Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 48 – Rude Dog

Chapter 48 – Rude Dog


When the Demon Soul of the Green Hellish Python entered Jiang Chen’s body, the surging energy within immediately overflowed everywhere, causing Jiang Chen’s body to tremble. The trembling increasingly became more violent, even causing Jiang Chen to furrow his brows. His face was covered in sweat as well.

What was inside the Green Hellish Python’s Demon Soul was not only pure energy, there was also that terrifying poison. When the green liquid streamed into Jiang Chen’s body, the strong corrosive characteristics of it would destroy all of Jiang Chen’s inner organs.

However, Jiang Chen immediately started circulating the Dragon Transformation skill. The Dragon Marks immediately covered all of the green liquid and absorbed every last drop of it. But Jiang Chen could clearly feel that this time, the Dragon Marks didn’t completely digest all the liquid they absorbed.


Within his Qi Sea, the energies were rolling around. The Late Qi Hai Green Hellish Python’s Demon Soul couldn’t compare with those Mid Qi Hai Demon Soul’s as it had a lot more energy. With the help of his Dragon Transformation skill, these energies were completely absorbed by Jiang Chen, and the sixth Dragon Mark had completely formed. The blood red Dragon Mark that just formed kept vibrating, almost as if it was happy. Not only this, the shadow of the seventh Dragon Mark appeared as well. Jiang Chen’s strength had increased yet again, and he was not far from reaching the Late Qi Hai realm.

After the sixth Dragon Mark was formed and the Dragon Mark was finished, the other Dragon Mark’s had almost completely digested everything. At the corner of his Qi Sea within his Dantian, a greenish whirlpool the size of a fist appeared. It stayed there peacefully together with the Dragon Marks and Jiang Chen’s Yuan power.

“This is the Green Hellish Python’s poison source! Haha! The Dragon Transformation skill is truly amazing. It really absorbed and digested the deadly poison! Let me see if I can use this ability.”

Jiang Chen was truly happy. With a thought, the green whirlpool acted like it had received an instruction and started dancing violently.

Jiang Chen pointed out his finger, and blinking green lights appeared on his fingertip. The green light was odorless and didn’t stink like the Green Hellish Python’s poison. Jiang Chen pointed out his finger again. The green light turned into a sharp sword and flew towards a tree right in front of him.


The green light penetrated the tree and left a finger sized hole. The next second, some corrosion-like sound sounded out from within the tree, and green smoke emitted from within. Not long after that, the lower part of the tree became completely black and lost its liveliness. Jiang Chen casually unleashed some Yuan energy and attacked the tree. The tree collapsed instantly. If one looked at the tree from where it was broken, one could discover that the internal part of the tree had become completely black.

“What a frightening poison. With this hidden skill, I can kill someone without them noticing!”

Jiang Chen couldn’t be happier than this. This was deadly poison from the Green Hellish Python, and now he had full control of its ability. It really was a deadly skill.

In his past life, Jiang Chen had once fought the Poison Lord, Du Qian Chou. Although he ended up defeating him in the end with his mighty abilities, he almost died because of the poison. If he was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill in his past life, then the Poison Lord wouldn’t have been able to even be a threat.

“The benefits are really awesome.”

Jiang Chen felt proud of himself. He didn’t care about the Green Hellish Python’s corpse as he continued his journey into the mountain.

Not far from here was a valley. On top of this valley were layers of fog that were floating around. The valley was quiet, and with a scan of his Divine Sense, he discovered nothing unusual. Of course, Jiang Chen’s Divine Sense was still weak, and the amount he can send out was still limited. There was no way for him to scan the whole valley right now.

“Let’s have a look inside.”

Jiang Chen jumped down into the valley. Once he was inside the valley, he discovered that there were tons of craters within that made it difficult for him to walk.

Jiang Chen’s body moved like an agile cat as he passed through the area filled with craters. After walking for some time, he came to the entrance of a cave. The cave was filled with complete darkness, a cold and wet sensation originating from within the cave. Jiang Chen scanned the cave with his Divine Sense, but he couldn’t discover anything unusual.

With his strong abilities and his courage, he prepared to enter the cave and check it out. He decided to enter because he might be able to find some hidden treasures in there.

Jiang Chen entered the wet cave, and after taking just a few steps he suddenly felt a cold shiver down his spine. It felt like he was being watched by a pair of eyes within the darkness.

Jiang Chen immediately turned around and discovered that not far from his left side, there was something squatting. A pair of bright eyes were staring at him; there truly was something watching him behind his back.

Jiang Chen saw that this being was covered by golden fur all over. It looked like a horse, but at the same time, a dog. The body was stout and much stronger than an ordinary dog, but if compared to an ordinary horse, it was much smaller. After further examination, it truly did look like a dog

“This dog was clearly staying here, but when I scanned this place with my Divine Sense, I was unable to find anything…”

Jiang Chen was surprised and raised his caution against this big yellow dog. With his abilities, even without his Divine Sense, there was not much that could hide from his senses at such a close distance.

What made Jiang Chen even more shocked was that with his judgment, he was unable to tell what this big yellow dog’s actual level was.


Just when Jiang Chen was thinking to himself, the big yellow dog suddenly moved. It opened up its huge mouth and bit towards Jiang Chen.

This was too fast, as fast as a lightning strike. Jiang Chen was shocked once again, and he hurriedly tried avoiding the bite… But, the big yellow dog’s reaction was too fast. With one bite it had managed to grab onto half of Jiang Chen’s butt.

