuyue could not ignore the dreadful aura belonging to an Ancient Realm expert that was emitting from Xiao Rong's body, and her instincts were telling her to stay away from Xiao Rong unless Su Yang was there. After all, they were not on the best of terms.

"Teach Xiao Rong how to become mature," she suddenly said, dumbfounding Qiuyue.

"Excuse me? You want me to teach you how to become mature?"

"Un." She calmly nodded.

"Unbelievable..." Qiuyue stared at her with wide eyes filled with disbelief. Why would a spiritual beast care about growing up? And why would she go out of her way to ask for help?

"Everyone matures eventually, so you just need to be patient and wait…"

However, Xiao Rong shook her head and said, "Xiao Rong wants to mature as soon as possible."

"Is there a specific reason why you need to mature so quickly?"

"In order to taste the delicious stuff from Master!" she nodded.

"Delicious stuff… from Su Yang…?"

Both Qin Liangyu and Qiuyue exchanged glances with each other, clearly puzzled by Xiao Rong's words.

"The sticky white stuff that comes out from here!" Xiao Rong suddenly continued, evening pointed to her crotch area with her fingers.

"That's…" Qin Liangyu quickly understood what Xiao Rong was referring to as 'delicious stuff' and blushed.

"You mean his Yang Qi…?" she asked just to be sure.

Xiao Rong recalled hearing this term from Su Yang before and nodded her head.

"Well, his Yang Qi certainly does have a unique and sweet taste, so I kind of understand…" Qin Liangyu suddenly said, causing Qiuyue to look at her with wide eyes.

"But is it really okay for spiritual beasts to be doing that kind of thing with humans? I have never heard of such a thing before."

"Spiritual beasts in their human form are essentially humans, and it's actually quite common from where we are from." Qiuyue sighed.

"Anyway, I don't have the time or patience to help you with your request," Qiuyue said before shutting herself in her room.

'I can't believe it! How could a spiritual beast like Xiao Rong get ahead of me?' Qiuyue cried inwardly afterward. Although she didn't want to say it, her reason for not helping Xiao Rong was mainly due to jealousy, feeling defeated that even someone like Xiao Rong managed to get a taste of Su Yang.

Meanwhile, after Qiuyue refused to help her, Xiao Rong turned to stare at Qin Liangyu with a slightly dejected expression.

An awkward smile appeared on Qin Liangyu's face before she spoke, "Although I don't know if I will actually be of any help to you, if you don't mind receiving my help, I can help you with your request…"

Xiao Rong's eyes flickered with delight after hearing Qin Liangyu's words, and she nodded with enthusiasm.

Thus, Qin Liangyu has unexpectedly become a lecturer for an Ancient Realm being.

Meanwhile, Su Yang went to the Yin Yang Pavilion to meet with Liu Lanzhi.

"You have worked hard," he said to Liu Lanzhi with a smile after seeing her body laying on the bed in a wild manner, looking like a kid who just came back from running.

"Su Yang! When did you get back?"

As though seeing him restored her energy, Liu Lanzhi quickly sat up on the bed.

"Just now."

"Haaa…" Liu Lanzhi suddenly released a long sigh and spoke, "I have been doing nothing else besides receiving guests ever since we got back from the Regional Tournament. I have never felt this exhausted before — both physically and mentally."

"What have you been up to recently, Su Yang?"

"Preparation for the disciples' examination next week, I suppose." Su Yang lied with a smile on his face. Liu Lanzhi would probably die inside if she knew that he had been enjoying life whilst she was tortured by guests for the past three weeks.

"Oh, right… The examination is next week. Time has been passing swiftly ever since we came back," she said.

Then she continued with a suspicious expression on her face, "I hope you are not here to ask me for help, because there are still hundreds of people waiting to speak with me… I am just taking a short break for now."

Su Yang chuckled and spoke, "You can relax, I am here for another matter."

He then retrieved a single pill from his storage ring and tossed it into his mouth.

"Eh?" Liu Lanzhi watched with a puzzled face.

A few moments later, Su Yang's appearance began to change. His body grew larger and taller, and his face became older.

In just a few seconds, he'd transformed from an exceedingly handsome young man to a less handsome middle-aged man with sharp features.

At the end of his transformation, Liu Lanzhi was staring at him with wide eyes that were filled with shock.

"Senior…?" she mumbled in a low voice.

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