Dual Cultivation

Chapter 301 Unexpected Encounter

Chapter 301 Unexpected Encounter

The moaning from Su Yang's carriage penetrated the thin walls and only got louder as time passed, and everybody from the sect elders to the Junior Disciples was listening to it with flushed expressions, feeling embarrassed just from the sounds, especially the Junior Disciples, as their faces were as red as a tomato.


"That sounded like senior apprentice-sister Sun…"

One of the Junior Disciples spoke after hearing her voice.


"Ah! That must be senior apprentice-sister Fang!"

The Junior Disciples began guessing the individual that was moaning to keep the atmosphere less awkward.

"How envious… I also want to cultivate with senior apprentice-brother…"

"Hahaha… you still have another year to go!"

"I will be an adult in three months! I cannot wait to give senior apprentice-brother my Pure Yin Essence!"

The male Junior Disciples that were unfortunate enough to hear these things sighed inwardly. If only they were even half as popular as Su Yang, they would be surrounded by the female disciples as well.

Meanwhile, inside the first carriage.

"Enough! I am not going to sit here and torture myself for the next seven days!" Elder Sun stood up and prepared to open the carriage door.

However, just as he opened the door, all of the moaning from Su Yang's carriage came to a sudden halt.

"I-It stopped?"

Elder Sun's expression froze, feeling perplexed, as he did not know whether he should continue with his plans at this point.

After waiting for a few more moments and confirming that the moaning had truly stopped, Elder Sun closed the door and sat back down with a gloomy expression.

"They are done already? That can't be possible… it's too fast…"

Liu Lanzhi pondered inwardly. It hasn't even been five minutes since the moaning began, yet they are already done? That's too fast no matter how she looked at it.

However, little did she know that Su Yang was only teasing them by purposefully letting them hear the moaning. The only reason they can no longer hear the moaning is simply because Su Yang has surrounded his carriage with a sound-proof formation.

In order words, the action inside his carriage did not stop and was only silenced.

"The moaning stopped…"

The Junior Disciples were also curious as to why the moaning suddenly stopped, but none of them dared to leave the carriage to figure out why.

The travel no longer felt unbearable with the silent atmosphere returning, and time passed quickly.

Four days later, the door to Su Yang's carriage suddenly opened.

A few seconds later, Su Yang jumped out of the carriage and landed on the third carriage, where the rest of the participants were riding inside.

"S-Senior apprentice-brother!"

When the disciples from the third carriage saw his actions, their eyes widened with surprise.

"W-What are you doing here?" one of them asked.

Su Yang smiled and spoke, "I hope you didn't think that I'd forgotten about you girls."

The disciples immediately understood his words and the situation, and they began blushing.

"So? Are you girls up for it?"

The disciples exchanged glances for a moment before nodding.

"Very well…"

Su Yang entered their carriage and proceeded to remove his clothes once again.


A few moments later, the disciples' sweet voices and moanings penetrated the thin carriage walls, instantly breaking the atmosphere that had been still for the last four days.

"H-He's at it again! And he's even changed carriages!"

"Good heavens, just how much stamina does this man have? He's a freaking monster!"

The sect elders were not shocked by his actions but his seemingly endless stamina instead. Although they did not hear any noises for the last few days, these sect elders were certain that Su Yang had been cultivating with the disciples inside, as the carriage was moving and swaying in a weird and unnatural manner.

Not just the sect elders but the Junior Disciples were also in awe by Su Yang's will to cultivate; it was as though he was the embodiment of pleasure.

"Not only does he have the energy but his technique is also top-notch. He's the ideal disciple for any Sect that focuses on dual cultivation."

One of the sect elders praised him as though he was a treasure.

"That's right… and for him to be a disciple of our Profound Blossom Sect… I cannot help but feel lucky."

"Lucky, huh…" Liu Lanzhi sighed inwardly.

After being forced to listen to the constant moaning from the third carriage for a few minutes, it came to a sudden halt again.

"It stopped again…"

The Junior Disciples were puzzled by this phenomenon. None of them believed that Su Yang would finish his cultivation within a few minutes, especially when there's more than one girl in that carriage, yet they cannot explain this silence.




Three days later, as the Profound Blossom Sect neared Snowfall City, they began noticing carriages from many different backgrounds traveling the same direction.

"Look over there! It's the Blood Eagle Manor!"

One of the sect elders noticed the black flag with an eagle's head in red in the distance.

"T-There's the Southern Fist Academy right behind them!"

Liu Lanzhi shook her head and spoke, "If these mediocre places are enough to excite you, just wait until you see the real giants of the cultivation world."

Incidentally, the Profound Blossom Sect did not show off their Sect's emblem on a flag like the other Sects to remain lowkey, as Liu Lanzhi was afraid of attracting unwanted attention before the Regional Tournament even begins.

"L-L-L-Look! T-That flag!"

Surprisingly, it was Elder Sun who raised his voice this time.

Wondering what had shocked Elder Sun so much that cracked his voice, Liu Lanzhi, and the others turned to look at the direction Elder Sun was pointing at.


Even Liu Lanzhi couldn't help but widen her eyes when she noticed the carriages in the distance that had a menacing snake on their flag.

"The Million Snakes Sect!"

Liu Lanzhi began breathing heavily, her expression pale. Although she had prepared herself to encounter them during the Regional Tournament, she did not expect to find them so soon!

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