Dual Cultivation

Chapter 38 Swift Feather City

Chapter 38 Swift Feather City

After leaving the sect, Su Yang began making his way to the nearest city. In his memories, there was a place called the Swift Feather City; it was only two days away from the Profound Blossom Sect in walking distance, but since Su Yang used his cultivation base, it had taken him only a few hours to arrive at the Swift Feather City.

Once he arrived at the city, Su Yang approached the guards that stood by the entrance of the city.

When the guards noticed Su Yang approaching them, they gave each other a weird gaze, almost as though they were surprised to see him there.

Su Yang noticed the weird gazes he was getting from the guards, and he asked them: "Is there a problem?"

"Eh? Ah, no… It's just that very rarely do we see disciples from Profound Blossom Sect despite our close distance." The guard explained to him.

"What brings you here to the Swift Feather City today?" asked another guard.

"Just making a quick stop before I continue on my journey."

"Is that so? Well, since you are a disciple of the famed Profound Blossom Sect, we will not charge you any fees for the entrance. Normally, you'd have to pay 10 copper coins, alright?"

"Un." Su Yang gave his thanks before quickly making his into the city.

When Su Yang left, the guards sighed, sounding depressed.

"Aiii… the Profound Blossom Sect… how envious. With his superior looks, he probably gets to play with beauties all day. If only I was a disciple..."

"Forget about it. With your ugly looks, you probably wouldn't get accepted even as a pet for the servants, let alone as a servant!"

"What did you say?! You speak as though you have a chance to get in with your dog face! Look in the mirror before you talk!"

The guards then began arguing with each other.

Su Yang casually strolled around the city. The place was clean and lively with many people entering and leaving the stores that made up the streets.

Everybody there seemed to be minding their own business, but when their eyes suddenly discovered Su Yang's presence, they all stared at him with dazed expressions.

It was as though the moment they saw Su Yang's handsome face, they couldn't look away. Undoubtedly, Su Yang's appearance was very eye-catching, like a sparkling gem surrounded by dirty rocks. Even within the Profound Blossom Sect where everybody was beautiful and handsome, his appearance was considered a rarity.

And naturally, such a handsome young man with an extraordinary background would easily attract the people's attention no matter where he went, especially in a place filled with mortals that are not used to someone like Su Yang, who has such an overwhelming presence.

Su Yang was used to these types of stares since it was also the same in his previous life. No matter where he went, there would be such gazes directed at him.

Suddenly, a young beauty who looked to be 18 years old walked up to him with two rosy circles on her cheeks.

"Umm… are you a disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect?" she asked him in a timid voice.

Su Yang smiled and nodded. "Is there something you need from me?" he asked despite already knowing her motives.

Seeing his handsome smile, the red on her cheeks deepened.

"Do you have any spare time right now? There is something I wish to speak to you about… preferably in private…" she said in a timid voice, her gaze flickering with passion.

When the bystanders heard her request, their jaws nearly dropped to the floor from bewilderment, thinking how sly and shameless this young lady was being in public. Although she wasn't specific in her request, even an idiot could tell what her real motive was.

If it was anyone else, they would, without a single doubt in their right mind, fall for her tactics and follow this young lady. But alas, Su Yang was someone with experience as vast as the galaxy in this type of situation.

Even in his previous life, it was extremely normal for mortals like this young lady to approach cultivators with their body as an offering in exchange for their help, as it was an easy way to gain valuables and connections. Hell, the more fortunate ones may even become cultivators themselves.

"I'm sorry, but I am in a hurry to be somewhere. If you don't mind, why don't you tell me what you have to say here?" said Su Yang, who showed barely any changes in his emotions.

The young lady looked at him with an astonished expression on her face. He was someone who belonged to a sect that does vulgar acts every day as though it was normal, yet he refused her so easily? Why didn't he just nod and follow her with a smile on his face just like she'd imagined?

"Nothing? Then I will excuse myself…"

The young lady stood there like a stone statue as Su Yang gracefully walked away while leaving a trail of flowery fragrance behind in the streets.

When Su Yang completely disappeared from the scene, the bystanders sighed loudly.

"Just a glance at him and you can tell that he's someone with high standards."

"He's from a place where peerless beauties are as common as flies. How could you possibly compete with the disciples at the Profound Blossom Sect, young one?"

When the young lady heard the people's words that were clearly meant to disdain her, her face turned red in embarrassment. No longer wishing to be there, she turned and ran away.

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