Dual Cultivation

Chapter 305 Denied Entry

Chapter 305 Denied Entry

After the Profound Blossom Sect began following behind the Burning Lotus Sect, they have once again become the center of attention.

"Who are those people following behind the Burning Lotus Sect?"

The crowd outside Snowfall City mumbled to each other.

"I have never seen their robes before..."

"Me neither…"

"How nobody here recognizes such a dazzling group of people is beyond me…"

"No matter who they are, to be escorted by the Burning Lotus Sect, they must have a special relationship with them."

Meanwhile, inside one of the Burning Lotus Sect's carriages, Great Elder Han was frowning.

"What is the Profound Blossom Sect doing here? They wouldn't travel all the way here just to watch the tournament, right? Do they really plan to participate, too?"

Great Elder Han pondered to himself. However, because he doesn't believe that someone as powerful as Su Yang could be a mere disciple of the Profound Blossom Sect, much less meet the age requirements for the tournament, he wasn't worried that their Burning Lotus Sect might have to deal with Su Yang during the tournament even the slightest.

With that being said, he found their presence here very odd. Looking at their current group and its number, it should account for nearly the entire Profound Blossom Sect's population — an amount that does not even qualify to be considered a Sect.

What's more, it was obvious that the nine beautiful disciples in the front are going to be the participants, as they were the only ones within the group that actually meets the qualifications. However, this only made this situation more puzzling, as the Regional Tournament requires 10 members.

"Maybe there are only here to watch the tournament, after all?"

Great Elder Han decided to not think too much about this. As long as the Burning Lotus Sect does not have to deal with Su Yang, it doesn't matter what the Profound Blossom Sect has planned.

"May I see your identification, please?"

One of the guards at the entrance gate asked when the Burning Lotus Sect approached.

A few moments later, the Burning Lotus Sect showed the guard a golden medallion with the surname 'Xie' engraved in the middle.

"Thank you, esteemed guest."

The guard no longer asked any other questions and opened the gate for them. However, before they entered the gate, the people from the Burning Lotus Sect exited the carriages, as they did not plan on taking the carriages into the city.


When the disciples and sect elders came out of their carriages and noticed the Profound Blossom Sect, mostly Su Yang, their facial expressions immediately became filled with dread. Even worse, their memories of him from the chaos he'd caused at their place quickly resurfaced.

Because they had been inside the carriage the entire time and Wang Shuren did not explain the situation to them, these people were completely unaware that the Profound Blossom Sect had been following behind them this entire time.

"Calm down, he won't hurt you…" Great Elder Han spoke in an awkward tone after noticing their stiff expressions. "In fact, just ignore him…"

The disciples did not respond even after many moments, as they didn't know if they would be able to ignore his immense presence that still loomed their hearts.

"What are you all standing there for? Hurry up. We still have to meet up with the Sect Master and the others."

Wang Shuren, who was already inside the city, spoke in a loud voice.

"R-Right away!"

As soon as the Burning Lotus Sect passed the gates, the Profound Blossom Sect followed them from behind.

However, as one would have expected, they were immediately halted by the guards.

"May I see your identification, please?"

"They are with me," said Wang Shuren when she saw this.

"If they do not have any identification, even if they are your friends, I am afraid that I cannot allow them to enter like this, as this is a rule set by the lord of this city."

Wang Shuren frowned and said, "The lord of this place is the Xie Family, right? If the Xie Family gave us the privilege to enter, why can't they, who is with us, also enter? We came here together, after all."

It would be a major slap to Wang Shuren's face if they did not let the Profound Blossom Sect enter after everything she said to them. However, the worse part of all this was that she would be embarrassed in front of Su Yang, something she has to avoid at all costs.

"Unless they have the identification, they will have to pay a fee and wait in line like everybody else."

The guard remained unswayed.


Liu Lanzhi was also displeased about this situation. If they have to return to the line now, they will have to go to the end of the queue, wasting a few hours of their time.

"I knew we should've ignored her offer and remained in line!" she cursed inwardly.

As Wang Shuren and the guards began arguing back and forth about the situation for the next few minutes, another commotion occurred right behind them.

"It's the Divine Sword Sect!"

"Oh my lord! I did not think I'd get to see them so close up in this life!"

The crowd roared with excitement, an atmosphere that even the Burning Lotus Sect could not incite.

"The Divine Sword Sect?"

Su Yang raised an eyebrow when he heard this name, as it sounded somewhat familiar to him.

A few moments later, two white carriages with gold frames approached the gate.

However, because of the Profound Blossom Sect that was still at the entrance gate, the Divine Sword Sect had to come to a complete halt right behind them.

"Anyway, I will not move from this spot until you let them inside!" Wang Shuren did not care about the Divine Sword Sect's arrival and continue to argue with the guards, who are feeling quite annoyed by now.

But even if they were up against an Elite Sect, they were unable to disobey the Xie Family's words that were akin to heavenly laws.

"What is going on here?"

A voice that belonged to an elderly suddenly resounded.


The guards immediately recognized this voice and went up to the Divine Sword Sect's carriages, ignoring Wang Shuren and the Profound Blossom Sect.

"You see, these people here…"

The guards quickly explained the situation to the individual inside the first carriage.

"The Profound Blossom Sect... you say?"

The elderly voice sounded somewhat surprised upon hearing the name. A few seconds later, the door to the first carriage opened, and an old man hurried out of the carriage.

"It's really you!"

The old man's eyes widened with surprise when he noticed Su Yang's handsome face.

When Su Yang saw this old man, he finally realized why the name 'Divine Sword Sect' sounded so familiar.

"If it isn't the old man who was with the young lady on that day," he spoke with a gentle smile on his calm face.

Indeed, this old man was Elder Zhong, someone Su Yang met during his travel to the Thunder Valley. It was at that time where he also met Xie Xingfang, a young lady from the Xie Family with the Heavenly Constitution known as 'Hundred Poisons Body'.

"Y-Y-You… what are you doing here?" Elder Zhong asked him without thinking due to his surprise.

"To see the young lady again, obviously…" he responded in what sounded like sarcasm to Elder Zhong.

But little did Elder Zhong know that Su Yang was being completely serious.

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