Dual Cultivation

Chapter 32 How Are You Going to Be Responsible?

Chapter 32 How Are You Going to Be Responsible?

Elder Lan stared at Su Yang, who was standing there with a nonchalant expression, with an awkward expression, her gaze filled with uncertainty and complications.

If she had to swear on her life that she has no feelings for Su Yang, then she wouldn't dare to open her mouth so carelessly. However, Elder Lan did not have the leisure to expose her feelings, much less jump into his arms, as their status as sect elder and disciple would cause countless troubles.

After a moment, Elder Lan let out a long sigh. "Why couldn't you be a core disciple instead? That would make things less complicated…" she mumbled what she truly felt inside her heart without being aware.

"Core disciple?" Su Yang lifted an eyebrow at her mumble.

While core disciples are also disciples, they are not treated as such. As a matter of fact, they have more authority than even sect elders within the sect.

Sect elders are mostly those who used to be Inner Court disciples but had no chance of becoming a core disciple; it was a way for the sect to keep their resources without being wasteful by disowning them, as Inner Court disciples are still talented individuals regardless if they are to become core disciples or not.

"If I become a core disciple, will that erase your shame, which would be cultivating with me, a mere Outer Court disciple?" Su Yang asked her in a serious tone.

Elder Lan noticed the confidence in his eyes when he mentioned becoming a core disciple, and she coldly snorted: "Do you have any idea what it takes to become a core disciple? They are all prodigies chosen by heaven itself since birth; there is no way you can compete with them."

"What makes you so sure?"

"Let's use Fang Zhelan, one of the leading core disciples at the moment, as an example. At your age, while you are only at the Elementary Spirit Realm, she was already at the level of sect elders at the True Spirit Realm. Tell me, Su Yang, how can you compete with that kind of monstrous talent?"

Su Yang chuckled at her example, and he said in a clear tone filled with confidence: "It's only the True Spirit Realm, there is nothing special about it. I'll get there in one month after consuming the Pure Yang Flower."

"Only the True Spirit Realm?" Ignoring his arrogant statement of achieving True Spirit Realm in one month, Elder Lan frowned at how easily Su Yang took the True Spirit Realm for, since she herself, was also 'only at the True Spirit Realm'.

"What a joke. You have not even seen the struggle at the Profound Spirit Realm, yet you are treating the True Spirit Realm as though it is nothing in your eyes. Just where do you get your arrogance and confidence from?"

It was only natural for Elder Lan to question his sanity, as she was unaware of Su Yang's experience in his previous life.

In reply to Elder Lan's remarks, Su Yang smiled and said: "Instead of just standing here and talking nonsense that will take us nowhere, how about I show you after we cultivate? If I cannot reach the True Spirit Realm within a month after I consume the Pure Yang Flower, I will cut off my treasure down there and feed it to the pigs."


Elder Lan was speechless at Su Yang's arrogance and imperturbable self-confidence. However, she also found his demeanor somewhat attractive. In this world where the strong ruled the weak, those without confidence in their own abilities would never achieve anything great no matter how profound their talent may be.

As for this Profound Blossom Sect, where female disciples actively look for partners to cultivate with, Su Yang's profound presence, charisma, and ability to satisfy them would naturally attract them like a chicken in the middle of a pack of carnivores. Even Elder Lan was no different. As a female, no matter her status, Su Yang's charisma also captivated her.

Elder Lan sighed sometime later, feeling frustrated and defeated along with many other complicated feelings.

"Aiii… Su Yang, you are really a difficult one, aren't you?" she shook her head, sounding tired.

"I consider myself pretty easygoing at this moment," Su Yang said with a smile, and he continued: "So about my request…"

Elder Lan closed her eyes and sighed again once he mentioned the topic.

When she opened her eyes, resolution flickered within. "My many years of effort will be wasted because of you, Su Yang… how are you going to be responsible for plucking my Yin Essence?"

Su Yang slowly approached her with a gentle smile and said: "By making you happiest woman in this universe for as long as I am here."

Elder Lan's face reddened at his words. She has never felt such an overwhelming desire to embrace someone before, let alone someone of the opposite gender.

"I will consume the Pure Yang Flower now. I'd appreciate it if you can protect me while–"

"What are you saying at this point?" Elder Lan suddenly said.

And she continued: "I will warn my disciples to not let anyone bother us for…"

"We can start short. Two days should be good enough."


Elder Lan was speechless. Forget about her, a pure maiden with no experience in dual cultivation, even experts wouldn't be able to handle dual cultivation for an entire day, yet he wants to cultivate for two days straight, even calling it short.

"Ahem… I will be right back…" Elder Lan awkwardly cleared her throat before quickly leaving the room.

Su Yang sat down in the lotus position once Elder Lan left. He then took out the Pure Yang Flower and stared at the red powder in his hands, preparing himself for whatever was in store for him after the powder enters his mouth.

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