Dual Cultivation

Chapter 187 Regional Tournamen

Chapter 187 Regional Tournamen

Su Yang and his group finally returned to the Profound Blossom Sect after spending a little over an hour above the Jade Sea.

However, before Su Yang could even enter his living quarter that is located in the Outer Court despite being an Inner Court disciple, he could see a figure standing in front of his door, looking like she had been standing there for many days.

"Matriarch?" Su Yang called out to her.

Liu Lanzhi, the Sect Master of the Profound Blossom Sect, immediately turned to look at the approaching Su Yang.

Her face expressed anger upon seeing Su Yang, but there was also a hint of relief within her gaze, seemingly happy to see him alive.

"Su Yang! Where did you go for the past two weeks?!" she immediately questioned him.

However, Su Yang acted like he was confused and said, "Where? I thought that I had signed out with the Sect Elder before leaving, even mentioning that I will be on a mission."

Liu Lanzhi frowned and said loudly, "Mission — my ass! Don't think that you can hide your little adventure to the Northern Region from me just because you said otherwise!"

Su Yang raised an eyebrow in surprise. How did she find out?

He was unaware that the Su Family had contacted her and complained about letting him return to the Northern Region despite their agreement.

"So you found out, huh." Su Yang remained calm and said, "But it's just the Northern Region, yet you make it sound as if going there is prohibited. Why is that?"


Liu Lanzhi did not expect him to question her and became speechless for a moment. Because of her agreement with the Su Family, she cannot, under any circumstances, tell him the truth, hence why his question had easily stumped her.

What's more, because the Su Family purposefully left out some information when complaining to her, Liu Lanzhi is still unaware that Su Yang had already returned to the Su Family, only aware that he'd returned to the Northern Region for whatever reason.

"T-The disciples of the Profound Blossom Sect are required to get approval from the Sect Master before they are allowed to travel over a certain distance limit! And you not only surpassed that limit but you also went to a different region entirely! Even if you are an Inner Court disciple, you will be punished for breaking the Sect Rules!" Liu Lanzhi finally found an excuse to tell him.

"Is that so… I understand." Su Yang casually accepted his fate. "I will accept whatever punishment you have in mind for me, but until then, I will be resting."

"Wait! I am not finished with you!" Liu Lanzhi stopped him before he could enter his living quarters.

"What is it this time?" Su Yang sighed.

Perhaps because somewhere in her heart she respects Su Yang deeply for his divine techniques, or maybe it's simply because she got used to it, but despite Su Yang's nonchalant attitude towards her, the Sect Master, Liu Lanzhi does not show any reaction, much less express anger.

"The Regional Tournament — there's only half a year before our Profound Blossom Sect participates in this event, and I am here to tell you that you will be participating in this event alongside a few others." Liu Lanzhi mentioned the Regional Tournament that was at the horizon.

"...Why did you choose someone like me? And why should I do something that bothersome?" Su Yang said to her despite already having an interest in the event ever since Elder Wu told him about it, especially when that girl with the Hundred Poisons Body will be present.

"You will participate because it's your responsibility as a disciple of this Sect to represent the Sect when needed and because I, the Sect Master, is ordering you to participate. Is this a good enough reason?" Liu Lanzhi spoke with a serious face, telling him that she is taking this seriously.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"As for why I decided to choose someone like you, it's simply because I think that you have what it takes to become a Core disciple, and one of the requirements before becoming a Core disciple is to partake in the Regional Tournament."

"I will tell you the truth — even if you lose badly during the tournament — I want you to become a Core disciple afterward, as just your techniques alone qualify you to become one."

After all, the Profound Blossom Sect is a unique place that is unlike any other Sect, valuing one's sensual techniques much more than one's cultivation base.

Su Yang smiled inwardly after hearing her reason for choosing him to partake in this Regional Tournament. Core disciple? If he really wanted to, he could easily become the Patriarch of this place with his peak Earth Spirit Realm cultivation base, much less a mere Core disciple.

However, because his current cultivation base vastly surpasses even that of Liu Lanzhi's cultivation, she remains oblivious to his real strength even now.

"Half a year, huh?" Su Yang smiled and continued, "You can expect to see me there, but if you are expecting me to lose, then you are in for a shocking experience…"

Liu Lanzhi did not bother him anymore after hearing that he would participate in the Regional Tournament. However, there was one more thing she needed to talk about before letting him go.

"Who are these two ladies with you?" she pointed to the disguised Qiuyue and Xiao Rong that had been following behind him like they were his servants with a weird expression on her face.

"They are my servants," Su Yang casually made up an excuse. "What, don't tell me that I am not allowed to have servants, too?"

"N-No… you are allowed to have up to three servants as an Inner Court disciple. Just make sure that you register their names at the administration so the Sect knows of their existence and to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings," Liu Lanzhi said to him before finally allowing him to go.

"They are his 'servants', huh? How envious…" Liu Lanzhi thought to herself as she watched Qiuyue and Xiao Rong follow Su Yang into the house, completely misunderstanding their situation.

But such a misunderstanding is not uncommon in a place like the Profound Blossom Sect, as there are plenty of disciples in this place that uses servants as training partners for dual cultivation.

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