Dual Cultivation

Chapter 303 Snowfall City

Chapter 303 Snowfall City

"S-Sect Master… we are attracting quite the attention… What if the Million Snakes Sect notices us?"

One of the sect elders expressed her worries.

Under normal circumstances, they would be proud of this situation, but alas, they did not want to attract any unwanted attention today — at least not until they enter Snowfall City.

However, such a wish may be somewhat impossible, especially when their beauty stuck out like a sore thumb. They were akin to a garden filled with beautiful flowers in the middle of a boring desert.

"I have thought about wearing masks, but that would only make us seem suspicious." Liu Lanzhi shook her head. "But even if we attract some attention now, it shouldn't matter because the Million Snakes Sect should have entered Snowfall City by now."

"A renowned place such as them will surely be pardoned from waiting in line unlike the rest of us."

"That sounds reasonable…"

The sect elders no longer worried about the Million Snakes Sect and continued to follow Liu Lanzhi, slowly approaching Snowfall City.

Sometime later, a massive crowd of people came into view, causing the disciples from the Profound Blossom Sect to be dumbfounded.

"Holy! There are so many people here!"

The sheer amount of people there scared the Junior Disciples. In fact, there were so many people that it looked like a black sea from where they were standing.

"We have to wait in this line? No way! There are tens of thousands of people here, and it will take days if not weeks before we can even enter the city! We might not even make it in time for the registration!"

One of the Junior Disciples became worried.

"Don't worry, this line is only for the spectators and travelers. For people that plan to participate, our line is over there…"

Liu Lanzhi pointed to a certain line near the crowd that was much shorter. However, even with the shorter queue, there were at least a few hundred people in line.

"Let's hurry up and get in line before it becomes even longer," said Liu Lanzhi as she began walking towards the crowd.

Meanwhile, Su Yang used his Profound Qi to look at the city from a better view.

"This is quite the city…" he thought to himself when he realized that this Snowfall City was spacious enough to fit hundreds of thousands of people with ease.

What's more, besides the outer area that is filled with stores for business, the center of Snowfall City is basically one massive arena, almost like this city was built with only the Regional Tournament in mind.

After taking a good look at the city, Su Yang began probing the people inside and outside this city.

A few moments later, he calculated at least a dozen cultivators at the Heavenly Spirit Realm and two hundred at the Earth Spirit Realm. As for the rest, there were too many to count. However, these numbers will surely be drastically different by the time the Regional Tournament begins, as there are still plenty of people that have yet to arrive.

"Hmm? This is…"

Su Yang suddenly noticed a profound presence within the city that surpassed even the cultivators at the Heavenly Spirit Realm.

"There's actually someone at the Sovereign Spirit Realm in this place? How surprising…"

Su Yang smiled at this find.


Somewhere in Snowfall City, an old man who had been cultivating in silence suddenly opened his eyes, his gaze filled with a profound aura.

"Hmm… it felt like someone was watching me just now… or am I merely growing senile?"

This old man was the expert at the Sovereign Spirit Realm, and although subtle, he felt a pair of eyes on him.

But because the gaze that was watching him did not contain any malicious feeling, the old man did not pay too much attention to it and returned to cultivating soon later.-




Back at the queue outside of Snowfall City.

"Look over there! It's the Heavenly Swan Sect!"

Somebody from the queue exclaimed with excitement as a group of carriages approached them from the distance.

"Hey… how come they are able to ride in carriages when everybody else had to walk?"

Someone asked.

"You idiot! Who do you think they are?! The Heavenly Swan Sect is one of the most powerful Sects in this Eastern Continent! They have earned the privilege to use carriages!"

"I-Is that how it works…?"

When Su Yang saw the white and gold carriages, he narrowed his eyes.

"So you are also here, huh?"

Of course, he was referring to Su Yin, who was riding in one of these carriages.

"Heavenly Swan Sect… if I recall correctly, one of Su Yang's sibling is currently a disciple at that place." Liu Lanzhi looked at them with a pondering face.

A few minutes later, once the Heavenly Swan Sect neared the queue, they continued moving, skipping the entire queue and heading directly to the entrance.

"It must be nice to not have to wait in line…" Sun Jingjing sighed, feeling quite envious of their near-suffocating presence.

However, just as the Heavenly Swan Sect passed the Profound Blossom Sect, someone within one of the carriages noticed Su Yang.

"T-That brat! How could he also be here?!"

Su Xun, head of the Su Family, cried inwardly when he noticed Su Yang's tall figure and handsome face, and he prayed that Su Yin would not notice him.

Of course, Su Yang noticed Su Xun looking at him through the window in the carriage.

He then raised one of his arms and began waving it with a bright smile on his face, looking as though he just encountered a close friend in an unexpected place.

"Shit! He noticed me!"

Su Xun immediately closed the curtains and hid inside the carriage when he saw Su Yang waving at him with that ominous smile, his back soaked in cold sweat.

"What's the matter, Senior Su?" One of the people inside the carriage asked him when they noticed his strange behavior.

"I-It's nothing… The sun was in my eyes…" he quickly made an excuse.

"I-Is that so…"

A few minutes later, the Heavenly Swan Sect managed to enter the city without Su Yin noticing Su Yang.

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