Dual Cultivation

Chapter 317 Guardian for the Xie Family

Chapter 317 Guardian for the Xie Family

"I have a proposition for you, Su Yang." Lord Xie spoke with a serious expression on his face, "Join my Xie Family as a Guardian! As long as you agree, I will treat everything that happened today as though it'd never happened!"

"Y-Your Majesty… that's a bit..."

Senior Zhong looked at him with a surprised look that was also filled with doubt and hesitation.

A Guardian is as it sounds — someone who protects the family when required. The status of a Guardian for the Xie Family is akin to a General of an entire army and more, as they are the protector of this continent's number one family, and having such a title will bring an endless amount of fame to that individual.

Being one of the strongest Sword Master in this continent, it was obvious that Senior Zhong himself would be a Guardian for the Xie Family. However, just having profound strength does not immediately qualify one to become a Guardian for the Xie Family, as they must also be a trusted individual.

This is why Senior Zhong felt that Lord Xie's decision to make Su Yang a Guardian for the Xie Family inappropriate, as he is not an individual they can fully trust at this moment, not to mention his actions today that basically spat on the entire Xie Family's face — and right before Lord Xie's presence, no less.

"Hoh? What do I get in return for becoming a Guardian?" Su Yang asked despite having zero intentions of joining their Xie Family as a Guardian.

Lord Xie's eyes lit up and he spoke, "Becoming a Guardian of the Xie Family is akin to joining us as a family member! Naturally, as a member of our Xie Family, it is our responsibility to provide you with resources for cultivation. What's more, we will also provide you with a peak Earth-grade Spiritual Treasure! As for all the other things such as fame and status, there's no need to even mention it!"


Su Yang pretended to be pondering. If he hadn't met Qiuyue, then he might have seriously considered joining the Xie Family for their cultivation resources.

The Profound Blossom Sect will naturally become affected as well and might receive a flood of new disciples even if he does not do anything during the Regional Tournament.

However, with his current plans, the Profound Blossom Sect is bound to become one of if not the most famous Sect in the entire continent after the Regional Tournament.

"I don't need the Earth-grade Spiritual Treasure or any of the other benefits, but I might consider your offer if you give me your daughter," said Su Yang with a cheeky smile after a moment.


Lord Xie was trying his best to not explode with anger like before, but his body was visibly trembling.

"Your Majesty! Just give us the command and we will fight this bastard to death even if we have the slimmest chance of winning!"

The guards were also trembling in anger, as they have never received such humiliation in their lives!

"Are you certain you want to refuse, Su Yang? This is an opportunity that will never come again," said Lord Xie, ignoring the guards.

"That's perfectly fine," said Su Yang as he began walking towards the exit again.

Lord Xie sighed inwardly. As disrespectful as Su Yang may be towards the Xie Family, missing out on his profound strength is a great loss for the Xie Family as a whole.

A few moments later, just as Su Yang stepped outside the door, dozens of people — mostly guards — could be seen rushing towards his direction.

"Your Majesty! Are you hurt?! What was that tremor just now?!"

The guards rushed into the room.

"Calm down, everything is—"

"Father, what was that Profound Qi just now?"

Before Lord Xie could even finish his sentence, a beautiful lady that emitted an elegant aura appeared from the back of the crowd.

"Y-Young Lady!" Senior Zhong nearly facepalmed at her sudden appearance, which will surely complicate things even further now.

"S-Senior brother Xiao! What are you doing here?!"

As Senior Zhong had easily predicted, Xie Xingfang immediately noticed Su Yang's handsome face.

"It's been a while." Su Yang showed her a bright smile.

"If I knew you were coming, I would have personally welcomed you! Did you not receive that thing from Senior Zhong?"

Xie Xingfang eagerly approached Su Yang.


Besides Xie Xingfang's excited voice, everybody else there was silently watching them with wide eyes.

"If this is how they act as acquaintances, I cannot imagine seeing them as friends!" Lord Xie cried inwardly.

How could they be mere acquaintances when they seem so intimate together? At this rate, they might even share beds as mere friends!

However, as much as Lord Xie hates using his own daughter for his own advantages, he really wanted Su Yang's profound strength to be apart of his Xie Family, not to mention his mysterious background.

"My daughter, you came at the right time. I was just discussing with this expert here to see if he wanted to be a Guardian for the Xie Family."

"Your Majesty?!" Senior Zhong couldn't believe his eyes or ears. Did Lord Xie just use his daughter to persuade Su Yang? Even though he was going to kill Su Yang for mentioning his daughter just minutes ago? His change in attitude is simply too profound!

Of course, in a world where strength is ranked first in almost every situation, Lord Xie wouldn't mind acting shamelessly for a bit as long as his Xie Family gains another expert.

"Really?! Senior brother Xiao, are you going to become a Guardian for our Xie Family?" She looked at him with begging eyes.

Under normal circumstances, any individual that is faced with her pleading expression would nod their heads without any hesitation or pondering. But unfortunately for her, Su Yang is a man with countless experiences with women under his belt and remained nonchalant even under her irresistible appearance.

"I am sorry, but I have already refused that offer," said Su Yang with an apologetic smile.

Xie Xingfang's happy expression became a bit saddened upon hearing his words. However, she did not pressure him and said, "I'm sure you have your reasons, so I won't ask. But since you are here, why don't we sit down and drink some tea? I have some things I would like to speak to you about. I won't take no as an answer this time!"

Su Yang nodded. "My business here is done already, so I will take that offer," he replied.

"Great! Then please follow me."

"W-Wait!" Lord Xie quickly stopped them.

"What is it, father? Senior brother Xiao is an important guest of mine now," she turned around and asked with a frown, hoping that he won't make things difficult for them.

"Where are you two going?" he asked.

"My room, of course." Xie Xingfang replied without any hesitation.

Lord Xie frowned and spoke, "Just the two of you? Hmph! Unless Senior Zhong comes with you, don't even think about it!"

Xie Xingfang turned to look at Senior Zhong, who was staring back with a helpless smile on his face.

"Okay," she quickly agreed.

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