Dual Cultivation

Chapter 34 Their Dual Cultivation

Chapter 34 Their Dual Cultivation

Before you start reading, you need to be aware of the fact that this is literally my first time writing a sex scene and that it will improve as I write more. I had spent many many hours and countless effort just to complete this chapter with over 2,000 words. Also, let me know if this is too mature or too descriptive. But just remember that this is a mature novel and I give zero fucks about censorship.

Enjoy, fellow gentlemen and gentlewomen.




The Su Yang in Elder Lan's eyes right now looked nothing like a 16-year-old who had just turned into an adult, but someone who emitted an aura that was filled with an experienced feeling that surpassed even Elder Lan herself.

Elder Lan stood there like a stone statue as Su Yang slowly approached her, his bulging rod standing upright; it was so stiff that not even walking was able to cause it to move, like a firm mountain.

While she has seen it before, they were all paintings and objects — this was her first time seeing a real man's penis, she was instantly mesmerized by its flawless shape and vigorous aura; it looked more like a heavenly treasure than some vulgar stick – something entirely different than her imaginations.

Even as Su Yang closed in on their distance, she was unable to look away from his thick and long rod, seemingly captivated by its presence. By the time Su Yang was standing next to her, Elder Lan was already breathing heavily, her heart beating like war drums.

Su Yang's slender arms gently embraced her, and he closed his eyes as his mouth slowly reached for her soft lips.

Elder Lan didn't resist his kiss and also closed her own eyes.

The two's lips gently connected, and Elder Lan's body trembled upon contact.


A slippery object suddenly invaded her mouth and began running wild, entangling her tongue like a snake ensnaring its prey.

The sudden and unexpected action by Su Yang caught Elder Lan, who had zero experience in kissing by surprise, causing her to open her eyes.

However, when she saw how close Su Yang's handsome face was to her own, her face exploded in redness.

As they continued kissing, Su Yang slowly led her to the bed.

He then gently laid her on the bed with him being on the top, and he released his lips a moment later, creating a bridge made of saliva between their lips as they disconnected.

Su Yang took this moment to take a good look at Elder Lan, whose face was beet red like a tomato, her eyes flickering with countless lights.

Her hair was midnight-black and it flowed on the bed like a waterfall. She had slender eyebrows, her eyelashes velvety. Her black eyes sparkled with embarrassment and bashfulness as they intensively gazed at him, yet there was a sense of desire flickering within. Her rosy-pink lips had a herbal taste mixed with a sweetness that had caused his taste buds to tingle with delight.

If Su Yang had to compare her beauty with the Immortals in his previous life, then he was confident that she wouldn't lose any face if they were to stand together.

"Su Yang…" Elder Lan mumbled his name in a sheepish tone.


"When we are alone, I want you to call me Lan Liqing…" she said to him in an alluring tone.

Su Yang smiled and whispered in her ears: "Lan Liqing, I want you…"

When Lan Liqing felt Su Yang's warm breath tickling her ears, she could feel a tingling sensation in-between her legs.

"May I?" Su Yang requested for permission before they reach the point of no return.

After a moment of silence, Lan Liqing slowly nodded, her face getting redder by the second.

Su Yang smiled, and he began loosening her robes, his gentle and smooth movements revealing his vast knowledge and expertise in this field.

Moments later, Lan Liqing laid there with her robes stripped from her, revealing everything except her bottom lips and nipples that she had covered with her fair hands.

Both Su Yang and Lan Liqing were completely naked at this moment; it was a profound feeling for Lan Liqing, who has been experiencing many 'firsts' today.

Su Yang took another moment to engrave this enchanting scenery into his soul, ensuring that he would never forget it.

Her slim body was well-sculpted, like a piece of art. Her skin was smooth and pale like white jade, and her slightly sweaty body made it seem as though stars covered her body. Not to mention her body was also without a single hair despite her ripe body, it was a peerless figure that would cause any men to go crazy.

