Dual Cultivation

Chapter 439 Qin Liangyu's Request for Help

Chapter 439 Qin Liangyu's Request for Help

"As expected, there isn't much information here, either." Tang Lingxi sighed as she placed the scroll in her hands down.

"You can't expect much. It's not easy figuring out the origins of treasures like this mirror. However, for some reason, I have a feeling that this is not my first time seeing that mirror." Su Yang said with a pondering expression.

"What do you mean? Are you saying that you have seen that mirror before?" Tang Lingxi tilted her head.

He nodded and continued, "I have been trying to remember where I have seen it before ever since I saw it, but I just can't wrap my head around it. Maybe I am just mistaken."

Although he cannot recall where he had seen the Mirror of Darkness before, there was just this familiar feeling within him ever since he saw the mirror.

"I'm sure you'll remember it somewhere down the line. But for now, let's head to the next tribe to see if they have anything else." Tang Lingxi said.

Su Yang nodded, and the two of them left the hut a few moments later.

"We are done here," he said to Qin Liangyu, who was patiently waiting outside.

"Would you like to see another tribe, or do you have enough information now?" she asked.

"Let's check out a few more tribes."

"I understand. Let me notify Chief Li of our departure first." Qin Liangyu said before looking for him.

"Chief Li, we're leaving now."

"Hm? Have they finished already? Then allow me to bid them farewell."

A few moments later, Chief Li and Qin Liangyu walked to the gates.

"If you ever wish to return for another visit, our doors are always open for you, Esteemed Guests!" Chief Li bowed to them, and he said to Qin Liangyu before they left, "Chief Qin, please don't forget about our conversation earlier."

"Don't worry, I won't forget it." Qin Liangyu said as they began their journey to another tribe.

After leaving the Firefly Tribe, Qin Liangyu led Su Yang and Tang Lingxi to many tribes around the Southern Region, traversing thousands of miles in just a few days.

The Earth Tribe, the Totem Tribe, the Steel Tribe, the Life Tribe — Su Yang, and Tang Lingxi visited over a dozen tribes during these few days, and they have read over thousands of scrolls regarding the Mirror of Darkness. However, they were unable to find any worthwhile information, as every tribe had almost the same information and only very slight differences.

As for Qin Liangyu, she was unable to find the right timing to speak with Su Yang about their complications with the Lion Tribe. Furthermore, she wanted to deepen their relationship for a few more days before she requested help from them, as that would surely make it easier for her to ask him for help.

"I am really sorry for this!" Qin Liangyu suddenly lowered her head and apologized to Su Yang after they left the Wolf Tribe. "Even though we have traveled thousands of miles and visited dozens of tribes, you were unable to find the information that you wanted! I am a failure as an escort, wasting your precious time!"

"There's nothing for you to apologize to — since it's not your fault that there's not enough information out there." Su Yang calmly shook his head and said, "We never expected to find much anyway."

A moment later, he continued to speak, "By the way, I have been sensing a feeling of concern and distress from you. Are you troubled in any way?"

"T-That's…" Qin Liangyu showed a hesitant expression. "I shouldn't impose my troubles onto you, Senior Su..."

"If there's anything troubling you, I am here for you. Not only have you been taking your time to travel with us, but that worried frown is not suitable for your beautiful face."

"B-Beautiful?!" Qin Liangyu was taken by surprise by his unexpected compliment, causing her to blush.

In fact, she was blushing so much that not even her tanned skin could hide the redness that covered her face, almost like she was experiencing a high fever.

"You know…" Tang Lingxi suddenly spoke, "He's the type of guy who cannot leave a woman alone, much less a pretty and troubled one, so it would be for the best if you just say out loud your troubles so that we can get this over with. Trust me, I have experienced this myself, and it will get annoying after some time."

"Annoying, huh…" Su Yang showed a smile and said, "If I hadn't annoyed you to that point, you would have never allowed me to help you at that time, and we wouldn't be in this relationship right now."

After hearing Tang Lingxi's words, Qin Liangyu decided to finally ask them for help.

"It's like this, Senior Su… when we visited the Firefly Tribe, Chief Li asked me for help. He originally wanted me to ask the Goddess, but I felt we couldn't involve her in our worldly matters, so he wanted me to ask you two for help instead."

"As you already know, the Boar Tribe was attacked by the Lion Tribe just recently. Luckily for us, the Goddess came at the right time and interrupted their plans, saving our tribe. But… but the others were not so lucky, as we are not the only ones being terrorized by the Lion Tribe. In fact, they have already destroyed dozens of tribes over the past few months, growing stronger with every tribe they defeat."

"Normally, we wouldn't have to worry about the Lion Tribe, since they are ranked lower than us in terms of strength. However, they have been getting help from the Dragon Tribe, causing their power to increase significantly."

"We don't think the Lion Tribe will stop anytime soon — at least not until they dominate and destroy most of the tribes out there. Thus… the Boar Tribe… and the tribes that we have visited the past few days... would like to humbly request for help from Senior Su."

Qin Liangyu spoke as she slowly kowtowed on the floor, begging for their help.


Su Yang did not immediately respond. In fact, Tang Lingxi was the first to speak.

"Can you tell me something? If you find the Lion Tribe a threat but cannot defeat him alone, why don't you just ask the other tribes to help? Since you all have the same interest, it would be wise of you to combine your strength and fight the Lion Tribe together."

"Indeed, there is that method… but..." Qin Liangyu shook her head and said, "Not every tribe is friendly with each other. In fact, most of them despise each other. The tribes we have been visiting these past few days are an exception since they have a friendly relationship with the Boar Tribe already."

"As for the other tribes, they would rather die than to shake hands with the other tribes — even if it meant the destruction of their entire tribe. It would simply be easier to defeat the Lion Tribe alone than to unite the tribes and fight together. Furthermore, even if the tribes that are willing to cooperate, they are all smaller tribes without much power. "

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