Dual Cultivation

Chapter 130 Forced Contrac

Chapter 130 Forced Contrac

"Why don't we get you covered up first?" Su Yang retrieved a pair of white robes from his storage ring and covered the Phantom Cat.

However, the Phantom Cat, who has never worn clothes before, felt uncomfortable and uncovered herself.

"I guess you are still a cat at heart, huh…" Su Yang smiled slightly. Although he adores seeing women without clothes, especially beautiful ones, it has to be in the right place and at the proper time.

"Now… what should I do with you?" Su Yang was a bit lost. He'd planned on leaving the Phantom Cat alone in this place until he could release it in the four Divine Heavens, but now that it's like this, he couldn't just leave her here.

As for letting her, a beast at the Ancient Realm roam around in this inferior world with not a single Immortal or God, it was something unthinkable.


Qiuyue descended from the sky to stand beside Su Yang, but before she could even approach him, the Phantom Cat turned to look at her with narrowed eyes, her gaze overflowing with coldness.


Qiuyue was given the fright of her life when the tyrannical pressure from someone at the Ancient Realm suddenly attacked her, causing her nearly lose her conscious and fall from the sky like a meteor.

While he was surprised to see this scene, Su Yang still quickly reacted and went to catch her.

A few moments later, when they both land, Su Yang turned to look at the Phantom Cat with an awkward expression on his face.

"Calm down, she's with me," he said to the Phantom Cat as he helped Qiuyue to the ground.

Hearing his words, the Phantom Cat was no longer filled with wary, but it still gave Qiuyue cold gazes, clearly harboring some sort of disdain for her.

"..." Qiuyue looked at the Phantom Cat with a frown on her face. She was obviously unhappy about what had just happened, even a bit puzzled, yet she decided to remain silent, mostly because the Phantom Cat was at the Ancient Realm, an existence that is considered as a Cultivating expert even within the four Divine Heavens.

"Father, we should just leave this stupid cat here and go…" she said to him via spiritual sense.

"I also had the same thoughts but, that was when it was only a Ghost Cat. As you can see, this Phantom Cat is at the Ancient Realm. If it wishes, it can easily destroy this entire space and set itself free. Luckily for us, it's not a brute and possibly… tamable…"

Qiuyue looked at Su Yang with wide eyes filled with surprise, and she spoke, "Surely, you are not thinking of taming it, right? That thing is at the Ancient Realm whilst you are still only a True Spirit Realm in the Mortal Realm! Even if you can fight those with a much higher Cultivation base than yourself, your Cultivation base won't be enough to control that beast, much less tame it!"

"Of course, I am not talking about that kind of taming. Ghost Cats are all prideful beasts and look at humans as though they are playthings, much less a Phantom Cat." Su Yang shook his head.

The thought of taming this Phantom Cat had never even appeared in his mind, as it was just too unlikely.

"When I said tamable, I meant that it at least listens to an extent and won't be unreasonable," Su Yang said to her without the need to move his lips using spiritual sense.

Meanwhile, the Phantom Cat stood there silently, her gaze still fixated on Su Yang, seemingly in deep thoughts.

In her hundred years of existence and existing memories, the Phantom Cat has never felt such attachment towards another being, much less a human.

There's just something about him that's making her unable to take her eyes away. What's more, when she licked him, she had tasted something in his Profound Qi that was anything but normal and gave off a divine feeling, something akin to a godly being, and such a feeling had made her body shiver with excitement.

The Phantom Cat wanted to experience more of this mysterious taste, but alas, she had a feeling that Su Yang wouldn't allow such actions again.

Suddenly, like it'd been struck by a bolt of enlightenment, a thought appeared in her mind, and her silver eyes flickered with a bright light.

A few moments later, when the Phantom Cat resolved herself, she used her godly speed to get behind Su Yang faster than lightning without alerting him.


However, Qiuyue, who was looking directly at him, immediately noticed the Phantom Cat that had suddenly appeared behind him like a ghost, quickly alerting him.


Su Yang, who was about to turn around, suddenly felt a sharp pain on his hand, feeling like he'd been bitten by something.

Though, despite the pain, he didn't move around needlessly and looked down at his hand.

"You… What are you doing?"

With a calm expression mixed with surprise, Su Yang stared at the Phantom Cat that was biting on his hand like some wild animal. He didn't immediately comprehend her actions, so he remained unmoving, hoping that she'd release him herself. But even if he tried to force her away, would he, a mere True Spirit Realm Cultivator, be able to fend off someone at the Ancient Realm? Hell, he'll probably get his hand torn off just from trying.

