Dual Cultivation

Chapter 163 Do It One More Time!

Chapter 163 Do It One More Time!

Su Yang casually sat on the bed as Xiao Rong aggressively sucked on his finger, looking like she was trying to suck the leftover meat off a chicken bone.

"Can't you do that more elegantly?" he suddenly said to her.

"Elegantly? What is that?" she responded with a puzzled expression.

"It means to do something in a graceful manner, something that will make others feel pleasing to watch, the opposite of what you are doing."

"Xiao Rong does not understand," she said as she continued sucking like a barbarian.

Su Yang sighed and said, "Give me your hand, I will show you."

He realized that the fastest way to teach this cat something would be to show it to her directly, so the only way to teach her elegance would be…

Xiao Rong did not question his request and placed her small and tender-looking hands on his palm.

"Watch closely, as this is what it means to be elegant."

As he said those words, Su Yang slowly moved his lips towards her hand. He then opened his mouth and licked her finger with grace, treating her fingers as though they were the most delicate treasure in this world.

The tingling sensation of Su Yang's tongue caressing her finger made Xiao Rong stop sucking his finger to stare at his expression with a dazed face.

She didn't know what this feeling in her heart was but it was causing the blood in her body to heat up with excitement, making her feel an unnatural urge to pounce on him.

However, she resisted this urge and continued to watch him with her nearly dazzling eyes.

"Do you understand now?"

Before she was aware, Su Yang has already finished his little demonstration.

"Xiao Rong still cannot understand. One more time. Do it one more time!" she asked him with glowing eyes.

"I will consider that request if you can finish the next five scrolls." Su Yang pointed to the stack of papers beside him.

Xiao Rong nodded with enthusiasm and went to grab the papers.

Sometime later, right as Xiao Rong finished with the third scroll, the door outside was knocked on.

Su Yang stopped whatever he was doing and walked to the door.

When he opened the door, he was greeted by a beautiful young lady standing outside that emitted a strong herbal aroma that penetrated his nose. However, this aroma was not unpleasant to the nose. Instead, it made him feel more relaxed than usual.

"Who might you be?" Su Yang asked her.


Zhu Mengyi looked at Su Yang with a slightly dazed expression. Although she had heard from Qing Shan that he was a handsome young man, she did not expect him to be this attractive, and it actually startled her a bit.

"Ah! H-Hello, I am the P-Prime Disciple here, Zhu Mengyi!" She introduced herself in a nervous manner, nearly biting her own tongue.

Su Yang remained nonchalant despite learning of her status, and he said, "And how may I help you, Prime Disciple?"

"Um… I heard about the match between you and Qing Shan, so I decided to come here to see what kind of individual you were."

"Is that so…"

Seeing how Su Yang was already losing interest in her, Zhu Mengyi hastily said, "There's also another reason why I am here! My mother, the Matriarch of this Sect, sent me here to learn a thing or two about Alchemy from you!"

"Hoh? You are the Matriarch's daughter?"

Zhu Mengyi quickly nodded.

"And she wants me to teach you Alchemy?"

She nodded again.

"I understand the situation, but why should I be wasting my time teaching you?"

"Eh?" Zhu Mengyi looked at him with wide eyes. "But my mother told me to come see you…"

Su Yang raised an eyebrow and continued, "I don't know what she told you but I did not agree on such a thing, nor was it part of our agreement."

"You didn't?"

Zhu Mengyi was baffled. If what he said was true then why did her mother sent her here in the first place? Just so she can make a fool out of herself and lose face?

Feeling somewhat embarrassed by the situation, she said, "I'm sorry… I thought this was something my mother had arranged beforehand, so I came here without thinking about it…"


Su Yang looked at her silently, and after a moment, right as she prepared to leave, he said, "Though I said that it'll only be wasting my time, I have plenty of time to waste for the next few days."

"Huh? Really?" Zhu Mengyi looked at him with hopeful eyes.

Su Yang nodded. Besides lecturing Xiao Rong and Cultivating by himself, he did not have anything else planned, so he might as well make the next few days pass faster by helping her.

"Come back with a cauldron and enough ingredients for an Earth Advancement Pill," he said.

"..." Zhu Mengyi's eyes widened with shock upon hearing his words. Did he pick the Earth Advancement Pill by chance or did he choose it because he somehow knew that she was having problems with this pill?

"I-I already have a cauldron on me! The ingredients, too!" she said.

"How convenient…" Su Yang smiled, and he continued. "Wait here for a bit."

He then closed the door and went back to his own room.

"Xiao Rong, we will stop here today with the lessons."

"Eh?!" Xiao Rong expressed discontent as she placed the fifth scroll down. "But I am almost finished!"

Su Yang smiled and said, "You can continue on your own, but I have someone else to lecture today. I will reward you once I am finished."

"Really? Okay!" Xiao Rong no longer looked like she was going to throw a tantrum and went back to studying.

"And don't leave this room until I come back," he added.


Once he convinced her to stay in the room, Su Yang went back outside to meet Zhu Mengyi.

"Can we use the Cauldron Room in this house?" she asked him.

Su Yang nodded and allowed her into the house.

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