Dual Cultivation

Chapter 309 Murder in Broad Dayligh

Chapter 309 Murder in Broad Dayligh

After leaving the Snow Crystal Hotel, Su Yang wandered around the city until he found a group of familiar-looking people walking around.

Upon identifying these people to be the Golden Altar Sect, he immediately approached them without hiding his presence, almost like he wanted them to be aware of him.

When the middle-aged man from the Golden Altar Sect noticed Su Yang, who was standing a few meters in front of him with a sword in his grasp, his eyebrows lifted in puzzlement.

The middle-aged man wasn't aware of Su Yang's intention at first, nor did he immediately think that he was the target.

After a few more moments later, when the middle-aged man finally realized that Su Yang was staring at him, he spoke, \"Who are you? And what do you want from me?\"

However, Su Yang did not say a single word, only lifting his sword to point at the middle-aged man, which greatly surprised him.

That being said, it was not as though the middle-aged man was scared for his life since he was fully aware of this city's law that prohibits killing.

Once again, Su Yang remained silent.

\"I don't know who you are or what you want from me, but you must be either ignorant or irresponsible to be pointing your sword at me, while inside this Snowfall City, no less.\"

By now, the people in the surrounding area were all looking at Su Yang and the middle-aged man, their gazes filled with interest at the drama unfolding before them.

\"Although I do not know what you have planned in your head…\" Su Yang finally spoke, his voice disguised, obviously. \"I have experienced many loses for ignoring people like you…\"

Even though his voice was disguised, there was an obvious hint of sorrow within it.

In his previous life, he has lost some important friends simply because he did not listen to his instincts and waited until it was too late to deal with the situation when he should've done it immediately at hand.

Due to these mistakes, Su Yang has sworn to himself that he would never wait until something unfortunate happens ever again.

Bloodlust quickly appeared within Su Yang's aura, something the middle-aged man and the observers instantly noticed.

\"Don't tell me that he's actually going to attempt homicide in broad daylight?\"

\"Did he forget which city he is currently in? Is he courting death?\"

\"Ignoring the rules given by the Xie Family is much worse than death…\"

Not just the middle-aged man but even the observers were surprised by Su Yang's killing intent.

\"Hahaha! You are nuts! Good! If I kill you now, it will be considered self-defense!\"

The middle-aged man retrieved his own weapon, which also happened to be a sword — one that radiated with Spirit Qi. It was clearly a Spiritual Treasure.

\"What are you going to do now, I wonder?\" The middle-aged man spoke with a smug on his face.

However, a few seconds later, when Sword Intent suddenly filled the place, the middle-aged man's expression sunk faster than a rock with gravity.

\"S-Sword Master!\"

The crowd expressed shock, as most of them have never seen a Sword Master in person before.

\"I-I-Impossible!\" The middle-aged man mumbled with a pale face.

There are very few recognized Sword Masters in this world, and he's certain that he has never offended any of them, so who is this Sword Master standing before him right now with killing intent overflowing in his aura? What did he do to offend him?

\"W-W-Who are you?! If you think that you can escape punishment just because you are a Sword Master then you are only fooling yourself! The Xie Family will punish you regardless of your stature!\"

\"Punishment? If they have the ability to find a ghost, then such punishment is well deserved,\" said Su Yang, implying that he was the ghost.

\"At least tell me why you are targeting me! What did I do to offend you?!\"

The middle-aged man continued to speak. He wanted to delay time as much as possible, hoping the guards would come sooner.

Of course, Su Yang was well aware that the middle-aged man was trying to waste time by speaking to him. However, he was confident that it wouldn't take a second to kill him, who was only at the first level of the Heavenly Spirit Realm.

In the worst case, even if he cannot kill the middle-aged man in time, he was confident that he'd be able to escape unscathed.

However, unfortunately for the middle-aged man, Su Yang did not plan on lingering around any longer.

Su Yang readied his sword and, a second later, Sword Intent covered the entire area.

The Sword Intent being exuded from Su Yang right now far exceeded just a few moments ago, causing even the spectators to suffocate from the atmosphere.

As for the middle-aged man, because the Sword Intent was directly focused on him, his entire body was shaking at this moment, and it felt as though there were thousands of sword piercing his body.


The middle-aged man, feeling so terrified of the Sword Intent that he began screaming for his life, dumbfounding the disciples behind him, as they have never witnessed their prideful sect elder acting so cowardly and fearful, who was also one of the top elders in their Golden Altar Sect.

\"How unsightly…\" Su Yang shook his head.

Not wanting to hear the middle-aged man's screaming any longer, Su Yang activated Nine Astral Steps, disappearing from his spot and appearing directly before the middle-aged man in the blink of an eye.

\"Learn to hide your killing intent better in your next life…\"

After mumbling these words, Su Yang swung his sword, and at a speed that could not be perceived with one's mere eyes, it sliced away the middle-aged man's life by decapitation.

Immediately after killing the middle-aged man, Su Yang activated Nine Astral Step again, disappearing from sight before the people there could even comprehend why there was a decapitated head spinning in midair.

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