Dual Cultivation

Chapter 170 Futile Efforts

Chapter 170 Futile Efforts

After stuffing her storage ring with enough ingredients to concoct enough Earth Advancement Pills for the next few days, Zhu Mengyi proceeded to clean herself before returning to Su Yang's living quarters.

Once she entered the Cauldron Room, Zhu Mengyi did not waste any time and immediately began concocting the pills.

Time swiftly passed, and in what feels like the blink of her eyes, an entire day went by.

On the first day, Zhu Mengyi had managed to concoct four Earth Advancement Pill without any failures, but they all came out as medium-quality with the last one being low-quality due to the fatigue from concocting too many Heaven-grade pills.

Once the first day ended, Zhu Mengyi did not leave the place and instead decided to sleep in the Cauldron Room, even treating Su Yang's house as though it's her own.

Of course, she's still unaware of the two other occupants in this house beside Su Yang and has a misconception that the two of them are living together in the same living quarters.

"Hehe… is this what it would feel like if we were together as husband and wife?" Zhu Mengyi daydreamed in the bathroom as she washed herself.

Meanwhile, in the room beside Su Yang's room, Qiuyue opened her eyes after she completed her cultivation session.

"Haaa…" Qiuyue sighed to herself the moment she finishes cultivating, seemingly disheartened by the results. "No matter how much I try to encourage myself, it won't change the fact that it's pointless for someone at my cultivation level to cultivate in this world."

"The Profound Qi in this world just won't cut it! Even with my superior cultivating technique, the quality is just too bad to be of any use to me!"

Even after dozens of back-to-back hours of cultivation, her cultivation barely improved if any at all. At this rate, even if she cultivates for a hundred years without any rest, she still wouldn't have enough Profound Qi to support her breakthrough to the next level, much less next realm!

Although she still has a bunch of resources she could absorb for Profound Qi, such methods would only last shortly before she runs out of them.

In other words, no matter how much she cultivated or struggled, all of her efforts would be futile.

"Why must the Heavens be so cruel? Did I do something to offend them in my past life?" she sighed again before getting off the bed and leaving the room to get a breath of fresh air.

However, the moment she stepped out of her room, Qiuyue's eyebrows lifted in puzzlement.

There was something strange about this place — there was a presence that she did not recognize in the bathroom.

And using her Spirit Sense, Qiuyue peeked into the bathroom.

"The Matriarch's daughter? What is she doing in this place, even taking a bath like this is her own house?"

Qiuyue quickly recognized Zhu Mengyi to be Matriarch Zhu's daughter. After all, she's been here before and even spoke with her for some time in the past.

Suddenly, she sensed another presence.

Qiuyue turned around to see Su Yang standing in the distance staring at her with narrowed eyes and a mysterious smile, looking quite eerie in her eyes.

"W-What is it?" she asked him with an ominous looming in her heart.

"Mmm? Nothing." Su Yang casually said, not letting her know the fact that he knows her secret.

In fact, he wanted to see how long and hard she will be willing to go to keep this secret from him.

"I do not believe you," Qiuyue said with narrowed eyes.

Suddenly, she thought of Zhu Mengyi and realized the only reason why she'd be here...

"I shouldn't have asked." Qiuyue shook her head and said, "So that girl from the Holy Sword Academy was not enough for you, huh? I feel bad for both of them."

"What?" Su Yang's expression changed quickly. "I did not touch her, nor do I plan to."

"Don't worry, it won't faze me even if you do — not at this point."


Su Yang was speechless.

Then, Qiuyue continued, "Hey… I want to improve my cultivation base, but because of obvious reasons, it won't budge even an inch. What should I do? You were an Immortal in your previous life, right?" she decided to ask him, an Immortal, for advice.

Hearing her question, Su Yang chuckled and responded with a smile, "Indeed, I was an Immortal. However, I rarely cultivated normally if you know what I mean."


Qiuyue became speechless.

"However, that being said, there are similarities between your cultivation method and mine. Just like how you cannot improve with enough Profound Qi in the air, I cannot increase my cultivation base if all of my partners have low cultivation bases."

"If we remain in this world for longer than expected, then my cultivation base will eventually reach the point where I won't improve even if I cultivate with all of the maidens in this world, and that is a problem that even I cannot fix."

"However, I am trying to prevent that, so for now, just be patient until we return to the Four Divine Heavens."

After listening to his words, Qiuyue sighed inwardly. If she's being honest, she couldn't care less about her cultivation base. The only reason she's even trying to improve her cultivation base is so that she could cultivate with him!

"To be this desperate to sleep with him, I must also be some kind of pervert…" she thought to herself.

"I am going out for a bit for some fresh air," she suddenly said to him.

Sometime later, Zhu Mengyi emerged from the bathroom with a refreshed expression and a clean body that emitted a sweet aroma.

"Let's do this!" she encouraged herself as she returned to the Cauldron Room.

Today is the last day for her to concoct a flawless-quality pill, or else she won't be able to come back anymore, something she must avoid at all costs!

The second she entered the Cauldron Room, Zhu Mengyi began concocting the Earth Advancement Pill with the intention to create a flawless quality pill by today.

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