Dual Cultivation

Chapter 387 A Different Person?

Chapter 387 A Different Person?

"Ha! Taste my Extended Burning Lotus Palm Strike!"

The Burning Lotus Sect disciple rushed at Lin Na with a pair of fiery hands that were engulfed in a ball of flames, before shooting his palms at her chest.

"Profound Blossom Art: Petal Fury!" Lin Na unsheathes the sword by her sword and slices it at the Burning Lotus Sect disciple.

When the spectators saw this, their eyes widened with surprise.

"She dares to directly exchange blows with someone that's an entire realm above herself?! That's either madness or arrogance!"

Normally, when one's cultivation is far below their opponent, they would never think of trying to fight them directly, as that is akin to suicide, but Lin Na charged at him with a confidence all over her face.


The instant the Burning Lotus Sect disciple's fist clashed with Lin Na's sword, a fiery explosion occurred between them, before sending one of them flying towards the edge of the stage.


Not just the spectators but even Huo Yuanjia cried out loud after witnessing the Burning Lotus Sect disciple lose the exchange when they all expected Lin Na to be the one sent flying.

"How is it possible for someone at the True Spirit Realm to win a frontal exchange against someone at the Earth Spirit Realm?! That doesn't make sense!"

While it's not impossible, only the most talented Cultivators are able to achieve such a feat. What's more, they would at most be one or two levels below the Earth Spirit Realm. Lin Na, however, was only at the fifth level of the True Spirit Realm! She was five levels below the Burning Lotus Sect disciple, who is at the first level of the Earth Spirit Realm!

"Since when did the Profound Blossom Sect have such impressive talents?" Even Lord Xie was surprised, as he was certain that even he wouldn't be able to do what Lin Na just did when he was at her age and cultivation base.

"Su Yang probably had something to do with it," Xie Xingfang said.

Lord Xie looked at her with a weird expression and said, "You know that not everything in this world revolves around him, right?"

"Who knows? He certainly has the aura."

Lord Xie merely shook his head with a speechless expression.

"Profound Blossom Art: Falling Petals!"

After blowing the Burning Lotus Sect disciple away, Lin Na immediately chased after him, wasting no time.


The Burning Lotus Sect disciple, who was barely able to stand still after being blown away, was unable to fully defend himself against Lin Na's swift strike and took half of the blade with his chest.

Fortunately for him, there was a protective barrier around the arena that prevented the sword from cutting his body into two pieces and turning him into a bloody mess. However, even though his body was still intact, the Burning Lotus Sect disciple still had to experience the blunt force of the attack that shook his organs violently and crushed a few bones, causing him to cough up a mouthful of blood.

"I am not finished with you just yet!" Lin Na did not allow the disciple to rest and continued to display the Profound Blossom Art on him.

After a few minutes of struggling, the Burning Lotus Sect disciple eventually surrendered the round, as he could no longer move because of the pain in his body.

"Hmph. To think you wanted to fight my senior apprentice-brother when you are at such a level, how arrogant of you. You wouldn't even last a second against him!"

The Burning Lotus Sect disciple gnashed his teeth in anger, but he did not say anything and slowly exited the stage to get his injuries treated.

"I'm sorry, Sect Master. I had greatly underestimated her."

The disciple lowered his head at Huo Yuanjia, who quickly shook his head.

"Don't blame yourself. Even I had underestimated her. In fact, besides Su Yang, I cannot help but underestimate them."

After a moment of silence, Huo Yuanjia said to his disciples with a serious expression, "As long as you are on the stage, I want you to treat your opponent, no matter who they are, as though they are Su Yang and fight them with everything that you've got! Let our first match be our one and only defeat today!"

"Yes, Sect Master!"

The disciples responded with a clear voice.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the stage, Lin Na also left the stage, as she'd exhausted her energy just now and would not be able to fight another round.

"I don't care how you did it, but color me impressed! At this rate, getting first place in this tournament will no longer be just a dream!" Liu Lanzhi praised her.

Lin Na blushed and spoke while touching her stomach, "This is all thanks to Senior apprentice-brother."

Liu Lanzhi became even more intrigued at the technique that Su Yang had taught them yesterday after seeing the results.

"You must teach me this technique tonight, or I won't let you sleep until you do so!" She whispered in his ears.

Su Yang did not say anything and merely smiled at her.

Sometime later, Zi Dong requested for the second match to begin.

"Please send forth your next fighter!"

A few moments later, another disciple at the first level of the Earth Spirit Realm from the Burning Lotus Sect approached the center of the stage.

Another minute later, after another round of guessing the number, the Profound Blossom Sect also sends their next fighter to the stage.

A tall and slim figure then walks onto the stage.

"The Profound Blossom Sect has decided to send out their next fighter, Sun Jingjing, who is also at the first level of the Earth Spirit Realm!"

The moment Sun Jingjing appeared on the stage, her beauty attracted nearly every pair of eyes in that place. Although every disciple from the Profound Blossom Sect was a top beauty, there was something unique about Sun Jingjing's appearance and aura that made her seem more refined than the rest.

"Sun Jingjing? If I recall correctly, the Sun Family's little princess from the Western Region also shares the same name."

A few of the spectators recognized her name.

However, some people rejected that claim.

"Are you crazy? Why would that princess be a disciple at the Profound Blossom Sect? They are definitely two different people."

"But the Profound Blossom Sect is also located in the Western Region, where the Sun Family mostly operates…"

"I'm telling you, there's absolutely zero chance that the Sun Family would allow their princess to become a slut in that kind of place. What's more, the last time I heard, she was still at the Profound Spirit Realm. The Sun Family is known for their wealth and their connection with merchants around the world, not their talent in cultivation, so there's no way this girl who's at the Earth Spirit Realm is the same princess from the Sun Family."

"I guess you are right…"

Meanwhile, on the stage, Sun Jingjing was slightly shaking from excitement.

'I wonder if my family is watching me right now,' she wondered inwardly as she slowly approached the center of the stage.

'Although they have always strongly rejected my choice to follow grandfather, it's exactly because of that decision that I am standing here right now…'

A few moments later, once Sun Jingjing was in the center of the stage, Zi Dong raised his hand and shouted, "Second round — begin!"

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