Dual Cultivation

Chapter 421 Fighting With Hong Yu'er

Chapter 421 Fighting With Hong Yu'er

"Hey, did you hear that?! Hong Yu'er just called herself his fiancee!"

The audience quickly realized what was going on.

"If I recall correctly, the Hong Family and the Su Family has always been in a good relationship, so it's not weird for them to be engaged."

"Damn! So Hong Yu'er was taken all along?! And by the Su Family of all places?! Now I look like a freaking fool for trying to court her the other day!"

"I seriously hope the Su Family won't be looking for those who tried to court Hong Yu'er, or that'd be disastrous for all involved!"

Meanwhile, Su Yang remained a nonchalant expression and spoke, "Your sword style. Although I thought it only looked similar at first, the more I watched you fight the more I am certain that it was created from the sword technique Vanishing Sword Dance, and there are only two people I know of that know that technique."

Hong Yu'er remained calm with a smile on her face, and she said, "So? What about it?"

"One of these individuals is dead, and the other one should be in a place far, far away… Now, which one are you?"


Hong Yu'er was speechless for a moment before saying, "Which one do you think I am?"

"I already have my guesses, but I want to hear it from your own mouth." Su Yang said.

"I will tell you if you beat me." Hong Yu'er suddenly said.

Su Yang smiled and said, "Even though I haven't shown all my strengths, you should know that you cannot defeat me."

"We won't know that until I try."

"Hahaha…" Su Yang suddenly laughed.

"What's so funny?" Hong Yu'er raised an eyebrow.

"I see…" Su Yang nodded his head as though he finally realized something.

"Although I have a load of questions for you, I will save them for after the tournament. Come at me!"

Su Yang drew the sword by his side and pointed it at Hong Yu'er.

Hong Yu'er also unsheathed her sword and spoke, "It's been awhile since I was serious."

The instant the both of them drew their blades, an overwhelming aura appeared and surrounded the entire colosseum, causing the millions of people there to feel as though they were being choked by an invisible force.

"What an intense pressure! So this is a battle between two Heavenly Spirit Realm Cultivators!"

"No! This is something that surpasses even that! I have seen Heavenly Spirit Realm Cultivators fight before, but it was not as intensive as this!"

"Here I come, darling!" Hong Yu'er suddenly rushed at Su Yang, but her movement techniques were completely different than before.

"What kind of movement technique is that?! I am certain that it does not belong to our sect!" Gu Guanting was dumbfounded by her actions.

"Moving as though you are entering and exiting the void — Void Steps, huh. You're not even trying to hide your identity anymore?" Su Yang said with a smile as Hong Yu'er closed their distance almost instantly.

"You said that you already know my identity, so why do I need to hide it anymore?"

"I could've been lying to you so you would do something like this, right?"

"You could have… but I know you too well, darling."

"Of course, you do."

As Su Yang and Hong Yu'er exchanged hundreds of blows with each other within a few moments, they also chatted with each, making it seem as though they were dancing with each other.

Only a few minutes have passed since the two began swinging their swords at each other yet the entire arena looked as though it had been a battlefield for years already.

And with a single swing from each of them, there would appear another dozen or so deep cuts on the arena floor.

"W-What the hell am I watching? Is this really a fight between two juniors? Even if their cultivation are impressive, their movements and techniques are beyond even the most seasoned experts in this world." Elder Zhong watched them with wide eyes, seemingly in disbelief.

The difference between their swordsmanship was simply too vast, like heaven and earth.

"If I compare myself with them, I would only embarrass myself. What Divine Swordmaster? I am probably not even a real swordmaster in their eyes."

Even Lord Xie couldn't help but be amazed by their performance.

"My girl… watch this fight seriously. Even I am learning new things as I watch them fight." Lord Xie said to his daughter, who nodded with a serious expression on her face.

"As expected of the one who stomped the entire Burning Lotus Sect by himself, huh? To think I wanted to defeat a monster like him at one point. How ignorant I was..." Lin Shao Shang sighed after realizing that she'd been a frog in a well this entire time.

"Su Yang… he's really amazing — too amazing, in fact. Hong Yu'er, too. It's almost like they do not even belong in this world…" Fang Zhelan spoke with a slight smile on her face.

"Ehh…" Sun Jingjing, who was aware of Su Yang's real identity, showed an awkward smile after hearing Fang Zhelan's words, who wasn't far from the truth. In fact, she was right on the money.

"I see that you're still using the Nine Astral Steps, darling." Hong Yu'er suddenly said to him.

"Of course."

"Then let's see who's better at it — me or you?"

Hong Yu'er's movements suddenly changed, dumbfounding the audience.

"Look! Hong Yu'er's initiating Su Yang's movement techniques! How is that possible?!" Sun Jingjing said while pointing at her.

"And she's doing it perfectly, too. It's not as simple as imitation, there's more to it than that. It's almost like she has also practiced the same technique." Liu Lanzhi said.

"What?! That's even more absurd!"

"Nine Astral Steps, huh. As I thought, you're really…" Su Yang showed a perplexed expression on his face.

"Does this mean… that you have died in that world? Is it because of the war, after all?" he asked her with narrowed eyes.

"You… how did you know about the war?" Hong Yu'er stopped fighting and stared at him with wide eyes.

"It's a bit complicated, so I will explain that to you later." Su Yang said.

"Then I will also explain my situation to you afterward. But you don't have to worry, darling, since I am not dead yet." Hong Yu'er said with a smile.

"What? Then how in heaven's name are you…" Su Yang was dumbfounded. If she didn't die in the Four Divine Heavens, how did she appear in this world and in Hong Yu'er's body?

"I will explain everything to you after the tournament ends, but for now, fight me properly, darling!" Hong Yu'er said to him.

Su Yang nodded and grasped the sword in his hand even tighter. "Here I come, Hong Yu'er — or should I call you Tang Lingxi?"

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