When Su Yang laid eyes on her pair of perfectly round breasts, his already stiff rod hardened even more, and his hands began reaching for it.


Despite covering her breasts in embarrassment, Lan Liqing did not resist when Su Yang began skillfully massaging her breast.

"Mmm…" Lan Liqing softly moaned, the tingling sensation in her bottom lips growing even stronger.

While he massaged her breasts, Su Yang's head approached the lower-half of her body. When Lan Liqing noticed that, she began to panic.

"S-Su Yang! T-That's…" Lan Liqing tightly covered her forbidden world. She was not mentally prepared to let Su Yang explore that world yet.

"There's nothing to be scared of… I promise." Su Yang gently kissed her slender legs, slowly approaching the hand that covered Lan Liqing's other world with every kiss.

When Su Yang reached the center of her legs, a sweet fragrance aroused his nose, causing his body temperature to heat up.


A few moments passed, yet Su Yang did not say nor do anything, only silently waiting for Lan Liqing to release the hand that blocked him from seeing her most precious part that made her a female.

After another moment, Lan Liqing finally surrendered.

"You will definitely take responsibility after this, Su Yang!" she said as she slowly released her trembling hand, revealing to Su Yang her beautiful, pink world.

Without any further delay, Su Yang pressed his lips directly against her pink flower and began exploring it with his tongue.

"Ahhhh!" Lan Liqing released a powerful moan the moment she felt something soft and vicious enter her flower, and her body trembled violently, feeling as though there was electricity running through her body.

"Mmm~ Ahhhhh~" Lan Liqing's erotic moaning sounded like heavenly bells in Su Yang's ears; it was both peaceful and exciting.

Liquid flowed from Lan Liqing's tight cave like a river, and Su Yang savored every last drop without letting a single drop go to waste.

"More… give me more…" Lan Liqing suddenly grabbed Su Yang by his head and pulled him towards her, his tongue reaching even deeper into her pink cave.

It took a few minutes for Lan Liqing to release her grip on his head, but when she finally did, Su Yang began licking her pink pearl.

Su Yang suddenly attacking her most sensitive spot made Lan Liqing instantly cum on the spot.

Crystal clear water sprayed onto Su Yang's face like a broken water fountain.

Su Yang chuckled as he wiped his face: "You sure are hydrated today."

Lan Liqing, feeling ashamed of herself, covered her face with both her hands after hearing his remarks, completely forgetting her role as a sect elder.

Su Yang helped her by removing her hands away from her face, and he said to her in a soothing voice: "I want to see your beautiful face as our bodies connect."


Although she was embarrassed to no ends, she nodded regardless.

Su Yang rubbed her pink with his thick meat-stick while he kissed her again.

"Are you ready? It will hurt at first, but the pain will go away soon."

"Un..." Lan Liqing sheepishly nodded.

It was at this moment Su Yang slowly pushed the tip of his rod into her cave.

"Nnn!" Lan Liqing bit her lips from the extreme pain, the corner her eyes forming teardrops. She could very clearly feel her hymen slowly being torn apart by Su Yang's thick dragon, and blood was seeping through what little gap was left in her cave.

Not wishing to cause her too much pain, Su Yang continued to pierce Lan Liqing's tight vagina carefully. Her insides were tightly wrapped around his meat-stick; it was a sensational experience for both of them, especially Lan Liqing, who has never felt anything relatively close to losing her chastity.

Although it took some time, Su Yang's entire heavenly rod was finally inside Lan Liqing's hole with the tip even hitting the end of her hole. It was a heavenly feeling for Su Yang despite having experienced this plenty of times in his previous life; it was something he would never get tired of.

"How does it feel, losing your chastity?" Su Yang asked her in a teasing voice.

Lan Liqing struggled to lift her head to look at her stomach that was slightly bulging due to Su Yang's thick rod. Her stomach felt full, almost as though she was full from eating too much. She even looked a bit dazed by the fact that she actually allowed her Yin Essence to be plucked by an Outer Court disciple.

