Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 7 – Pay me for this casket!

Chapter 7–Pay me for this casket!

Crowds were gathered outside of the Mayor’s mansion, standing in front of the mansion’s front door.Jiang Zhen Hai and Jiang Chen saw the long parade marching towards them, a cruel smile appeared on both their faces in response.

“You see this, dad?By bringing such a long parade for a simple wedding, Mu Rong Zhan not only wants to turn us into a laughing stock, he also wants to press us down.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Hmph!Let us see who will become the laughing stock later.”

Jiang Zhen Hai replied.

“Haha, brother Jiang, I’ve come to fetch the bridegroom.Has he prepared himself?”

Mu Rong Zhan said with a loud voice, shouting even louder when he mentioned‘fetch the bridegroom.’

“Of course, my son is ready.Chen’er, go get your elder brother.”

Jiang Zhen Hai replied with a smile.

“Please hold on uncle Mu Rong, I’ll get my brother to come here now.”

Cupping his fists and bowing slightly towards Mu Rong Zhan, Jiang Chen turned around and left.

Mu Rong Zhan, wearing a red robe, looked happy, whereas Mu Rong Xiao Rou, wearing a phoenix coronet and a red scarf over her robe, had a shy expression on her face.One would stop eating for 3 days after looking at her face–most people would never dare take a second look at her face.

‘My lady, you must be sent from God to torture someone.’

It was hard to imagine how a man could live his life after marrying Mu Rong Xiao Rou.

“Step aside.”

Moments later, a loud shout sounded out from the Mayor’s mansion as Jiang Chen walked to the front door with a huge black casket carried on his shoulder


Jiang Chen simply threw the casket in front of the door as if it was nothing special, which made a huge sound.The front of the casket was facing the parade, and a huge word could be clearly seen on it.


The crowds were all looking at the casket that shouldn’t be there, and suddenly they all became quiet.

What were they doing?Bringing a casket during a wedding ceremony?This was very ominous.What was the Mayor thinking?

Mu Rong Zhan’s expression instantly changed.He looked at Jiang Zhen Hai and asked loudly, “Brother Jiang, what is the meaning of this?”

“I’m sorry.My brother passed away yesterday due to an illness, therefore Miss Mu Rong can only marry my brother’s corpse.To make sure he was presentable, I asked someone to make this casket for him.Oh, and of course he is wearing a bridegroom’s suit in there.”

Jiang Chen said out loud, ensuring everyone to heard him clearly.


The crowds exploded with noise immediately.They had never seen anything like this before!Mu Rong’s family had come to fetch the bridegroom, but instead they were greeted with a dead body.It does not matter if Jiang Ru Long was truly dead or alive, as this was a clear act to ruin their reputation vicious fashion.

Especially, when Mu Rong’s family came in such a huge parade, a single casket would send their reputation down the drain.

“Jiang Zhen Hai, you are carrying your joke too far.”

Mu Rong Zhan couldn’t hold his anger anymore.

“Uncle Mu Rong is of the Mu Rong family.How can you say that we are joking?You came here to fetch the bridegroom, but you never mentioned anything about him being dead or alive.”

Hearing what Jiang Chen said, the surrounding people felt like blood was rushing out from their mouth.What kind of explanation was this?

“Hmph!Jiang Zhen Hai, you and your son, don’t try to fool me.Jiang Ru Long is a 9th level Qi Jing master!He was alive and kicking yesterday, there’s no way for him to die so quickly.”

Mu Rong Zhan said coldly.

“The body in the casket is Jiang Ru Long, and if you don’t believe me, then you can open it up and check it out for yourself.After all, he is one of your family members.”

Speaking indifferently, Jiang Chen kept his friendly tone whilst Jiang Zhen Hai just stood by his side keeping silent and letting his son handle everything.

Jiang Zhen Hai was very satisfied with his son’s performance.Facing a person like Mu Rong Zhan and still being able to speak normally, even arguing with him, that was not something an ordinary man can do.One must know that Mu Rong Zhan and Jiang Zhan Hai were at the same level, the peak of the Qi Hai realm.

“Fuck, we came here to fetch the bridegroom, but the Mayor gave us a casket.This is an insult to us!”

A young man from the Mu Rong family cursed out loud.

“Haha, well said my friend.Speaking of which, it is your family that insulted our family first.Take a good look everyone.Look at this Mu Rong Xiao Rou’s face.Is this how you will show your sincerity to our family?I want to ask all the men here, if I would give this ugly girl to you, and tell you to marry her, all for free…Would any of you feel insulted?Those who are willing to marry her, come forward now!”

As Jiang Chen said, he laughed out loud.He exposed everything in broad daylight, there was no need for him to be generous towards the enemy.

The faces of every man on the scene turned green upon hearing this.‘Shit, I would rather kill myself than marry this ugly girl.’The Mu Rong family was a big family, but they arranged such an ugly girl to marry with the Mayor’s family.This was clearly an insult to the Mayor’s family.

“Furthermore, I have a great doubt whether or not this ugly girl is really your daughter.”

Jiang Chen said with a cruel smile.

“Very good, you have a sharp tongue.People told me that Jiang Chen is just a useless fool in Fragrant Sky city, but I never knew you had such a deep and subtle mind.Jiang Zhen Hai, I will remember what happened today.From now on, my family and your family are enemies.”

