Dual Cultivation

Chapter 411 A Hopeless Situation

Chapter 411 A Hopeless Situation

"Jin Xi, you can return now." Su Yang said to her after her victory.

"Eh? But I can still go on!" she looked at him with a puzzled face.

"I know you have plenty of energy left, but I want the others to also display their strength. After all, it would look better for the Sect if all of its disciples are equally capable, right? In the end, our goal in this tournament is to show the world what the new Profound Blossom Sect is capable of."

Jin Xin nodded, "I understand."

"I am returning to the bench." Jin Xi said to Zi Dong before walking off the stage.

Meanwhile, the audience were puzzled by Jin Xi's actions.

"Why did she suddenly leave the stage? She looks pretty energetic to me."

"Although she may look fine on the outside, do you understand how taxing it is on the body when one uses sword intent? She's probably exhausted on the inside after that attack just now."

A few moments later, another disciple from each side stepped onto the stage.

Of course, right before the Profound Blossom Sect disciple entered the stage, Su Yang had gently tapped her forehead again.

"Are you ready?" Zi Dong asked them a moment later.

They both nodded.


The Divine Sword Sect disciple immediately released his fake sword intent and rushed at the young girl before him.

However, the Profound Blossom Sect disciple also released her sword intent and managed to defend against the attack.

"What?! The Profound Blossom Sect has another swordmaster?!"

Many people in the audience stood up from shock, as they could not believe what they were witnessing.

"Impossible!" Elder Zhong exclaimed. "How can they have more than one swordmaster?!"

"This is truly unexpected…" Lord Xie rubbed his chin with his interest piqued. Just how did the Profound Blossom Sect cultivate so many swordmasters?

While the audience was shocked speechless by the appearance of a second swordmaster, the disciples on the stage fought each other for a few minutes before the Profound Blossom Sect secured their third victory.

"Great job, Sister Mei!"

The Profound Blossom Sect disciples cheered for her as she returned with a bashful expression.

"That was nerve-wracking…" Disciple Mei said. "I could've never imagined that I would one day defeat a genius from the renowned Divine Sword Sect!"

Sometime later, the Profound Blossom Sect sends out a new fighter.

Of course, this disciple also had the ability to create sword intent.

"Oh my god! The Profound Blossom Sect actually has three swordmasters!"

"What on earth is going on?! Since when did swordmasters become a common thing?!"

"Common my ass! There are less than 10 swordmasters in this world!"

"If these juniors were able to become swordmasters, I do not believe that I cannot do the same!"

The audience was in an uproar from the situation.

As for Elder Zhong, he had a look on his face that resembled someone who did not sleep for an entire week and is currently hallucinating.

"Impossible… This is impossible. They must have some kind of trick that allows them to create sword intent! I will not believe that these juniors were able to become swordmasters in such a short time!" Elder Zhong mumbled to himself endlessly like a crazy old man.

A few minutes later, the Profound Blossom Sect obtained another victory.

"Good lord! The Profound Blossom Sect is beating the unrivaled Divine Sword Sect four to zero! This is unprecedented!"

Bai Lihua finally understood why the Burning Lotus Sect agreed to form an Alliance with the Profound Blossom Sect.

Of course, the Burning Lotus Sect actually had no idea of their unexpected strength and was as shocked as everyone else at the place.

"Elder Wang… Is this why you wanted us to form an Alliance with them so badly? Because you knew of their true strength all along?"

The Burning Lotus Sect's Master asked her with a dazed voice.

Wang Shuren showed a bitter smile and shook her head, "No… I also had no idea that they would be this powerful."

As time passed, the Profound Blossom Sect continued to send out a new fighter after every match, and as one would've expected by now, they were all able to create sword intent.

'I have heard rumors of him using sword intent during his fight with another Outer Court disciple, which I instantly disregarded as something impossible and that the Elder was simply seeing things, but alas…' Elder Sun looked at Su Yang with wide eyes.

"T-This is simply too crazy. Are all of the disciples from the Profound Blossom Sect swordmasters?" Lord Xie's interest had long turned into shock.

"However, this confirms my doubt. I am now certain that there's a master from the Holy Central Continent supporting the Profound Blossom Sect in the background. Although I do not know why this senior is helping them, I must find a way to speak with him."

Lord Xie was thinking that if he could create a good relationship with this unknown master, the Xie Family might obtain knowledge regarding the Holy Central Continent and perhaps even some of this expert's experience, which is more valuable than any treasures he can obtain at this moment.

Meanwhile, at the Divine Sword Sect's side, all of the disciples wore a grim expression on their faces.

"We are currently down 7 fighters with zero matches won, and to make matters even worse, Fang Zhelan and Sun Jingjing haven't even fought yet. This is the first time I am feeling such hopelessness." One of their disciples said in a low voice.



After a moment of silence, Elder Zhong released a deep sigh. Although he already knew that they wouldn't win this match, he didn't expect to suffer such heavy losses without even fighting Su Yang.

'To think the disparity between us would be this much. He's got me good.' Elder Zhong looked at Su Yang with a defeated expression.

However, he was not willing to surrender even in such times and said, "Although we might not win this, we will not surrender without a fight. If we are going to lose, we might as well lose with dignity!"

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