"I will begin moving now, okay?" Su Yang warned her like a gentleman.

Seeing her nod, Su Yang began moving his hips, thrusting his slowly slowly at first, increasing the speed and intensity only after Lan Liqing began showing signs of pleasure.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!"

After a few minutes, Lan Liqing could no longer feel pain – only extremely pleasure. Her mind quickly became empty, and soon enough, the only thing she could think about was the burning sensation in her pussy and the profound pleasure that came with it.

The only sound that could be heard inside the room at this moment was Lan Liqing's captivating moaning and heavy breathing, the sound of meat getting pounded, and the sound of smacking water.

"Ahhh! Harder! I want it harder!" Lan Liqing pleaded for more as she tightly embraced Su Yang's neck.

Su Yang heeded her request and tightly held onto her slim waist as he lifted her into the air and began thrusting faster and faster with no signs of exhaustion even after intensive thrusting for many minutes, his dragon head fiercely hitting the end of her hole repeatedly, like a hammer pounding a wall.

It was a sight to behold in Su Yang's eyes. The way her beautiful breasts jiggled and her erotic face, not to mention the sound of her butt cheeks slapping against against his legs.

"Something's coming — Ahhhhhhh!" Lan Liqing tiled her head backward and screamed loudly with her tongue sticking out of her mouth, her body spazzing out of control instantly afterward, and a large amount of liquid then gushed out from her bottom.

However, Su Yang did not stop his movements and continued to thrust his steel-like rod into her, as he was also close to reaching his climax from the powerful sucking force of her vagina. This only further aroused Lan Liqing's lust and increased her sensitivity, causing her to continuously release liquid without any signs of stopping anytime soon.

"I feel like I am going crazy!" Lan Liqing exclaimed.

After another a few more minutes of thrusting, Su Yang finally released his virgin Yang Essence into Lan Liqing's pussy, quickly filling her hole without leaving even the smallest space unoccupied.

Su Yang gently kissed her on the lips afterward. However, despite already releasing his Yang Essence, he didn't pull his penis out of her hole, keeping the white substance tightly sealed within.

Lan Liqing took this moment to take deep breaths. She has never been this exhausted before, not even during the most strenuous training in her life.

"Su… Su Yang… just who… are you…?" she asked him in a low voice.

"Just an Outer Court disciple who is lustful towards his sect elder…" he answered with a teasing smile.

Lan Liqing sighed at his reply, turning quiet again. She then looked at her stomach that was still feeling the burning sensation strongly; it felt as though her stomach was on fire.

Then she noticed that the bulging on her stomach was still there, and she quickly looked at Su Yang with disbelief in her beautiful eyes. "Su Yang… your thing… it's still so hard?" she couldn't help but ask him about his thing.

Su Yang chuckled and replied: "The Pure Yang Flower is a very powerful medicine. Releasing that little amount would not even be close to satisfying it."

Lan Liqing was totally at lost for words upon hearing his answer. He was not satisfied after that intensive play? Even though her body has yet to calm down?

"Don't tell me that you are already at your limit after that little warmup? And you call yourself my senior?" Su Yang looked at her with surprise and a hint of teasing.

"W-Warmup? That was just a warmup?" Lan Liqing didn't know whether to laugh or cry after hearing his words. However, as sensitive as her body may be at this moment, she could tell with certainty that her body was craving for more of Su Yang's techniques.

Lan Liqing stared at him with a narrowed gaze that flicked with lust. "Who do you think I am? You, who is not even half my age, dare to look down on me? Come at me, I am not even halfway done with you!" she said to him, her voice happy-sounding.

Su Yang smiled and suddenly moved his hips without warning.

"Ahhh! So sudden!" Lan Liqing let out a moan that was filled with surprise.

"Very well, then I shall play with you all day!" Su Yang laughed out loud as he continued to enjoy the heavenly feeling of Lan Liqing's divine hole.

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