Dual Cultivation

Chapter 427 Boar Tribe's Settlemen

Chapter 427 Boar Tribe's Settlemen

As Su Yang's group followed the natives to their settlement, Su Yang asked one of them, "I have been wanting to ask, but why do you keep addressing her as your Goddess?"

He said while pointing to Qiuyue, who immediately began blushing again.

The natives looked at him and spoke with a serious expression, "The Goddess descended from the Heavens one day, and her appearance is exactly as described in the legend — silver hair and eyes with a pure complexion."

"Legend? What legend?"

"Legend has it that an Immortal would descend from Heaven to defend the Boar Tribe during times of crisis. And just as the legend had predicted, the Goddess descended from the Heavens and defended us from our nemesis, the Tiger Tribe, when they wanted to raid our settlement," said the native girl.

Su Yang turned to look at Qiuyue, who shrugged, "I only stopped by this place to ask them about the Mirror of Darkness, but due to mere coincidences, another tribe showed up to cause trouble during our conversation, so I chased them away."

"Anyway, stop addressing me as your Goddess." Qiuyue said to the natives.

"But the legend…" The natives showed a perplexed look.

"I don't care about your legend. I am not your Goddess."

The natives exchanged perplexed gazes with each other again.

A few moments later, one of them spoke, "Then… are we allowed to address you as our Savior?"

"Although it still sounds a bit cringy, it's better than being called a Goddess." Qiuyue nodded.

"Yes, Savior!" The natives bowed to her with grateful expressions.

Sometime later, they arrived at the native's settlement.

The settlement was surrounded by wooden barricades with around 100 living quarters made of mostly wood and leather inside.

"Welcome to our Boar Tribe's settlement, esteemed guests." The natives said to them once they arrived.

"T-The Goddess has returned!" One of the natives standing guard by the entrance suddenly shouted after seeing them, and almost immediately afterward, the people living inside the settlement could be seen running out of their homes.

A few moments later, around 300 people gathered by the entrance and kowtowed towards Qiuyue. The old and the young — even the injured there were all present to greet Qiuyue.

"Welcome back, Goddess!" They all shouted in unison.

"How grand." Su Yang showed a smile.

"Ahem." Qiuyue cleared her throat loudly before speaking, "I have already said this to a few of you but stop treating me as though I am your Goddess."

The natives exchanged puzzled glances with each other, so the people that have been following Su Yang's group explained to the ignorant natives of the situation.

"The Goddess wishes to be addressed in another manner, so we will be calling her our Savior starting now."

"Oh�� I see…"

The natives quickly understood the situation.

"By the way, those two individuals following Goddess — our Savior are…?" One of them asked.

"I don't know their relationship with our Savior, but they appear to be quite intimate with each other, so treat them as if you are treating our Savior."

"I understand…"

A few moments later, one of the natives approached Qiuyue.

"Welcome to our Boar Tribe, Savior, and her esteemed friends. I am the Chief of this tribe, Qin Liangyu," said the native girl who appeared to be at the same age as Su Yang and Hong Yu'er. "It is a pleasure and honor to have your presence bless this unworthy place."

"You are quite young to be a Chief." Hong Yu'er said as she glanced at her tanned body, seemingly probing her.

"The previous Chief, my father, passed away recently, and until we appoint a new Chief, I will be the acting Chief," said Qin Liangyu. "Please, come inside."

A few minutes later, Qin Liangyu brought Su Yang and his group to a large hut and served them tea.

"I have already received word from the others that you would like to know more about the Mirror of Darkness." Qin Liangyu said to them as she retrieved a few ancient-looking scrolls.

"This is all of the information we have on the Mirror of Darkness, going back to 500 years ago when it was first discovered."

"Thank you." Su Yang said as he accepted the scrolls in her hand.


When Su Yang went to grab the scrolls, his fingers accidentally touched Qin Liangyu's hand, causing her to instantly react.

"I-I apologize for touching you so suddenly!" Qin Liangyu suddenly lowered her head to him.

Slightly surprised by her overreaction, Su Yang waved his hand and said, "You don't have to be so nervous. It's not like you'll dirty me by touching me."

He then reached out and gently grabbed her hands and continued with a handsome smile on his face, "See? I don't mind it."


Qin Liangyu's entire face flushed with redness as she stared at his large hands that was holding her own.

"Ahh… there he goes again…" Hong Yu'er shook her head.

"Huh?" Qiuyue looked at her with a puzzled look.

"You're not aware? He's always unconsciously charming girls with his actions. Because of his character, he's always attracting attention even if it wasn't his intention. It was like this even in the Four Divine Heavens. I guess even reincarnation cannot change an individual's nature, huh."

Qiuyue looked at Su Yang. Why didn't she notice this before? Indeed, it was as though he has the ability to instinctively charm females.

"I-I will be right back!" Qin Liangyu suddenly said before rushing outside the hut.

"You made her run away, darling." Hong Yu'er chuckled afterward.

"..." Su Yang was speechless. He didn't expect the people here to be so bashful. After all, most people living in these types of environments are usually not as bashful. In fact, they are mostly bold and courageous people.

"Anyway, let's see what kind of information they have on the Mirror of Darkness after 500 years of research." Su Yang said as he tossed a few of the scrolls to them before they began reading.

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