“What the fuck……!”

Jiang Chen cursed out loud. ‘Fuck, I was once the greatest Saint in this world, but I was just bitten by a dog. And the fucker bit my butt… If anyone finds out about this, my reputation would disappear.’

“Stupid dog, get lost from here!”

Jiang Chen’s butt was throbbed painfully. He turned around and struck out with his palm. His speed was great, but the big yellow dog’s speed was even great. It moved to the side with speed resembling a lightning strike and released Jiang Chen’s butt.

“Pooh! Why is your butt so hard? Damn, my teeth are hurting, pooh!”

The big yellow dog was spitting around. Jiang Chen, who was standing opposite of the dog, froze instantly; the dog knew how to talk? Damn! A dog knew how to speak?

Any ordinary Demon Beast could only transform into human form after forming the Heavenly Core and reaching the Heavenly Core realm. Only then could they speak. Some Demon Beasts with rare bloodlines and strong amounts of potential strength would have great difficulty with transforming into human form. Usually, those would need to form their Divine Core or even reach the Saint realm before they could transform into human form. No matter what the situation was, Heavenly Core realm was the bottom line.

The dog in front of him was obviously not at the Heavenly Core realm. If it was then Jiang Chen wouldn’t be standing here without any injuries.

This was a miracle!

While rubbing his butt, Jiang Chen kept staring at the big yellow dog in front of him. He was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, which was why his body was as strong as metal. Although he couldn’t escape from the dogs bite, he had covered it with Yuan energy, explaining why the big yellow dog was unable to hurt him.

“Big yellow dog, don’t tell me that you’re the dog the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples have been looking for? They’ve chased you for over ten thousand miles…”

Jiang Chen said with his eyes wide open. The dog right in front of him really did look like the dog described by the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples.

“Kid, your qi and blood is really strong, and your body is sturdy as well! Surely, you can provide me with good nutrients! Just stand there and don’t move, let me eat you.”

The big yellow dog stared at Jiang Chen as it spoke.

Jiang Chen almost vomited blood. ‘What the fuck? This dog wants to eat me? And it spoke with such a manner? Enough is enough!’

“You’re such a fat and delicate dog, if I steam you then the taste must be very delicious!”

Jiang Chen said with a smile, his gaze flickered up and down the big yellow dog’s body, as if he was checking out all the parts.

“Boy, what did you just say? Kid, how dare you say I’m fat? Fuck, I’m bulk. Do you know what bulk muscles are? If you only said that I was fat, then I would spare you, but how dare you say that I, your father, am delicate? Which part of I, your father, looks delicate? How can I, your father, be delicate? Fuck, how dare you say that I, your father, am delicate? Enough is enough, today I’ll eat you for sure! I’ll eat you!”

The big yellow dog jumped up and down. It appeared to be very angry.

Jiang Chen, who was standing opposite of the dog, was so shocked that his jaw almost dropped to the floor. He only said fat and delicate; why was this dog’s reaction so extreme?


The big yellow dog was really mad. It was mad because someone said that it was fat and delicate. Beams of golden light emitted from its body, the eyes expressing cruelty. It swore that it would eat this kid who said that it was fat and delicate today.

Jiang Chen’s expression changed. From the aura this big yellow dog was unleashing he could clearly feel a Holy Spirit. That was a spirit that came from a bloodline. If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t be able to feel this spirit, but Jiang Chen was a Saint and had seen all kinds of Demon Beasts. The dog in front of him was clearly unusual.

When he felt this Holy Spirit, the Dragon Marks within his Dantian started vibrating slightly.

“Dragon Horse? This dog is a Dragon Horse? Heavens, I’m lucky!”

Jiang Chen’s mind was immediately filled with joy. He could now tell that this dog possessed the ancient Dragon Horse’s bloodline. A Dragon Horse was the heir of the Heavenly Dragon and the Heavenly Horse, and it was a rare being that was even rarer in the ancient era.

He never expected to see a Dragon Horse heir here. No wonder this dog looked like a horse. Dragon Horses resembled dogs more than horses or dragons.

“If I can kill this dog and absorb its bloodline, then the Dragon Transformation skill will be able to develop into an unimaginable state! It will be transformed from the roots, and I can even take the god given Dragon Horse ability!”

Jiang Chen was really excited. He decided he must kill this dog and drink its blood.

Therefore, a man and a dog begun to fight within the cave; one wanted to eat the man, and the other wanted to drink the other’s blood.


The big yellow dog struck. It moved like a golden lightning strike and instantly arrived in front of Jiang Chen. This time, the big yellow dog didn’t open up its mouth, instead using its head to attack. It looked like it wanted to kill Jiang Chen with its head.


Jiang Chen let out a cold hump and scolded the idiot dog in his mind. ‘You could have used any part of your body to attack me, so how dare you use the head. It’s just the same as looking for death.’ The big yellow dog’s speed was fast, and if it was anyone else, they wouldn’t be able to react to this attack. However, Jiang Chen was no ordinary person. Being bitten once surpassed his expectations, but it wouldn’t happen again.

The Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea vibrated. Jiang Chen violently struck out with his fist using his full force, and the iron fist smashed onto the head of this big yellow dog.


The impact produced a sound similar to metal colliding. Fiery sparks emerged beneath their huge collision, and both Jiang Chen and the big yellow dog were forced back!

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