Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 3047 – I Will Not Let My Son Die In Vain

Chapter 3047 – I Will Not Let My Son Die In Vain

Although the Nine Supreme Saint Bone Pill was not considered a Divine Grade Pill, it was still almost as effective. Hence, it was definitely not an easy task for Jiang Chen to make it. During the making of the pill, he was being cautious and treated the process with intense concentration. After all, even the slightest mistake might lead to a tremendous impact on the result.

For Hierarch experts, the pill was like the Clone Technique but better. Nine clones which looked exactly the same and with the same strength and power like the real one did. That was probably the most terrifying part.

Jiang Chen looked solemn, he was taking it seriously. Even though it had been so long since he made a pill, he still managed to remain calm and have everything in his hand. He dropped all the traditional Chinese medicine into the Myriad Qi Caldron, including the Purple Devil Taro, Flower of Spirit, the essence of the Great Emperor’s skeleton and some precious herbs. Jiang Chen was fully immersed in the process. After all the ingredients were dissolved, he started truly making the pill. He dared not try to make the pill previously as he was worried that his effort might be wasted. After all, it was undeniably a difficult task to bring together all the ingredients of making the pill. If he failed this time, he did not know how long it would take to gather all the precious ingredients again. That was the reason that he did not act recklessly in the past and only tried making the pill now, after he broke through to the Hierarch Realm.

“It is truly challenging for me to make the Nine Supreme Saint Bone Pill..”

Jiang Chen thought. The degree of difficulty of making the pill was indeed higher, since its effects were extraordinarily formidable. However, it seemed Jiang Chen was now confident about his skill. Otherwise, he would not decide to make the pill rashly. Moreover, the situation was urgent and getting tense, he must make it as soon as possible.

The essence of the nine herbs in the Myriad Qi Cauldron was completely extracted and he then started the solidification of the pill. A great deal of terrifying essence leapt, gathered and formed immediately. A golden light came from the Myriad Qi Cauldron; it seemed like the surrounding had lost its colour due to the dazzling light. The exceedingly terrifying energy flows were trembling violently. Even Xue Liang and the others were astounded when they saw this scene.

“I don’t know what kind of pill Jiang Chen is making, but it must be incredibly great.” Bing Yun said.

“I guess the pill he is making must be beyond our expectation. Let’s wait patiently for him.” Xue Liang said.

Qian Renji was astonished and impressed. They could hardly make any speculation about Jiang Chen’s secrets. None of them expected an Early Hierarch expert to have such power. At that moment, he was not the young guy anymore as he was going to go against the Profound Connection Divine Palace.

“Jiang Chen, get your ass over here, you are going to die today!”

A deep roar was heard in the distance. Xue Liang and the others felt threatened and frightened. An extremely mighty power was approaching rapidly, everything surrounding them turned cold and dreary instantly.

“Who is there?!”

Xue Liang soared high into the sky, and fixed his gaze at the man in front. There were millions of people standing behind him. Among them, a skinny old man had made Xue Liang feel indescribable oppression. He was incredibly formidable!

“Who are you?”

Xue Liang asked coldly.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. You’re not Jiang Chen. I am going to kill Jiang Chen today. Whoever gets in the way, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

The skinny old man said lightly. His spirit spread through the sky at a terrible speed.

“Isn’t he Hun Wanshan from the Soul-Leaving Sect?”

Qian Renji’s face changed colour as she spoke in a deep voice. The moment that the person approached them, she was sure about it. It’s him!

“Sect Lord Hun, how are you doing? Haha. I am Qian Renji, a mentor from the Profound Connection Divine Palace. I think we met once in the Profound Connection Divine Palace a million years ago.”

“Oh, so you are from the Profound Connection Divine Palace. But I am here to settle my family affairs today, I hope you won’t intervene in this. Otherwise, I am not going to show respect to you even with your allegiance.”

Hun Wanshan said in a low voice. He recognized Qian Renji but he asserted that he would not show any mercy to her if she meddled in his family affairs as it was related to the death of his son. He would never let Jiang Chen off this time, even if the entire Profound Connection Divine Palace was in the way.

Qian Renji was surprised. Obviously, there was a great enmity between Hun Wanshan and Jiang Chen. She asked with a confused look.

“Sect Lord Hun, Jiang Chen is my disciple. I wonder what he did to you. I guess a big shot like you needn’t bother to argue with him.”

Qian Renji knew well that it would put them at a disadvantage if they fought now. Moreover, Hun Wanshan was followed by millions of disciples from the Soul-Leaving Sect. Apparently, he was well-prepared for a battle. Did he prepare all of this just to fight Jiang Chen? It seemed like he planned to make a real big deal about it.

“Haha. It seems like you’ve never heard of the story. Jiang Chen killed my one and only son. What do you think I am going to do? As the proverb says: ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’. I think you should take the blame for your disciple’s mistake. Well, today I’ll kill both of you even if I am offending the entire Profound Connection Divine Palace!”

Hun Wanshan’s glance turned cold and gloomy.

Qian Renji was stunned. She was surprised to hear that Jiang Chen killed Hun Wanshan’s son, Hun Shaoqian, who was comparable with the Outer Palace’s Three Dragons. But Jiang Chen had been staying in the Profound Connection Divine Palace all this time. Did he kill Hun Shaoqian before he entered the Profound Connection Divine Palace? In those days, he was probably just an early Divine King expert. There was no doubt now that Jiang Chen was a terrible trouble maker.

“Well, it seems like there is nothing I could deny at this stage. Sect Lord Hun, are you going to fight our Profound Connection Divine Palace now?”

At the moment, Qian Renji realized that there was no room for compromise on this matter. However, Jiang Chen was concentrating on making the pill and it was impossible for the three of them to deal with the entire Soul-Leaving Sect. Even Hun Wanshan himself was a tough opponent for them, and the Soul-Leaving Sect was considered as one of the greatest sects in Jile City. It was undoubtedly a very formidable force; she guessed no one was able to compete against them directly at the moment!

“Don’t threaten me with the Profound Connection Divine Palace. Do you think I am a fool? I don’t think the Profound Connection Divine Palace is going to turn against me just for a disciple. He killed my only son, do you think I will spare his life? I don’t think I will let you go today, either. I am going to tell the world that I am not a man to be trifled with and I won’t let my son die in vain!”

Hun Wanshan said with a snort, and fixed Qian Renji and the others with a steely glare. His eyes was full of killing intent.

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