Dual Cultivation

Chapter 405 Entering the Semifinals

Chapter 405 Entering the Semifinals

After many hours of dual cultivation, Sun Jingjing fell asleep on the bed, while Su Yang cultivated the Yin Qi he'd gathered.

Sometime later, Liu Lanzhi knocked on their door and said, "Su Yang, our next match has been announced."

Su Yang stopped cultivating and opened the door.

"Who are we fighting tomorrow?" he asked.

"Overseeing Guardian Hall."

"Never heard of them." Su Yang casually shrugged.

"They are another Elite Sect, but with Sun Jingjing and Fang Zhelan on our side, we won't need to worry about them, as they only have a single disciple at the Earth Spirit Realm. However, what comes after defeating the Overseeing Guardian Hall is going to be problematic, because we will have a high chance of fighting either the Divine Sword Sect or the Azure Cloud Sect."

"While Fang Zhelan may have an advantage in cultivation bases, the disciples of the Divine Sword Sect are all veteran fighters with countless more experiences than our own disciples in terms of combat, and that experience might be able to take away our only advantage in this tournament — our superior cultivation bases."

"As for the Azure Cloud Sect… I don't even want to mention it…"

Su Yang nodded. "Indeed. Although we may have an advantage in terms of cultivation bases, our disciples truly don't have much experience in combat. However, while that difference may make things slightly more difficult for us, I am pretty confident in our own disciples."

While he did not mention it to Liu Lanzhi, besides dual cultivation, Su Yang had also trained the other disciples with their sword techniques, even sparring with them at times.

And although that might not be enough to make them seasoned swordmasters, they were definitely on par with the Divine Sword Sect's disciples in terms of their insight with the sword, perhaps even superior.

After all, Su Yang used to be a renowned swordmaster before he became a renowned playboy, where he would train with a sword for hundreds of hours at a time. His experience with the sword is not something any expert or swordmaster within the Divine Sword Sect can comprehend, much less compare to.

"By the way, is Sun Jingjing okay? She seemed a bit weird after her conversation with her parents." Liu Lanzhi suddenly asked.

Su Yang pointed at Sun Jingjing, who was sleeping peacefully with his eyes and said, "As you can see, she's doing fine."

Seeing Sun Jingjing's peaceful sleeping face, Liu Lanzhi nodded with a relieved expression.

"One more thing… don't think I have forgotten about your promise to teach me this technique."

Lu Lanzhi said, referring to the technique he taught the disciples prior to fighting the Burning Lotus Sect.

"I happen to have some free time right now," he said with a smile.

"Then what are you waiting for? Let's go cultivate!" Liu Lanzhi said, before dragging Su Yang away into another room, where they'll cultivate until the next day.

The following morning, the Profound Blossom Sect headed to the colosseum as usual, before waiting for their turn to enter the stage.

The Azure Cloud Sect were the first ones to fight on the stage on that day, and as everyone had expected, Hong Yu'er defeated most of their opponents without breaking a single sweat on her body.

After the Azure Cloud Sect's match, it was the Great Sea Cliff versus the Binding Light Hall with the Binding Light Hall being victorious.

The Profound Blossom Sect was the next and last match for the day.

Disciple Lin Na went first, defeating two opponents before leaving the stage.

The next Profound Blossom Sect disciple to fight was a young lady named Lei Tingje, who managed to defeat one opponent before leaving the stage.

Half an hour later, the Profound Blossom Sect defeated the Overseeing Guardian Hall, entering the semifinals for the Regional Tournament.

"This concludes the matches for today! However, before we all leave this place, allow me to say a few words!" Zi Dong said to everybody.

"First and foremost, congratulations to everyone who has managed to enter the semifinals! Your achievements are the results of your Sect Elders' teachings and the Sect's and its disciples' efforts combined."

"Now, as we enter the semifinals tomorrow, the Divine Sword Sect, champion of the previous Regional Tournament, will finally be joining us!"


The crowd exploded with cheering and sheer excitement when the Divine Sword Sect's name was mentioned, since their status is almost unparalleled within the Eastern Continent.

The Divine Sword Sect has existed for as long as the people could remember, and they have always dominated the Regional Tournaments by remaining in first place ever since the very first tournament.

Furthermore, the Divine Sword Sect is also a part of the Xie Family's military power, so they have the backing from the strongest family on this continent. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Divine Sword Sect is only second to the Xie Family.

"His Majesty, Lord Xie, will now announce the matches for tomorrow." Zi Dong said a moment later.

After a moment of silence, Lord Xie spoke, "The Azure Cloud Sect and the Binding Light Hall will be fighting the first match. The Profound Blossom Sect and the Divine Sword Sect will follow afterward."

When the audience heard the matchups, they began speculating whether the Profound Blossom Sect would be able to defeat the Divine Sword Sect or not, as the Azure Cloud Sect was sure to win against their match.

"If not for Sun Jingjing and Fang Zhelan, the Profound Blossom Sect would not stand a chance against the Divine Sword Sect."

"However, since they have these two geniuses, they might actually have a chance to win."

"I'm willing to bet that the Profound Blossom Sect will win tomorrow's match."

"Impossible! Although they may have impressive cultivation bases, one can tell from their previous matches that they lack the experience. The Divine Sword Sect, on the other hand, are all trained to the extreme by the most qualified swordmasters in this world. The difference is clear, and the Divine Sword Sect will dominate them."

Unlike before, people no longer underestimated the Profound Blossom Sect. With that being said, most of them still would not believe that they could defeat the Divine Sword Sect, the number one Sect in this world in many people's eyes.

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