Dual Cultivation

Chapter 362 Do You Have Any Proof?

Chapter 362 Do You Have Any Proof?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A guard knocked on Lord Xie's door with urgency.

\"Your Majesty! It's an emergency! It's an emergency!!!\" The guard shouted, sounding as though the Heavens was falling.

\"What the hell happened?\" Lord Xie opened the door with a frown on his face, as he barely slept last night due to his argument with Su Yang.

\"Your Majesty! We have received reports that Great Elder Ren from the Million Snakes Sect was killed, and… and… and somebody displayed his severed head in the middle of the street! It has caused a grand commotion within the city!\"

\"What did you say?! Take me to the scene right now!\" It did not even take a second for Lord Xie to realize who was behind this act. However, it was not the time for him to worry about the culprit, as he was too busy worrying about how the Million Snakes Sect would react to this obvious provocation.

Sometime later, when Lord Xie arrived at the scene, he was shocked to see Great Elder Ren's severed head impaled to the floor by a Spirit-grade sword. What's more, the head showed a terrified expression, almost like he was looking at a demon right before his death.

There were many experts already at the scene before Lord Xie had even arrived, and that included people from the Million Snakes Sect.

\"Who would dare do something like this to the Million Snakes Sect? This is basically a declaration of war,\" said one of the spectators.

\"I think it's even more impressive that this person was able to kill an expert like Great Elder Ren, who was at the Heavenly Spirit Realm before his death.\"

\"Was the cause of last night's phenomenon caused by Great Elder Ren and the individual he fought?\"

As the people speculated what had happened to Great Elder Ren, an individual suddenly kneeled in front of Great Elder Ren's severed head and screamed loudly.


The people there immediately recognized this figure, who was Fu Kuan, Sect Master of the Million Snakes Sect.

\"Profound Blossom Sect! This is war! I, Fu Kuan, swear to avenge my brother, no matter the cost!\" Fu Kuan roared, dumbfounding the people there.

\"What does the Profound Blossom Sect have to do with Great Elder Ren's death? They only have an Earth Spirit Realm expert at most. There's no way Great Elder Ren would fall to them.\"

\"Right? There has to be a misunderstanding here.\"

The people doubted the Profound Blossom Sect's ability to kill Great Elder Ren, who should be enough to destroy their sect many times by himself.

\"Sect Master Fu, calm yourself.\" Lord Xie suddenly stepped forward.

\"Y-Your Majesty!\"

Everybody there lowered their head and greeted him after seeing Lord Xie.

\"Your Majesty! The Profound Blossom Sect is behind this! They killed Great Elder Ren!\" Fu Kuan said to him with a red face. \"Please allow this subordinate to punish the Profound Blossom Sect for their treacherous actions!\"

When Lord Xie heard Fu Kuan's words, he sneered inwardly, 'Sly bastard! Do you think I am ignorant?! Because of your actions, I was pushed around by that brat and even scolded by my beloved daughter!'

\"Wait a moment. Do you have any proof that the Profound Blossom Sect was involved in this? It seems a little ridiculous that a small Sect like them would have the power to kill someone as experienced as Senior Ren. \" Lord Xie resisted his urge to punch Fu Kuan and asked him in a calm voice.

Fu Kuan immediately became speechless. If he wanted to prove that the Profound Blossom Sect was behind Great Elder Ren's death, he would also need to reveal to everybody their schemes to assassinate the Profound Blossom Sect, which would only backfire on the Million Snakes Sect. It was simply impossible to prove anything without hurting themselves in the process at this moment.

\"No… I don't have any proof… b-but there can be nobody else but them!\" Fu Kuan said with a flushed face.

\"You shouldn't accuse anybody without any proof, Sect Master Fu. It's unbefitting for someone in your position..\" Lord Xie shook his head.

\"This subordinate has made a fool out of himself...\" Fu Kuan had to swallow his anger and lower his head.

However, just as everything there started to calm down, another voice resounded. \"Oh? What's with this crowd? Is there an event?\"

\"Y-You are!\" Fu Kuan's repressed anger immediately resurged after seeing Su Yang's face appear before him.

Even Lord Xie was shocked to see him here, as he did not expect the culprit to be daring enough to return to the crime scene he created!

After seeing Great Elder Ren's severed head displayed there, Su Yang acted shocked and spoke in a disheartened voice, \"Oh my! What could drive someone to do something this vicious and coldhearted?\"

\"S-S-Su Yang! You little bastard! How dare you show up here!\" Fu Kuan resisted his urge to pounce at Su Yang before Lord Xie's presence and pointed at him with trembling fingers instead.

\"What's wrong with me being here? I simply heard a commotion around here and came to check it out.\"

\"Are you still acting stupid?! I know that your Profound Blossom Sect is behind this! It must've been that little girl!\" Fu Kuan roared at him.

However, Su Yang continued to feign innocence and spoke with a shocked expression, \"Why would my Profound Blossom Sect do something like this? Even though we have a grudge with your Million Snakes Sect for nearly destroying our Sect, we are not vicious people like you.\"

And he continued, \"Do you have any proof that we did it? And what is this little girl about? Are you suggesting that a little girl had killed that old man? Have you gone crazy?\"

A few spectators couldn't help but laugh after hearing Su Yang's words. They all agreed that Fu Kuan was sounding a little crazy right now, as he has been speaking only nonsense the entire time.

\"Don't test my patience, brat!\" As Fu Kuan's face flushed further, he unconsciously reached for his storage ring.

\"So you are going to attack me when you have no proof? As expected of the Million Snakes Sect. You are just a bunch of bullies.\" Su Yang shook his head.

\"Sect Master Fu, are you ignoring my presence?\" Lord Xie glared at him with narrowed eyes.

\"N-No. T-This subordinate does not dare.\" Fu Kuan gritted his teeth and said.

\"Then until you have solid proof on who killed Senior Ren, my Xie Family will also be investigating into this case. Do you have any problem with that?\" Lord Xie asked him.

Fu Kuan quickly shook his head.

\"Good.\" Lord Xie then turned to look at the crowd and spoke loudly, \"This area is now a crime scene currently being investigated by my Xie Family! Nobody will be allowed near this area until further notice! Disperse!\"

\"As Your Majesty commands!\"

The spectators quickly fled the place. However, this commotion would spread across the continent like wildfire immediately afterward.

And since he'd already achieved what he wanted by appearing before Fu Kuan, Su Yang also disappeared with the crowd and returned to the Profound Blossom Sect.

By the time he returned to the hotel, news of Great Elder Ren's death had already reached the ears of Liu Lanzhi, who was greatly shaken after hearing their Sect's name in the same sentence.

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