Dual Cultivation

Chapter 165 An Even Better Reward

Chapter 165 An Even Better Reward

Normally, when a cauldron explodes, it would send out a shockwave of Profound Qi that dazes anyone within a certain distance, rendering them unable to react and vulnerable for a split second, and under rare circumstances, even knock people unconscious.

If inexperienced, the Alchemy Master behind the cauldron may react a millisecond too late and receive grave injuries — sometimes even a nail in their coffin.

Su Yang looked at the scattered pieces from the cauldron on the floor with a smile on his face. After spending enough time with his friend, who would occasionally break cauldrons despite her profound mastery in Alchemy, he eventually became immune to the shockwaves it causes and learned how to react to them purely from his instincts.

Su Yang waved his sleeves, and the scattered pieces on the floor suddenly swept itself into a corner, leaving them for Zhu Mengyi to clean up tomorrow.




Zhu Mengyi went straight to meet with Matriarch Zhu after departing from Su Yang's place to share her experience today — and to complain.

"You didn't tell me that he never agreed to teach me! I nearly made a fool out of myself today!" she said in an irritated tone.

"But you still managed to get him to teach you in the end, right?" Matriarch Zhu nearly burst out laughing.

"That's not the issue here!"

"Don't ponder about the small issues. At least he is willing to teach you."

"Hmph!" Zhu Mengyi coldly snorted.

"Anyway, how was it? Did you learn anything?"


"All I did today was attempt to concoct an Earth Advancement Pill."

"Earth Advancement Pill? Did you choose this pill or…"

"He picked it for me, and it was his first choice, not to mention that he did not even hesitate, almost like he knew that I needed help with that pill the most."

"Interesting…" Matriarch Zhu pondered to herself quietly.

"What were the results? Did it at least come out properly?"

"It blew."

"Huh?" Matriarch Zhu's eyes widened at her words, her heart feeling ominous.

"I made a mistake and the cauldron exploded!"

"You!!!" Matriarch Zhu stood up from shock after learning about the accident. "I swear to Heaven if he is—"

"He's fine! Forget about being wounded, there wasn't even a scratch on his robes!"

"Is that so…" Matriarch Zhu sighed in relief after hearing that Su Yang wasn't harmed and sat back down. It would be quite disastrous for not only her but the entire Sect if he was harmed because of one of their disciples — their Prime Disciple, no less.

"Anyway, he told me to go back tomorrow, and I am here because I need a new cauldron since my old one exploded to pieces."

"You — this is the eighth cauldron that you have broken this year already! Do you think I have an unlimited supply of cauldrons at that quality?! You are not only talented in Alchemy but also in destroying cauldrons!"

"Mistakes happen," she casually said.

Veins appeared on Matriarch Zhu's forehead after hearing her tone that sounded like she couldn't care less.

However, regardless of her exasperation, Matriarch Zhu still retrieved a new cauldron for her.

"Don't misunderstand! If not for our guest, I wouldn't be doing this!"

Zhu Mengyi happily accepted her new cauldron. "I will update you again tomorrow!" she said to her before leaving.

"Don't bother coming back if you are looking for a new cauldron because this will be your last one!"

Matriarch Zhu's voice loudly resounded from her back as she left the place.




When Su Yang returned to his own room after leaving the Cauldron Room, he was greatly surprised by the scene inside his room.

"Master! I am done with all of the scrolls! Reward me now!" Xiao Rong jumped in joy from his return.

Su Yang was certain that he had at least a hundred scrolls prepared before leaving her alone, enough materials to last for an entire day, yet in eight short hours, she managed to finish all of them?

After confirming that she indeed finished all hundred scrolls, Su Yang said, "Alright, I will give you your reward now."

However, when Xiao Rong saw that he was only letting her suck on his finger, she shook her head and raised her own hand, and said, "I want this reward."


With a defeated smile, Su Yang sighed, "Right, I did say that I will consider that as your reward…"

Su Yang then approached her and grabbed her small hand.

"Since you went above and beyond with your studying, I will give you an even better reward than just licking your finger—"

Right as he finished saying those words, he opened his mouth and touched Xiao Rong's palm with the tip of his tongue, where he was focusing his Profound Qi.

Then, using barely any strength, he gently moved his tongue across her arm, caressing his tongue on her smooth skin until he reached her neck.

Xiao Rong's body trembled at the new experience, and she could feel a tingling sensation all over her body, especially the area around her legs. Although she didn't understand the feeling of arousal, she understood that it was a pleasant feeling and that she wanted to experience more of this feeling.

"Meooow…" Xiao Rong released a joyful cry in the midst of all this.

If she was in her cat form then all of her furs would be standing tall right now, like spikes on a porcupine.

However, Su Yang did not stop when his tongue reached her neck and proceed to approach her ear.

The instant Xiao Rong felt Su Yang nibble on her ears, a pair of silver cat ears appeared on her head, and even her cat tail popped out at the location right above her butt crack.

Her immature mind was experiencing too many things at once for her to maintain her human form properly, and after another moment, Xiao Rong transformed back into a cat.

Su Yang looked at the silver cat on his lap with a smile and wondered if he went too far teasing her.

"Meooow…" Xiao Rong released another cry of delight before falling asleep on Su Yang's lap from feeling too relaxed, and on her face was a peaceful smile.

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