Mu Rong Zhan was boiling with anger, as he started looking at Jiang Chen differently.Mu Rong Zhan was a brilliant man, so he knew now, that Jiang Chen suggesting Jiang Ru Long marrying into their family, and all that had occurred today, were all planned by Jiang Chen.They had insulted Mu Rong’s family in the harshest way possible.At such a young age, Jiang Chen had achieved all of this.Mu Rong Zhan couldn’t help but secretly admire Jiang Chen a little bit in his heart.

“Good, I don’t care if we are enemies or not, but Mr.Mu Rong, please bring along my brother.And don’t forget to pay me the price of this casket.I paid for it myself, and it was quite expensive.”

Jiang Chen said loudly.

A few men who were riding on their horses almost fell off to the ground after hearing this.This kid was just truly too despicable.

The Jiang family’s members were all stunned by their young master’s performance.It felt as if he were a stranger to them.The useless fool they all once knew would never have the guts to anger with Mu Rong Zhan.

And, why did the eldest young master suddenly die?Was it because he didn’t want to marry Miss Mu Rong?

But, none of this mattered anymore.In fact, the young master was the only one the Mayor cared about.

‘Too shameless!Too despicable!Too talented!’

The young master of Jiang’s family had sent Mu Rong’s family reputation down the drain.The once long parade of Mu Rong’s family had now become the laughing stock of Fragrant Sky city.

“Good, very good, Jiang Zhen Hai, you and your son just wait.It won’t be long before your family is unable to stay in this city.Let’s go.”

Mu Rong Zhan was extremely angry at the moment.He was a wise man, but today a young man had embarrassed him in public.This was not only about his reputation, but he was also insulted in broad daylight.

Kicking the horse, he left in a hurry.Mu Rong Zhan didn’t want to stay here anymore, and he was too embarrassed to stay together with the parade.

“Hmph!Jiang Chen, a true hero would never use such despicable methods.If you dare to fight alone, I, Mu Rong Ying, will beat you until your dad can’t recognize you anymore!”

A young man said as he got down from his horse, pointing his finger towards Jiang Chen.Mu Rong Ying was a talented young man from the Mu Rong family, and although Mu Rong Zhan just left, he didn’t want to let them go so easily.They had nothing to lose now, so if he could fight Jiang Chen and win, they will at least gain some honor back by showing them that the geniuses in Mu Rong’s family were much better than this fool in Jiang’s family.

“That’s right, Jiang Chen.Do you dare to accept the challenge?”

Shouted another young man from Mu Rong’s family with a sneer on his face.Jiang Chen was a useless fool, and everyone knew of this fact.Although he made the Mu Rong family publicly embarrassed with his despicable methods, they were confident that anyone from the Mu Rong family could easily beat him.

“You want to fight me?I will gladly accept your offer, but I will not fight for nothing.We need to have something to wager upon.”

A small smile appeared on Jiang Chen’s face.Even Jiang Zhen Hai, who stood next to him, started laughing.No one knew about Jiang Chen’s real skills better than himself.A 9th level Qi Jing master like Jiang Ru Long was no match for Jiang Chen, and this Mu Rong Yin was only at the 8th level Qi Jing.He had no chance of winning.

“Alright, what do you want to bet on?”

Mu Rong Ying was thrilled upon finding out that Jiang Chen was willing to accept the challenge.

“We will bet with this casket.If I lose, then I will hang this coffin on the mayor’s mansion front door for three days.If you lose, then I want you to carry this casket back with the sedan chair you brought here.If you can’t do this, then all of you from the Mu Rong family are bastards.”

Jiang Chen spoke loudly on purpose.Jiang Zhen Hai gave a thumb up secretly.Jiang Chen was really cruel by doing this.There were so many people here so Mu Rong Ying couldn’t refuse to fulfill the bet.If they really do carry the casket back with the sedan chair, however, then they would definitely become the biggest laughing stock in town.On the other hand, if they refuse to do so, then they would admit to being bastards.No matter the result, they would only be insulted further.

Jiang Zhen Hai didn’t think that Jiang Chen had done anything bad.Since both families were enemies, they didn’t need to be generous.

“Alright, it’s a deal.”

Mu Rong Ying answered without any hesitation.He didn’t even listen clearly to what the bet was about.In his mind, fighting Jiang Chen was like stomping an ant, so it didn’t matter what the bet was.

“Brother Ying, the bet seems a bit too big, shouldn’t we reconsider this?”

A young man came forward and whispered to Mu Rong Ying.

“Don’t worry, this fool is just at the 1st level Qi Jing realm, fighting him is like beating a dead dog.Just wait and witness how he will hang the casket in front of the Mayor’s mansion.”

Mu Rong Ying didn’t even consider Jiang Chen to be a serious opponent.

Looking at this event unfold, the crowd started becoming noisy yet again.They thought that after Mu Rong Zhan left, things would quiet down.But now, the young men from both families started fighting, and their bet was the reputation of their families.Both parties looked confident, but people paid the most attention to Jiang Chen, wondering how this useless fool was going to fight against Mu Rong Ying who was an 8th level Qi Jing master!

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