Dual Cultivation

Chapter 271 Sexy Body

Chapter 271 Sexy Body

"Although I cannot tell you where Senior is right now, I can tell you that he might be from the Holy Central Continent."

Wanting to shock the Burning Lotus Sect and increase Su Yang's presence even more, Liu Lanzhi decided to mention the Holy Central Continent.

"The Holy Central Continent!"

Great Elder Han's heart throbbed with excitement after hearing such news, as he is one of those Cultivators that have spent many years researching the Holy Central Continent in hopes to find a way there.

"I-If it's not too much to ask, can you tell this Senior that I would like to respectfully request an audience with him?"

There was no way Great Elder Han would not ask this question — especially when this Senior may very well be the key to reaching the Holy Central Continent!

"Uh… I guess I can ask him the next time we meet…"

Liu Lanzhi casually agreed.

"Thank you!"

Great Elder Han said excitedly.

Half an hour later, when Su Yang still hasn't shown up, Wang Shuren sighed, "This Su Yang, what is taking him so long?"

Liu Lanzhi then spoke in an apologetic tone, "T-The disciples are quite fond of him, so he's usually very busy…"

"Eh? What do you mean by that?"

Wang Shuren asked with a puzzled expression.


Liu Lanzhi looked at her weirdly and thought to herself, "She can't be oblivious of what we do in the Profound Blossom Sect, right?"

Indeed, because of the situation, Wang Shuren has totally forgotten about the reason why Profound Blossom Sect is so famous in the first place.

"Elder Wang, have you forgotten about the kind of place we are in right now?"

Great Elder Han reminded her.

Wang Shuren raised an eyebrow and pondered for a moment.

Then she suddenly recalled one not-so-minor detailed about the Profound Blossom Sect that made them famous.

Liu Lanzhi noticed Wang Shuren's realization and said with a smile, "There is only one reason why a man would be busy in this place if the female disciples are fond of him."

Wang Shuren's face turned slightly red from embarrassment.


Wang Shuren didn't know how to respond afterward, as she isn't used to such conversations.

Suddenly, the sound of a door opening resounded, causing everybody there to look towards the door.

"Su Yang!"

Wang Shuren's eyes flickered with delight after seeing Su Yang's handsome face, feeling relieved that he was truly alive.

Su Yang glanced at the Burning Lotus Sect as he walked inside and spoke in a joking tone, "What's this? Are you here to take revenge for what happened that day?"

Great Elder Han tightened his jaws after seeing Su Yang's face and hearing his voice, as his fear for Su Yang still remained.

As for the other experts from the Burning Lotus Sect, they were visibly trembling from seeing Su Yang.

Liu Lanzhi looked at the situation with a puzzled frown. What on earth is this situation?

Su Yang ignored all of the gazes and sat down right before Wang Shuren.

"You wanted to speak with me, right?"

He stared at her face.

"Well… sort of…"

In truth, Wang Shuren didn't know what to say. She only came here because she was worried about their situation with the Million Snakes Sect, and knowing Su Yang, he would most definitely be at the front trying to protect his own place.

But now that she finally learns of what happened with the Million Snakes Sect, even seeing Su Yang in person, she has fulfilled her reason for being here.

However, she felt that it would be rude to Liu Lanzhi and Su Yang if she leaves right after he appeared.

Seeing Wang Shuren stay silent, Su Yang asked her, "Do you want to speak in private?"

Wang Shuren's eyes brightened after hearing that and nodded.

"Very well… follow me."

Su Yang stood up.

"I will be right back," said Wang Shuren to her fellow disciples before following Su Yang out of the place.

Although Great Elder Han and the others were told to not let Wang Shuren leave their sights and disliked this situation, they felt that it would be wrong for them to stop her, as this entire visit would be meaningless if they did not let Wang Shuren speak with Su Yang.

"Would you like some more tea?" Liu Lanzhi asked them.


Great Elder Han nodded. Perhaps he can learn more about this mysterious expert in the meantime.

After leaving Liu Lanzhi and the Burning Lotus Sect alone, Su Yang brought Wang Shuren directly to his living quarters.

As they got close to the place, Wang Shuren noticed a group of beautiful female disciples outside his house chatting with each other while giggling in delight.

"Senior apprentice-brother! You are back already?"

The female disciples asked him after noticing his approaching figure.

They then noticed Wang Shuren walking behind him and her ample figure.

"Wow… what a sexy body…"

The female disciples were slightly envious of Wang Shuren's mature and enchanting body. If they had such a body, their life in the Profound Blossom Sect will definitely become much easier.

"I will let you girls know when I am available again," said Su Yang as he approached the house.

"Don't make us wait too long, senior apprentice-brother! My body is already hot just from standing here!"

"That's right! I have been waiting for today for two days now!"

The female disciples did not hide their intentions with Su Yang despite being in public, even touching their own bodies in an erotic manner, and Wang Shuren was greatly dumbfounded by their shameless behaviors.

"Do they have no shame? Or is this how all of the females in this place act?"

Wang Shuren thought to herself.

The female disciples then turned to look at Wang Shuren.

"You are from the Burning Lotus Sect, right? To come all the way here just to play with senior apprentice-brother, I admire you!"


Wang Shuren was speechless for a moment before shouting in anger, "Who do you think I am?!"

The female disciples exchanged glances with each other. Nobody there knows Wang Shuren.

"Ignore them…" Su Yang's calm voice resounded as he entered the house.

Wang Shuren coldly snorted before following Su Yang into his house.

"Who was that, anyway?"

The female disciples there asked each other.

"Who knows… but she had a pretty strong aura… so maybe someone important?"

The disciples there soon returned to their chatting while they waited for their turn with Su Yang.

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