There was blood trickling down his fingers, but they were all cleaned by the Phantom Cat a few seconds later by licking it.

After seeing this, there was a baffled expression on Su Yang's face. "She's drinking… no… absorbing my blood? For a beast to do that..."

"F-Father!" Qiuyue was freaking out by now, but because Su Yang was holding her back with his other free hand, she only continued to watch the horrifying scene of the Phantom Cat drinking his blood like some ghoul.

After a few moments that felt like a few hours, the Phantom Cat finally removes her teeth from Su Yang's hand, her face filled with satisfaction.

"Are you satisfied now?" Su Yang said with a slight frown. He was feeling lightheadedness from having all that blood taken from him.

The Phantom Cat nodded, and then it mumbled something.

Seconds later, a complicated yet elegant symbol appears on the forehead of Phantom Cat.

"T-That is—"

When Qiuyue saw this symbol on the Phantom Cat's head, her jaw dropped straight to the ground. She then turned to look at Su Yang in slow and stiff movements, and sure enough, there was also a clear symbol on his forehead — the exact same symbol as the one on the Phantom Cat's forehead.

"B-B-Blood Contract!" Qiuyue couldn't believe what was happening.

The Phantom Cat had actually willingly initiated a Blood Contract herself, forcing Su Yang to be her Master!

There are many different kinds of contracts that exist in this profound world that allows Cultivators to tame wild beasts, making them companions of sorts, and unlike the majority of the contracts out there, the Blood Contract is one of the most sacred and unique ones that uses blood to create the contract.

However, situations, where a contract is made with force by the Cultivator, is not as common as one would expect, as most Cultivators would rather have a companion and bond that they can trust rather than a forced one. Additionally, the Cultivator must have a Cultivation base that far surpasses the beast in order to force a contract upon it.

As for beasts forcing Cultivators into contracts… it is more likely for a normal pig to suddenly grow wings and fly than that to happen.


Su Yang did not say a word regarding the situation, seemingly speechless. As a matter of fact, he was quite stumped at what had just happened, as he'd never expected that a Divine Realm beast would willingly offer its own freedom, body, and life to him without anything in return even in his dreams, much less a Phantom Cat, one of the rarest species in the universe!

Sometime later, he finally spoke, "I won't ask why you did it, nor do I care, but I hope that you won't regret this decision of yours in the future."

The Phantom Cat did not show any reactions to his words, almost like she couldn't comprehend the meaning to it. And while she has the ability to understand human language to a certain extent, there were way more things that she doesn't understand mainly because she has been living inside this desolate world for hundreds of years. Hell, it is already a wonder that she could understand human language just from listening to the tomb diggers for a very short amount of time.

"F-Father… what are you going to do to her now that she's under your control?" Qiuyue suddenly asked him.

"Who knows," he said. "Maybe I'll teach her some tricks when I'm bored," he continued in a joking tone.

"You're going to treat her as though she's a house cat? Is that even possible?" Qiuyue took his joke seriously and looked at the Phantom Cat's human figure with a perplexed expression on her face.

"Anyways, now that our relationship is more than just wild beast and random human, I should give you a name…" Su Yang's expression turned into a pondering one.

A few moments later, he looked at the Phantom Cat straight in the eyes and spoke with a smile on his face, "How does Xiao Rong sound? It fits a small beauty such as yourself."


Seeing the Phantom Cat's confused expression, Su Yang pointed to himself and said, "I am Su Yang."

Then, he pointed to Qiuyue. "Her name is Qiuyue."

And finally, he pointed to her and said, "You are now Xiao Rong."

The Phantom Cat's eyes brightened as though it was enlightened, and she opened her mouth the same way Su Yang moved his, and said, "Xiao Rong!"

"Su Yang! Xiao Rong!"

Although it was rough-sounding at first, her childish voice that was appropriate for her appearance and size became clear after repeating their names a few times.

Su Yang nodded. "That's right. I am Su Yang, and you are Xiao Rong."

"Su Yang! Xiao Rong! Su Yang! Xiao Rong!"

"I exist too, you know?" Qiuyue said to herself inwardly after hearing only Su Yang and her own name, Xiao Rong, come out of Xiao Rong's mouth, feeling like she was being ignored, but because she only saw Xiao Rong as a beast that was also a cat, she didn't think too much about it.

"Once you are knowledgable enough to comprehend human Cultivation techniques, I have a technique I need you to learn," Su Yang suddenly said.

"Eh?" Qiuyue looked at him with lifted brows of confusion. Where did this idea suddenly come from? And what kind of human Cultivation technique does he want her, a beast, to learn?

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