Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 34 – Scolding a Mortal Core Warrior

Chapter 34–Scolding a Mortal Core Warrior

Flawless, without a single impurity!A natural beauty that surpassed all others.Jiang Chen had seen all kinds of beautiful girls, and when he was at his peak, even the most beautiful virgins would throw themselves onto Jiang Chen.But, Jiang Chen focused only on cultivation.He didn’ t want to be distracted by women.That was why he didn’ t even bother taking a look at those virgin saints.

But, he couldn’ t even take his eyes off this 14 year old young lady in front of him.He felt like he was falling in love for the first time.In fact, Jiang Chen had pretty much seen and experienced everything this world had to offer, but when it came to love and relationships, he was nothing but a newbie.

This young lady was the young lady of the Yan family, Yan Chen Yu.

The Misty Rain Tower had another name before Yan Chen Yu was born, being renamed as the Misty Rain Tower only after she was born.From this, one could easily tell that Yan Zhan Yun really loved his daughter.

[Misty Rain Tower=Yan Yu Lou]

Yan Chen Yu looked up and stared towards Jiang Chen with a smile.Her vision was so pure, and her smile was so clean.She looked just like a fairy from the heavens.

But, Yan Chen Yu’ s face was pale, and she looked sick.Despite her long-time sickness, her beauty was not affected in the slightest.

“Hey kid, what are you looking at?”

A Mortal Core warrior from Yan family shouted towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen awakened and realized that his mind had temporarily gone wandering just now.

‘What the hell, how come my mind went wandering?This has to be the biggest joke of the year.Don’ t tell me it happened because of love?’

Jiang Chen was speechless, someone like him had long forgotten the feeling of having one’ s mind wander.But, he had just experienced that feeling again because of a young lady.This was a great shame for someone like him.

“Why are you shouting at me?If I don’ t look at the young lady, how will I be able to know what her situation is?”

Jiang Chen gazed at that Mortal Core warrior and responded impolitely.Of course, he was also trying to cover his shame.

“You…Good!You better heal Yu’ er.If you don’ t, I will teach you a good lesson!”

The Mortal Core warrior was very angry.With his status, no one had ever dared talk to him like that, especially someone who was so young.


Yan Zhan Yun calmed everyone down and walked in front of Yan Chen Yu, “Yu’ er, how are you feeling today?”

“Dad, I’ m fine.”

Yan Chen Yu said.Her voice was like the misty rain, very soothing.

“Yu’ er, let me introduce you to Brother Jiang Chen.He said he can cure your disease!”

The way Yan Zhan Yun looked at his daughter was a look filled with pain and sorrow.

“Dad, just let it be, my disease can’ t be cured.”

Yan Chen Yu shook her head.

Jiang Chen looked at Yan Chen Yu again.Since all the people present were at the Mortal Core level, he didn’ t use his Divine Sense to scan her.His Divine Sense was still weak, and Yan Zhan Yun who was a late stage Mortal Core warrior could easily discover if Jiang Chen used his Divine Sense.

But, Jiang Chen had an eagle like vision.He could see Yan Chen Yu’ s energy, and he carefully and finally confirmed his thoughts.

“Young Missy Yan, let me ask you, every time the disease strikes you, do you feel an icy cold on every part of your body as if there are glaciers flowing in your body, freezing you inner organs?”

Jiang Chen asked.

Yan Chen Yu had lost all her hope, but her eyes suddenly lit up.She looked at Jiang Chen with her beautiful eyes, and her sweet lips were slightly open.

“That’ s correct, Sir Jiang.My name is Yan Chen Yu.”

Yan Chen Yu bowed slightly towards Jiang Chen.

Yan Zhan Yun and the rest of the men had surprised expressions on their faces.With just a single look, this young man could tell what her symptoms and pain were.Jiang Chen was the first one who had been able to do this, and this only made them take this young man in front of them more seriously.

“Let me ask you again.Every time, when the disease strikes, your body will start shivering, and the blood would be frozen.You will have difficulties breathing, as if you are dead.You can’ t feel anything except for the strange, painful sensation of something snake-like moving inside of your body, and that pain is very intense.”

Jiang Chen said again.

“That’ s right.That’ s exactly how I feel.”

Yan Chen Yu was even more surprised.She couldn’ t even describe that feeling herself, and she had fainted every time because of the pain.But one thing she was sure about was that there really was something that felt like snakes moving inside of her body.It felt like something foreign to the body had entered and started destroying it.

“The sickness struck when you turned 7, and it came back every single year.The chilling cold in your body increased in intensity each time, and if I am right, the last time it struck, the chill would be like an cold ice blade slicing through your body from the inside, destroying everything.”

Jiang Chen said again.

Everyone was excitedly listening.The way they looked at Jiang Chen had changed completely.

“What Brother Jiang Chen said is completely accurate.The last time the disease struck Yu’ er, the chilling cold had left her body, and we couldn’ t even get close to her.It was like a cold ice blade which destroyed absolutely everything in the room, almost destroying her house.”

Yan Zhan Yun said with extreme excitement, as if he had finally seen hope.

The nearby Yan Meng’ s eyes lit up.He never expected Jiang Chen to be so knowledgeable.If Jiang Chen really could cure Yan Chen Yu’ s disease, then he would certainly be rewarded for bringing him here.

“Sir Jiang, this disease of mine, can it be cured?”

Yan Chen Yu’ s expression was one that had just seen the light for the first time.

“Can it be cured?”

Jiang Chen started laughing mockingly.She was born with Nine Yin Meridians and the Nine-Yin body inherited from ancient times.This kind of body was so rare that it might not even appear once every ten thousand years, and these idiots wanted to get rid of it…Jiang Chen felt like scolding them.

