Dual Cultivation

Chapter 203 Wang Family's Grief

Chapter 203 Wang Family's Grief

After hearing that Wang Ming might be dead, Wang Shuren immediately went to his living quarters. However, when she arrived, there were over two dozen disciples already surrounding Wang Ming's house along with a few Sect Elders.

\"Elder Wang!\"

When the Sect Elder noticed Wang Shuren's approaching figure, they immediately went to greet her.

However, because of the situation, neither of the Sect Elders had a pleasant expression on their faces.

\"What is going on? Are the rumors true? That my cousin is dead and you found his ashes?\" Wang Shuren did not beat around the bush and asked them.

Although they seemed hesitant at first, the Sect Elders nodded their heads and said, \"Indeed, the ashes have been determined to be Wang Ming. What's more, he was burned to death by Alchemy Flames…\"

\"What?! Alchemy Flames?! Impossible!\" Wang Shuren expressed shock, but she was more surprised by the Alchemy Flames part than the death of Wang Ming, as it would require extremely powerful Alchemy Flames to burn someone to death, much less until they are reduced to ashes.

\"In this entire Sect, there is only one individual who could possibly achieve such a feat — the Sect Master! However, why would the Sect Master secretly kill someone, much less a disciple such as Wang Ming?\"

After pondering some more, another individual that might be able to achieve this feat appeared in her head. However, if it really turned out to be that person, there's nothing she nor the Sect could do to avenge Wang Ming.

\"What do you think we should do about this, Elder Wang? And if possible, I would like for you, as someone from the Wang Family, to let his family know of his death…\" one of the Sect Elders asked her, as they didn't want to be the ones to engage the Wang Family's wrath.

\"I will let the Wang Family know about Wang Ming, and as for his death, tell the Sect Master that the Wang Family will also be handling the investigations,\" said Wang Shuren after pondering for some time.

\"I will let the Sect Master know right away.\"

Before the Sect Elders left, they chased away the curious disciples surrounding Wang Ming's living quarters, as they did not want the disciples to look disrespectful towards the dead.

Once the Sect Elders left, Wang Shuren also left the Burning Lotus Sect to return to the Wang Family.

\"What did you just say? Wang Ming is dead? And he even died within the Burning Lotus Sect?\" The head of the Wang Family, Wang Chen, frowned upon hearing the news, his face filled with anger.

Although he felt nothing but disappointment after learning of Wang Ming's disgraceful behaviors, Wang Ming was still his son, and to hear that his son had died right after the Wang Family punished him, Wang Chen felt slightly guilty and a bit of regret.

\"My son is dead…?\" Wang Ming's mother broke down in tears on the spot, feeling even more devastated than the moment she learned that her son turned out to be a rapist. After all, no matter how much of a troublemaker Wang Ming was, at least he was still alive.

\"Do you have any idea who the killer is? Is it a fellow disciple?\" Wang Chen asked her with a somewhat calm voice despite boiling with anger.

\"What about the cause of death? Was it the result of some dispute?\" he continued to ask questions.

\"We do not have any clue as to who may have killed Wang Ming, but he died after being burned to death…\" Wang Shuren finally revealed to them the true horror of his death. \"When we found Wang Ming, he was already in ashes…\"

When Wang Ming's mother heard this, she fainted on her seat, causing panic within the room.

\"Somebody bring my wife to her room to rest!\" Wang Chen cried out to the servants waiting outside.

Servants immediately came rushing in after hearing his words, and they gently moved the unconscious mother to her own room.

\"I don't believe it… how could he have died in such a fashion? And in his own Sect at that?\" Wang Chen shook his head in disbelief.

\"You don't even have a single suspect in mind? What about all those women he had wrongfully taken advantage of? Do you think one of them could have done it? Or at least have something to do with his death?\"

Wang Shuren shook her head and said, \"That's impossible because the fire used to kill Wang Ming was Alchemy Flames, so it must've been done by an Alchemy Master — and not an ordinary one at that.\"

\"Alchemy Flames?! Then that individual must have great power… but why would someone like that kill Wang Ming? Perhaps one of his victims had an extremely powerful backer? No, that wouldn't make sense, as she wouldn't have become his victim in the first place if she already had someone like that behind her…\"

Wang Shuren remained silent as Wang Chen pondered about the possibilities, not even mentioning about Su Yang, whom she was almost certain to be Wang Ming's killer, as there are many evidence that leads to him.

Not only did Su Yang match the killer's persona of a powerful Alchemy Master but he was also the first one to have shed light on Wang Ming's behavior at the Burning Lotus Sect, even forcing her to deal with him.

What's more, Su Yang had left Wang Shuren's side around the time Wang Ming's death, and he was even being secretive about where he'd been when Wang Shuren asked him.

All of these points made Wang Shuren confident that Su Yang was the one behind Wang Ming's death, but alas, even if she has such information, there was nothing she could do about it, as she wouldn't even dare to question him, much less hold him accountable for Wang Ming's death.

\"Whatever the reason was, Wang Ming could only blame himself for offending someone like Su Yang. Even if you are my cousin, I wouldn't offend him for someone like you, especially after all that you've done…\" Wang Shuren shrugged her shoulders and shook her head inwardly.

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