Dual Cultivation

Chapter 277 Rescue Mission

Chapter 277 Rescue Mission

After reaching the Heavenly Spirit Realm, Su Yang's already rich Yang Qi only became even richer. What's more, because of his overwhelming strong Yang Qi, it made Su Yang's little brother emit a kind of profound energy that naturally increases the pleasure his partners feel during cultivation.

In other words, even if Su Yang doesn't do anything, his partner will still feel pleasure just from having his rod in their body!




Fang Zhelan's entire figure trembled before releasing Yin Qi from her lower body.

"Again… he made me cum again…"

After cultivating with Su Yang for half an hour, Fang Zhelan couldn't even remember how many times she has released her Yin Qi.

Ever since she started this path of cultivation, Fang Zhelan has never felt such satisfaction and pleasure from cultivation.

Feeling like a frog in a well, Fang Zhelan embraced everything Su Yang graced upon her body.

After another half an hour, when Fang Zhelan's body could no longer handle the stimulation, Su Yang released his Yang Qi into Fang Zhelan.


Fang Zhelan released a long moan when she felt something warm rush into her hole, quickly filling it.

A few moments later, when Fang Zhelan realized the quality of Yang Qi in her body, she stared at Su Yang with wide eyes.

"T-T-This… Heavenly Spirit Realm?!"

"You can tell?" Su Yang smiled.

Although she was dazed, Fang Zhelan managed to nod her head in response.

"As long as you continue cultivating with me, you will without a doubt reach the Earth Spirit Realm before the tournament."

Fang Zhelan did not even slightly doubt his words.

In fact, she could very well reach the fourth level of the Earth Spirit Realm by the time the regional tournament begins if she continues to cultivate with Su Yang.

What's more, after a mere week, the seven Outer Court disciples that wanted to enter the regional tournament but was only at the Elementary Spirit Realm has long reached the Profound Spirit Realm after cultivating with Su Yang, and they all expect to achieve the True Spirit Realm before the regional tournament.

After cultivating with Fang Zhelan, Su Yang returned to his own living quarters, where he would continue to cultivate with the disciples for the next few days.




During these few days, the Profound Blossom Sect continued to remain silent and inside its own territory.

As for the Burning Lotus Sect, they did not mention anything about the Profound Blossom Sect to the outside world and only spoke of their experience with their Sect Master, as it was instructed by the Sect Master himself.

"Su Yang!"

Whilst he was in the middle of cultivation, Su Yang's communication jade suddenly trembled, and Liu Lanzhi's voice resounded in his head.

"Come to the Yin Yang Pavilion immediately! There is an emergency!"


"Is there something wrong, senior apprentice-brother?"

Su Yang's partner asked him after he suddenly stopped moving.

"Yes, the Sect Master just called for me, and she sounded quite urgent. Something must have happened."

"Go ahead, senior apprentice-brother. We can finish this another day."

Su Yang shook his head and said, "One minute."

After saying those words, Su Yang continued to cultivate.

One minute later, Su Yang released his Yang Qi into her body, and the lady was more than satisfied from the session.

A few moments later, Su Yang changed his robes and headed to the Yin Yang Pavilion.

Upon arrival, Liu Lanzhi and three other figures there turned to look at him.

"Took you long enough," Elder Sun snorted upon seeing him.

"I was in the middle of cultivation," he casually responded.

"Anyway, why are we here?"

Su Yang turned to look at Liu Lanzhi, who wore an anxious expression on her face.

Liu Lanzhi nodded and began explaining the situation, "I have forgotten about this because of the Million Snakes Sect situation, but our Junior Disciples are currently outside training, and I just received an urgent call by the sect elders leading them that they are currently in danger, requesting for immediate backup. In other words, it's a rescue mission, and I want the four of you to go."

"Junior Disciples?"

Su Yang raised an eyebrow. Although he did not immediately recognize this term, he quickly searched through his memories.

To put it simply, Junior Disciples are disciples that are underaged, and it is special role that exists only in the Profound Blossom Sect due to their unique ways of cultivation. What's more, Junior Disciples are strictly forbidden from engaging in dual cultivation before the age of 16, when they officially become adults, as one can imagine the outrage it would cause if they were allowed to dual cultivate.

"Where are they currently?" Fang Zhelan, who was also there, asked Liu Lanzhi.

"They are currently at the borders between the Eastern Region and the Southern Region."

"Do we know what happened to them?" Sun Jingjing, the last member there, asked.

Liu Lanzhi shook her head. "I did not receive any direct messages, only their signal after they destroyed the emergency talisman I gave them. However, even if we don't know the situation, don't underestimate the dangers, as it is something even the sect elders there were not able to handle."

"How far is it to the borders from here?" Su Yang asked.

"If you start running there now, it should only take a few days."

"A few days? That's too far away… and by the time we get there... I'm afraid that it might be too late..." Sun Jingjing frowned.

Liu Lanzhi sighed and spoke, "Even if we might not make it in time, we cannot just ignore them, as it will be akin to abandoning them, especially when it happened to us not long ago."

"We just need to recuse them, right?"

Su Yang suddenly retrieved a small wooden boat and tossed it into the air.

The next instant, the wooden boat expanded in size until it became a full-sized wooden boat.

"W-What is that? It's even floating in the air!" Sun Jingjing asked him with her interest piqued.

"It's a flying treasure. With this, we will reach our destination much faster."

"A flying treasure…"

Both Liu Lanzhi and Elder Sun stared at the wooden boat with wide eyes filled with shock. Where did Su Yang obtain such a treasure?

Su Yang jumped onto the boat and turned to look at the others and spoke, "What are you waiting for? We are in a hurry, right? Get on."

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