Dual Cultivation

Chapter 385 Third Day of the Tournamen

Chapter 385 Third Day of the Tournamen

"Oh! Ahhh~!" Jin Xi moaned loudly as two large hands tightly grasped her hips while her lower body was being violated by a long and hard shaft that thrust endlessly in her narrow cave.

Meanwhile, nine girls watched from the sidelines, their faces filled with anticipation and excitement.

A few moments later, Su Yang released his grasp on Jin Xi and allowed her exhausted body to collapse onto the soft bed.

However, before Jin Xi could relax, Su Yang quickly tapped on her forehead with his finger, causing information to be sent directly into her head.

"Do not cultivate the Yang Qi in your body yet and follow the technique I just gave you," Su Yang said to her before turning to look at another girl.

A few seconds later, another girl enters his embrace, before feeling his hard rod entering her body.

Su Yang continued to cultivate with the disciples for nearly the entire night whilst lecturing them about the technique he parted with them.

"As expected of Su Yang, every time he introduces something new to us, it's something that's either highly valuable or completely shocking." Sun Jingjing mumbled on the bed with an exhausted voice after Su Yang left them alone to rest.

"With this new technique, I feel like I can fight against the entire world by myself." Fang Zhelan gently touched her stomach which was filled with hot Yang Qi.

"If this technique is released to the public, I have a feeling that more Cultivators would be willing to try dual cultivation," said another disciple.

"This technique works best for females, right? I wonder where Su Yang learned this technique."

"I have a feeling that we won't ever know."

"That's not bad. I love a mysterious man, especially one with such bed techniques."

"By the way, since we can't cultivate the Yang Qi in our body, I wonder if we'll become pregnant afterward." One of the disciples suddenly asked.

The room instantly turned silent.

A few moments later, Fang Zhelan spoke, "Calm down, you won't get pregnant so quickly. It normally takes a week if you don't absorb the Yang Qi, but the Yang Qi in our body will be exhausted by tomorrow."

"If it were me, I wouldn't mind being pregnant with his child." Sun Jingjing suddenly said, causing everybody there to look at her with wide eyes.

"Oh, right, I haven't mentioned this to you girls yet, but I have decided that I want to continue my lineage with him," she said as she passionately rubbed her stomach.

"Did you already speak with him?" One of the disciples asked her.

"Of course not." Sun Jingjing shook her head, and she continued, "But I plan to after the tournament ends."

"Do you think he'll accept?" Another one asked her.

"I will find out once I ask him." Sun Jingjing said. "Even if we cannot be together, I will be satisfied with just having his child."

The disciples looked at each other.

"Good luck, Sister Jingjing. Although other men would likely not agree, Su Yang is not your average man. What's more, unlike the rest of us, you have only embraced one man — him — in your life, right? I think he wouldn't mind you having his child." Fang Zhelan said to her with a smile.

Although it is unlikely that a man would accept having a woman that is a disciple at the Profound Blossom Sect to bear his child as they tend to have multiple partners in their life, Sun Jingjing was an exception in the Sect, since she managed to become an Inner Court disciple without any partner because of her grandfather, Elder Sun.

The disciples remained in the room for the remainder of the night talking about Su Yang like a group of friends during a sleepover.

The next morning, all of the disciples gathered in the front of the hotel and prepared to leave for the tournament.

"How are you girls feeling?" Liu Lanzhi asked them.

"Better than I have ever felt, Sect Master."

"That's good to hear. I hope this confidence remains even when we are standing on the stage."

A few moments later, the Profound Blossom Sect made their way to the colosseum.

On their way to the colosseum, they encountered Wang Shuren, who was, of course, with the Burning Lotus Sect.

The Burning Lotus Sect also noticed them, and Wang Shuren approached them with a smile on her face.

"I had hope that we could've lasted at least until the last day of the tournament, but alas..." Wang Shuren whispered to Su Yang.

"Who knows, you might win."

"Save your words. We both know the results."

Meanwhile, the disciples from the Burning Lotus Sect stared at Su Yang with narrowed eyes that were filled with fierceness and anger. All of them still remembered the day Su Yang fought their entire sect alone. In fact, half of the disciples there had tasted Su Yang's fist, and their body trembled instantly after seeing his face. It was almost like their body instinctively feared him.

"Calm down… calm down… his power was only borrowed from a treasure…"

"That was not his real prowess… it was all fake… don't be scared…"

"Don't be fooled… don't be fooled… he's actually weak… he's actually very weak..."

Huo Yuanjia's eyebrows uncontrollably twitched when he heard his disciples mumbling to themselves, trying to convince themselves to not be afraid of Su Yang. It was clear that they were traumatized by the events on that day.

"Let's go!" Huo Yuanjia said to them loudly, and the disciples happily followed him away — away from Su Yang.

"What's wrong with them? They seem shaken about something." One of the disciples noticed their odd behavior.

"I also noticed it. They seemed very nervous, almost like they were in the presence of a powerful beast."

"They must be scared of our senior appearance-sisters and senior apprentice-brother after witnessing their prowess yesterday!" One of the Junior Disciples said with a proud face.

"Enough chatting, let's also head to the colosseum." Liu Lanzhi said to them before walking away.

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