“Can I read your pulse, young lady Yan?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Yes, hurry and sit down Yu’ er.Let Brother Jiang Chen read your pulse!”

Yan Zhan Yun said hurriedly.This was his only hope, and he couldn’ t afford to lose it.


Yan Chen Yu nodded her head before slowly walking over and sitting down on a chair.She handed her arm over to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen sat opposite of Yan Chen Yu.He placed two finger on Yan Chen Yu’ s arm.Her arm was very cold, but the skin was silkily soft and tender.Jiang Chen, however, wouldn’ t allow his mind to wander a second time.

Jiang Chen’ s mental energy immediately turned into a stream of energy that entered straight into Yan Chen Yu’ s body from his fingers.He immediately discovered that right now within her body, there were eight Yin meridians.Every single one of them was like a bridge within her body, but these eight Yin meridians were completely covered in thermal energy, making it so that ordinary people cannot discover them.

After examining every part of Yan Chen Yu’ s body, Jiang Chen’ s expression changed dramatically.


Jiang Chen slapped onto the table, smashing the solid wooden table into many pieces.

“Absolutely disgraceful!You all are absolutely disgraceful!”

Jiang Chen said with a furious expression.

Being scolded by Jiang Chen, Yan Zhan Yun and the rest weren’ t angry.They looked at the angry Jiang Chen anxiously, Yan Chen Yu included.No one knew why he was so angry.

“Let me ask you all, why is it that you let her eat a Fiery Dragon fruit?”

Jiang Chen asked furiously.

“That’ s right, the last time when the sickness struck, the symptoms were too serious.We could only use the Fiery Dragon fruit to suppress the coldness in her body.”

Yan Zhan Yun said.Everyone raised Jiang Chen’ s level in their hearts to a higher level.Just by reading her pulse, he was able to tell that Yan Chen Yu had consumed a Fiery Dragon fruit.

“Therefore, you guys are preparing to let her consume the Fiery Dragon fruit again so that it can help suppress the chilling cold in her body?”

Jiang Chen was furious, he felt like he was talking to a bunch of idiots and was just wasting his time and knowledge.

“That’ s right.”

Yan Zhan Yun answered honestly.Indeed, he planned on using the Fiery Dragon fruit to continue suppressing the chill in Yan Chen Yu’ s body.

“Stupid, this is unforgivably stupid!I have to tell you all honestly, if Yan Chen Yu dies then it will be because of you!Not only did all of you cause her death, but you also delayed the birth of a peerless genius!I can’ t heal her disease, you guys can go hire someone else.I’ m leaving now.”

Jiang Chen was really angry now.

“Brother Jiang Chen, Brother Jiang Chen!”

Yan Zhan Yun started panicking and hurried over to stop Jiang Chen from leaving.The rest of the people felt that something was not right.Therefore, even when they were scolded by Jiang Chen, they didn’ t feel angry with him.

“Brother Jiang Chen, what’ s wrong with that?We used the Fiery Dragon fruits and the Pure-Yang frits to suppress the chilling cold in Yu’ er.What’ s wrong with that?This is a solution that many grandmasters have come up with!”

A middle tier Mortal Core old man asked, puzzled.

“It’ s a bullshit solution!Let me tell you something, Yan Chen Yu was born with Nine Yin Meridians, which is a rare condition that is hardly seen once every ten thousand years.She had the potential to be a peerless genius.She was perfectly healthy.”

Jiang Chen said as he expressed his furious anger.

“What?Nine Yin Meridians?”

Everyone were surprised, they had never heard the name Nine Yin Meridians before.

“If this kind of rare body condition appears on a man, he is doomed.But, if it appears on a woman, then it would be a rare condition.All woman are born with Yin characteristics.Your daughter’ s body would produce one meridian each year, and they would run across her whole body.But, every time it constructs one meridian, her whole body will suffer severe pain.The so called disease is actually just the meridians being built.Currently, her body has constructed eight Yin meridians, and when the ninth Yin meridian appears, a strong and powerful genius with great abilities would be born.But, you have kept on using those Pure-Yang materials to suppress the construction of her Yin meridians.If this was all you had done, I would still have had a way to save her.But, you’ ve let her consumed the purest Yang fruit–Fiery Dragon fruit.This have completely destroyed all hope for the ninth Yin meridian to be built.Now even a deity cannot save her, she will never be able to live past 15.If you guys continue feeding her with Fiery Dragon fruits, then it will only speed up her death.”

Jiang Chen explained detailedly.He felt like he had to let this group of idiots know just how serious their mistake was.


What Jiang Chen had said had stunned Yan Zhan Yun.His facial expression had turned pale, and his entire body was shivering.So, his daughter was not sick, and if it wasn’ t for him trying so hard to stop the construction of the Yin meridians, his daughter would have been a peerless genius of the century by now.All of this was because of his own mistake.He had destroyed his precious daughter with his own hand.

“You’ re all a bunch of old fools, this really pisses me off.I shall leave now, there’ s no need to send me off.”

Jiang Chen said before he started walking towards the exit of the meeting hall.

“Brother Jiang Chen!”

“Please don’ t go Brother Jiang Chen.”

A few of the Mortal Core warriors followed Jiang Chen hurriedly.They didn’ t care about Jiang Chen scolding them.This young man was the young lady’ s hope of survival.

“Brother Jiang Chen, since you can recognize the Nine Yin Meridians, I am sure that there must be a way to save my daughter!I am begging you to save my daughter, as long as you can save her, no matter what you want, I will give it to you!”

Yan Zhan Yun came in front of Jiang Chen, pleadingly asking.

Jiang Chen internally smiled in his mind.What he had been waiting for was a promise from Yan Zhan Yun.Yan Chen Yu’ s condition couldn’ t be solved by anyone other than him, the once greatest Saint in the world.To him, helping her was easy.

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