Dual Cultivation

Chapter 381 A Friendly Warning

Chapter 381 A Friendly Warning

"Hahaha… what an arrogant idiot to give us a free victory!"

The Yellow River Sect's disciples laughed at Su Yang for surrendering the match despite clearly winning it. However, their Sect Master was frowning, as he saw it as a slap to their face.

"You are too kind, Su Yang." Liu Lanzhi said to him once he returned to their side.

"What do you mean?" Su Yang raised an eyebrow.

"You purposefully entered the arena so the other disciples wouldn't have to fight her, right?"

Su Yang smiled and said, "I don't know if I'm that nice. I fought her because I wanted to speak with her a little bit, that's all."

"If you say so." Liu Lanzhi said before turning to look at the other disciples and spoke, "Besides Fang Zhelan and Sun Jingjing, which one of you want to be next?"

"Eh? Why can't we go next?" Sun Jingjing showed a surprised expression.

"The two of you are the Earth Spirit Realm, whilst the Yellow River Sect have True Spirit Realm disciples at most. It won't be a competition if the two of you go first. Give the others a chance to fight. Don't worry, you will get your chance if we are close to losing."

A few moments later, one of the disciples raised her hand and said, "Sect Master, I want to fight."

"Jin Xi, huh? Go ahead." Liu Lanzhi nodded at the cute girl with a petite body before her.

"Good luck, Sister Jin!"

Her fellow disciples cheered for her as she stepped into the spotlight.

"The Profound Blossom Sect has sent out Jin Xi! Although she's only eighteen years old, she has already achieved the 6th level of the True Spirit Realm!" Zi Dong introduced her to the spectators, shocking many of them.

"She's reached such a high level in cultivation at such a young age?! And in a small place like the Profound Blossom Sect? Simply astonishing!"

"Why is such a talented young fairy at a place like the Profound Blossom Sect? If she was nurtured in a proper place, she might have already reached the Earth Spirit Realm by now!"

The spectators cursed the Profound Blossom Sect for their luck and for ruining someone as talented as Jin Xi, but little did they know that Jin Xi used to be an ordinary Outer Court disciple that was only at the Elementary Spirit Realm half a year ago.

Sometime later, the Yellow River Sect decided to send out another disciple, as Li Xiao Mo had exhausted her Profound Qi during her match with Su Yang.

"On the Yellow River Sect's side, we have Li Jun, who is at the fifth level of the True Spirit Realm!"

Once Zi Dong introduced the two fighters, he started the fight.


The moment the fight started, Jin Xi retrieved the sword by her side and approached Li Jun, who casually stood there with a calm smile on his face.

When Jin Xi entered a certain range, Li Jun clapped his hands three times like Li Xiao Mo, instantly tossing Jin Xi into an illusion, causing her to stop moving.

When the spectators saw this, they all sighed loudly.

"Don't tell me we have to sit through this for the next eight matches as well?"

"While the Yellow River Sect's illusion technique is truly powerful, it's not exactly the most entertaining to watch during a tournament."

However, not even a few moments after Jin Xi stopped moving, she started moving again, shocking everybody.

"Profound Blossom Art: Petal Fury!"

As Li Jun tried to catch his breath after experiencing a backlash, Jin Xi struck him with the same technique Li Xiao Mo had displayed against Su Yang, but its movement was much sharper and fiercer.

When Li Xiao Mo saw this, her eyes widened, and she wondered, 'No way… who is this girl? How come I don't recognize her? There's no way I could miss someone this powerful in the Profound Blossom Sect!'


Li Jun coughed up a mouthful of blood and collapsed onto the floor after being struck by Jin Xi.

"I-I give up!" Li Jun quickly surrendered after seeing Jin Xi running towards him once again.

There was simply no way he could win against someone that could break his illusion technique in seconds.

"Su Yang… just how did you train them? One cannot grow so much just from dual cultivation!" Liu Lanzhi stared at Jin Xi with wide eyes, seemingly in disbelief.

Given the amount of time they had, because all of the disciples' cultivation bases have exploded in such a short amount of time, Liu Lanzhi did not think for a second that it was possible for them to have learned anything else.

"Did you really think that I would only spend time with them inside a room on a bed the entire time? Of course I taught them a few other things, too." Su Yang causally spoke.

Besides filling their bodies with his Yang Qi, Su Yang also taught the disciples some basic sword techniques, which greatly enhanced all of their existing sword techniques.

"Then what trick did she use to break the illusion so quickly?"

"Trick? There's no trick. After cultivating with me for so long, not only her cultivation base but even her mental strength is on another level. After all, it takes a certain mental strength to endure my techniques." Su Yang said with a smile.

Liu Lanzhi became speechless after hearing his words, not that she could refute it.

'In other words, his techniques in bed are much more deadly than the Yellow River Sect's famous illusion techniques?' Liu Lanzhi didn't know whether to laugh or cry after realizing this fact.

After Jin Xi's victory, the Profound Blossom Sect continued to shock the crowd with their amazing cultivation bases, one disciple after another.

"What the hell?! I would understand it if it's only one disciple, but all of their disciples are ridiculously talented! It's almost like they are all being fed some divine medicine that's allowed them to achieve what they have today!"

"What if that is the case? What if the Profound Blossom Sect discovered some revolutionary medicine that could speed up one's cultivation speed like how the Burning Lotus Sect has their Earth Advancement Pills?"

The crowd speculated like crazy, and many people there became interested in the Profound Blossom Sect with some even wanting to join them despite their uncommon practices.

"What do you think about them? The Profound Blossom Sect has too many geniuses given their current situation." Bai Lihua asked Wang Shuren, who was casually sitting beside her.

"Is it really that surprising? The Profound Blossom Sect will only get more powerful and shocking from this point forth."

Bai Lihua turned to look at Wang Shuren with wide eyes. She didn't expect her to have such high views for the Profound Blossom Sect. "I never got the chance to ask but why did the Burning Lotus Sect decide to form an alliance with them? Since you already know the Alchemist, there's no reason to form an alliance with them, so it cannot be about the Earth Advancement Pills."

Wang Shuren showed a mysterious smile and spoke, "Don't worry, you will eventually learn the truth — that is if you continue to be an ally with the Profound Blossom Sect. And as a fellow accomplice, allow me to give you a friendly warning. No matter what — do not offend Su Yang. If you had to offend either him or the entire world, do not hesitate to choose Su Yang, or you will definitely regret it."

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