Dual Cultivation

Chapter 418 Astonishing Endurance

Chapter 418 Astonishing Endurance

A few hours have passed since the disciples dragged Su Yang into a private room, and he'd exhausted every disciple in the room except for Liu Lanzhi and Sun Jingjing.


Fang Zhelan released a satisfied moan before falling on the bed with her body glistening in sweat and Yin Qi.

"It's just the two of you left now. Which of you want to go first?" Su Yang asked them.

"Sect Master, you should go first." Sun Jingjing said to her.

"Why should I go first?" she raised an eyebrow.

"Because if I went first, you wouldn't even get a chance to cultivate, as it'll simply take too long."

After hearing Sun Jingjing's words, Liu Lanzhi immediately frowned.

"Hoh? Since when did you become so arrogant? Have you forgotten? You were but a mere maiden just a few months ago, whilst I have been cultivating for over 50 years!" Liu Lanzhi said.

"However, since you insist, I shall go first. Don't blame me if you lose the bet because of your arrogance."

Sun Jingjing merely jiggled and said, "Su Yang, do the both of us at 20%."

Su Yang raised an eyebrow and asked, "Are you sure?"

"It won't be a challenge if you go easy on us." Sun Jingjing nodded.

"W-Wait… What's this 20%?" Liu Lanzhi looked at them with an ominous feeling in her stomach.

"You will understand it once we begin," said Su Yang with a mysterious smile on his face.

"Now then, are you ready?" Su Yang extended his hand like he wanted a handshake.

Although she was slightly nervous, Liu Lanzhi nodded and grabbed his hand.

After grabbing his hand, Su Yang instantly pulled her to the bed and began ravaging her body with both his mouth and fingers.


Liu Lanzhi was taken aback by the sudden aggressiveness but was instantly fascinated by the way her body was feeling.



While this is obviously not her first time cultivating with Su Yang, it felt entirely different, almost like she was cultivating with another individual. Furthermore, the pleasure was also much more intensive.

Meanwhile, the other disciples watched with dazed expressions on their faces as their respected Sect Master made erotic expressions that they have never witnessed before and sexy noises they have never heard of before.

"Wow… so this is what it looks like when Sect Master cultivates… it's so intensive…" One of the disciples mumbled.

"As expected of the Sect Master, she has a body that makes even someone like me want to embrace it…"

"I could've never imagined that I would one day watch the Sect Master performing such acts only a few meters away from me."

However, despite the disciples' constant staring, almost as though she was in her own world, Liu Lanzhi continued to indulge herself in pleasure.

Thirty minutes later, Liu Lanzhi laid on the bed with an exhausted expression and gasping for air, her body still twitching with delight.

"Thirty minutes, huh? Looks like I will be winning this one, after all, Sect Master." Sun Jingjing said to her with a grin.

"What kind of trick did you use, Su Yang? I have cultivated with you multiple times but none of them were as intensive as today!" Liu Lanzhi asked him after catching her breath.

"I didn't use any tricks," he calmly responded. "It's just that I have always been holding myself back when I cultivate with all of you. In fact, I have never used more than 15% of my techniques on you before today."

"A-Are you serious?" Liu Lanzhi looked at him with a dumbfounded look.

To think that he'd been holding himself back this entire time and still manage to make them feel like they're in heaven. 

"If you're already this good with only 15% of your abilities, then I wonder what it would feel like to cultivate with you at 100%." Liu Lanzhi said with a smile.

However, Su Yang merely shook his head and said, "I mean no offense when I say this, but it's not something any of you can handle. If I use all of my techniques on you, I doubt you would remain sane afterward."

"It's that serious?" Liu Lanzhi was in disbelief.

Although he would rather cultivate with everything that he's got, even in the Four Divine Heavens, there are very few people who can handle all of his techniques.

And the amount of people who have gone insane or become sex deviants after experiencing his 100% is more than just a few.

In fact, his dual cultivation techniques are so godly and irresistible that he has used it more to punish or torture an enemy than to satisfy his partners.

"Come on, Su Yang. It's my turn now! My body is already exhausted from waiting so long!" Sun Jingjing suddenly jumped into his embrace.

Once the two of them started cultivating, Liu Lanzhi asked the other disciples, "How long can she last at 20%?"

The disciples exchanged looks with each other before looking at Liu Lanzhi with a bitter smile. "She… can probably last an entire night…"

"What?! That's impossible! How can she last that long?!" Liu Lanzhi was gobsmacked by their answer.

However, the disciples shook their heads and said, "Even we are shocked by her level of endurance, Sect Master. She couldn't even last ten minutes not long ago, but suddenly, out of the blue, she can cultivate with Su Yang as though they have been doing it for years! It's almost like she'd been blessed by something."

"That's absurd… you don't just suddenly become accustomed to something as intense as this. You need many months if not years to cultivate an endurance for dual cultivation this intense!"

Liu Lanzhi was unsure of what to feel at this moment. Should she be upset that she'd been beaten by a little girl who only lost her virginity recently, or should she be happy for Sun Jingjing, who seems to have an extraordinary talent for dual cultivation?

"I know how you feel, Sect Master." Fang Zhelan suddenly said with a bitter smile on her face. "I was very proud of my endurance when cultivating with Su Yang until not long ago, but alas, it appears that I am nothing at all compared to Junior Sister here."

The disciples there sighed, silently wondering to themselves how Sun Jingjing suddenly gained such a powerful body.

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